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09 December 2017
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03 March 2018
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12 May 2018
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30 June 2018
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26 August 2018
The Madness Of King George II

Latest Event Reviews

Tracy Waite

Reviewed on 06.09.17 as a First timer in 2017


Still quite emotional about this......way more than a race!

The Madness Of King George II

So where do I start.......I had BIG expectations about this day, this was a BIG one for me. This was not just a race but a marking of a personal journey thatI hve been on for the past few years. I grew up here in Hayle, I grew up on this walk...this place mean a lot to me, so what better than to celebrate itby runningup and down it for 12 hours!!!!! So race day came, us excited 14 runners all congrigated for the race brief, spirits were high, the sun was out, marshalls, David and Sallie were all on top form. 8am came and off we went. Up and down, up and down, and up and down some more. Now this may sound like a total mind mess for many but the friendship that us 14 runners all built up during the corse of the 12 hours was remarkable. Marshalls and raceorganisers were the best yet, there wasnt a lap completed with a dozen whoop whoops, there wasnt a half lap completed without encouragement, there wasnt 400 metre mark reached without cheers and mexican waves. I had HUGE expectations about what I wanted from this race, it met them and gave me more than I ever would have imagined. I am pleased to had shared my journey with such inspiring fellow runners, amazingly supportive masrhalls and David and Sallie and also our families, friends and thepublic that came along to cheer us on. My best race yet...I cant wait till next year!

Reply from the race organiser

Not all superheroes wear capes Super Tracy xx

Laura Millward

Reviewed on 31.08.17 as a First timer in 2017


A wonderful day of Madness

The Madness Of King George II

As soon as this race appeared on the calendar I had to enter it as I'd done some flat training miles for Manchester Marathon along the route, so I was keen to try and see how far I could run along it in 12 hours. I've done a few ultras but all hilly trails so this was a good test for a 100 miler coming up in three weeks time.  I usually volunteer at Bys Vyken Events rather than run them so this was my turn to have some of the amazing volunteer help for myself.   And the crew were the best thing about this race - feeding and watering us, forcibly applying sunscreen as the temperature rose, dunking hats in iced water and generally looking after our every need.  The mid way marshalls were a cheering superteam, mexican waving us twice EVERY lap and they even had individual nicknames and shouts for each runner!!!

Most people I mentioned it to thought this race sounded most of all - boring, they couldn't have been more wrong!!  Yes, a half mile stretch then back again over and over, on the face of it sounds a bit monotonous but it was amazing how the time flew by and with waves, thumbs up and wry comments to other competitors as they either lapped or passed by on the other side the hours were soon ticking down.  We were allowed to have stuff handed to us by supporters as long as we didn't leave the course so a fair few ice lollies were eaten as it was one of the hottest days so far this year.

Dave and Sally, the RD's left nothing to chance and their attention to detail was brilliant.  This was the biggest and heaviest medal I've ever received, individually handmade and now has pride of place on my medal rack.  Finishing the race was emotional for everyone and I think we all want to come back next year.  Also lots of the supporters and crew were wishing they'd entered so I think next year's take up will be high.

Well done Dave & Sally, it was a triumph!

Reply from the race organiser

Thank you so much Laura. You were just incredible x

Kieran Murrant

Reviewed on 30.08.17 as a First timer in 2017


12 hours of summer madness!

In 8 year's of running I have taken part in many running events, local and further afield. I can honestly say that this may well have been the best event of them all. It's easy to see that this race is organised by other passionate runners. Every single marshal went beyond what was expected of them. Fuel stops were absolutely fantastic with everything you could possibly need. The medals were fantastic and so different from anything I have ever received before. I would sign up now for next year if I could! 

Reply from the race organiser

Fantastic effort dude. I loved handing you that 100k certificate award and knowing that the first time that you ran 100k you did it with us. Proud of you mate. Dave xx

Gem Fletcher

Reviewed on 30.08.17 as a Have done this race in the past in 2017


Yet another beautifully organised event.

The Madness Of King George II

Well what an event it was! Dave comes up with the most AMAZING unique ideas and executes them with passionate precision. Every detail is checked and checked again, weeks of preparation went into this organising and it showed how dedicated Dave is in providing runners with the best possible experience.

This was a first time event but you wouldn't have known, it was seamless food stations were stocked with everything needed and some. A dedicated massage area for all runner's as and when they needed, dealing with all issues and strapping runners enabling them to continue. Marshal support was fantastic and I felt the participants were encouraged and supported brilliantly.

I don't think anyone truly appreciates the hard work that goes on behind the scenes before race day and the amount of work that continues post race. 

It was an absolute honour to have been part of such a unique emotionally charged experience. 

Reply from the race organiser

I love this photo. Thanks Gem. Another review that got me teary eyed. This was a special event made special by every runner and every marshal. Thank you xx


Reviewed on 30.08.17 as a First timer in 2017


The best possible way to be driven mad!

When I signed up for this, the main things I thought were:

1. I can't get lost (I'm really bad at navigation).

2. I've done Bys Vyken events before and they were great.

3. I like Hayle.

When the temperature was already in the mid-twenties well before lunchtime and the miles were suddenly becoming a whole lot harder although those 3 things still stood it was certainly becomming more of a struggle!

However, this event could not have been better organised, although half a mile before a turnaround point doesn't sound far it was a real boost every lap as the quarter mile point marshals cheered and danced and the turnaround point marshals at either end topped up drinks and handed over extra water to cool us down with, and indeed anything else we needed!

Another lovely aspect of this event is it's suitability for different types of participants - it would be good for someone doing their first 12 hour event in a very safe and well supported environment, or for the more experienced looking to rack up the miles on a flat and exceptionally scenic course.

Reply from the race organiser

Anna we love you and we are stunned with the incredible feedback. I am glad you had an amazing day and I hope to see you at the next one. All the best Dave xxx