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08 July 2018
Lundy Island Race
03 August 2018
Dartmoor 100
04 August 2018
Dartmoor Granite 50
25 August 2018
The Crossing
25 August 2018
The Great Escape - Half-Marathon and Marathon
25 August 2018
The Big Day Out
09 September 2018
The Dartmoor Volcano race
13 October 2018
Dartmoor 3 in One
15 December 2018
Race The Light
24 February 2019
The Hameldown Hammer

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23 June 2018
Culinary Coastal Canter
09 June 2018
Tsunami Marathon
13 May 2018
Race The Tide
10 March 2018
Deep River Trail Races
30 September 2017
The BIG Dipper

Latest Event Reviews


Reviewed on 27.02.18 as a First timer in 2018


Perfect Sunday out

This is the kind of race that immediately has you wearing a big smile and has you reaching for the organiser's website afterwards to enter some of their other races. 

Great atmosphere, very well marked, friendly and plentiful staff and marshals and welcome aid stations (especially the coke at mile 9!).

Can't wait til next year.

Brian Lewis

Reviewed on 12.12.17 as a First timer in 2017


Muddy Hilly Fun

Pure Trail have another great event on their hands here.

After racing another event in the morning, I arrived slighlty tired and aching ankle due to rolling it in the first race I did ealrier that day, but I had promised to run this event with a great friend, so was here ready to go.

Regestration was simply, get you number get a dibber and you are ready to go. The race started on the beach lookiing ahead to the freezing cold waters of the Erme Estuary which would be the first 200 meters or so of the race and would also be close to the finish.

3.30pm and we were off, running across the beach, through the chilly water and up onto the trails, the atmosphere from the runners was great, marshals around the route very friendly and enocuarging, lots of silly jokes and shouts from them, there was mud, more mud, shallow mud and for some who picked the wrong line over the knee deep mud, half way through the light had dropped enought to need the head torch, but running through woods on sometimes tricky trails makes for a fun different experince. Soon we were back to the estuary and crossing the rising waters following the light sticks and suprisingly marshals stood in the waters making sure we were safely across and presumably not heading out to sea. A massive Thank You to the marshals for their fantastic effort and for standing out in very cold weather, just so we could prance around in the mud.

After one last climb we were at the finish, a few people were sad that there was no medal, just a nice Buff, but it did state that on the entry website, and the organisers are I believe doing medals for 2018.

Will I be back for 2018, yes of course I will, wouldnt miss it.

Karen Eccles

Reviewed on 10.12.17 as a First timer in 2017


Your motivation is to race the light!

I entered this race because of its uniqeness. Where else do you get the opportunity to run a short trail race both in daylight and at sundown. Great venue, superb course signage and marking, if you love the trails and mud it is a complete mudfest. Friendly supportive marshalls. Easy registration and great t-shirt. Finally running across the erme estuary in the dark was magical as you are guided by a row of lights across the bay. Love love loved it! Another winning event organised by Pure Trail Running

Beckii Hamilton

Reviewed on 10.12.17 as a First timer in 2017


Great course, could be improved

First time doing this event and I signed up as I thought it was unique and different. The course was certainly muddy, wet, hilly and very very tough. I think 3.30 was too late a start time, as even with head torches the course was dangerous when the sun went down, particularly the mile or so before the estuary on the way back. I would also liked to have seen a hot drink station at the end due to how cold it was but overall the refreshments did the job. Unfortunately there was no medal which is a real shame as it was certainly deserving of one, I would do it again next year if there was a medal. 

Brian Lewis

Reviewed on 22.09.17 as a First timer in 2017


Up Up Up Boggy Boggy Boggy Down Down Down

The title says it all, this stunning route on Dartmoor starts with a long climb up, of course stopping several times to look around and take some photos provided some relief for the legs, then an undualting run along some very boggy "path ways" jumping, slipping, squelching along the bogs, then the Volcano was in sight, a quick climb up to the top, some photos and selfies, before a short drop down, then more bogs, water crossings, a clapper bridge and a short climb up before a nice long downhill section, one final stream crossing a very short climb and a nice long descent down to the finish, good support at the finish, nice medal as well. Pure Trail put on well organised events across Devon and some further afield. Check them out you wont regret it. Highlight of the race for me was the guy in front misjudging a bog and going in up to his middle with a high pitched "Arrgh" sorry but it was funny from my angle.