Draycote Water 10km February

Running (road)

  • Rugby, United Kingdom
  • 10. February, 2019
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  • 10 Km

10 Km Short
10 Km

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Draycote Water 10km February

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Emma Timms

Completed in 2018


Stunning views

I took part in this race for the first time. This is part of a race series and is held every second Sunday of the month. I believe they open it up the 600 runners


Registration was very simple as was collecting my race number on race day. They even provided pins. 


Parking is busy and make make sure you have change or card for the machine it was £2.50 for 2 hours or £3 for the whole day.


toliets were very limited for us ladies but queue moved quickly and this is out of the organisers hands. 


I missed the breifing due to toliet queue lol and missed the start but only by 30 seconds. But given it’s on a chip I wasn’t worried. The first km felt cramped but I was right at the back so needed to pass people. But they soon spread out.


the course is not flat with a hill near the start and a few more dotted around. They are small and short lived but the views are stunning and love Running here. 


The marshals were regularly spaced although some of them seemed a little young. There is one water station at around the 6km but the water was in cups (pet hate) now this is fine during colder months but this neededs to be looked at in the hot weather. 


This coyrse is not traffic free yog havd members of public public out walking most who keep to one side but they are travelling in both directions. There are also cyclist I found these less considerate and am slightly worried someone might get injuries. Not sure there is anything the organisers can do about this.

 The bag at the end was well stocked with a lovely medal, water, protein shake, sweets and a chocolate bar. You could also chose from a hat or headband. Nice touch from your usual t shirt.

My plan is to run this again it was lovely views not to busy but enough people to help push your pace. Just need to watch for general public and cyclists 

Posted on 12.02.18