Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival-SWIM


  • Loutra Edipsou, Greece
  • 30. September, 2017> 01. October, 2017
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Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival: A unique weekend of sport and wellness

The 1st Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival which took place from September 29th to October 1st, 2017, which was organized by the municipality of Edipsos-Istiaia and ATP training was a huge success, filled with enthusiasm by the hundreds of participants in all activities.

The large number of athletes, spectators and celebrities enjoyed a unique experience in the streets and beaches of Edipsos, full of positive energy, since the local community embraced the event from the very beginning.

More than 300 athletes and more than 100 children took part in the three distances of the open water swim (750m, 1500m and 3000m), the three distances of the running (5K, 10K and 21,1K), the SUP, the friendly bike ride, the zumba, as well as the yoga and other wellness activities. Everyone was impressed with the folk dancing and modern dance choreographies by local dance clubs and joined in at the end in a typical greek way. The very informative talks during the technical conference attracted the interest of many participants.

The event was studded with Word champions, European champions as well as Greek champions such as Christos Garefis, Yanis Drymonakos, Nikos Simantiras, Stelios Prassas, Vlassis Karavasilis, Viky Kouveli and Mania Bikof who not only gave inspiring talks but also participated in the sport events alongside the rest of the athletes.

The universal selling point for the event was the combination of athletic tourism and thermalism as it was presented by the distinguished speakers Dr. Ilias Zacharogiannis and Dr. Eleni Soultanaki, Professors at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Mrs. Tarsa Gika, Manager of the EOT municipal baths, underlined the the unique quality of the waters of Edipsos on the recovery of athletes.

Triathlon World champion Christos Garefis, Open Water Swimming World champion Viky Kouveli and well know TV show host and elite beach volleyball player Viky Hatzivasileiou stressed the importance of such an event for the local economy during a time of crisis and how one can overcome personal crises.

In their very interesting seminars, Dr. Anna Papageorgiou clinical nutritionist and Marianna Chrysikakou, Wellness editor, chief editor WellDay-Line Longevity, offered practical tools for enlightment, improved health and athletic performance.

There was a special category called «Labour of Hercules» for those competing both in the 3000m swim and the Half Marathon run. The oldest active marathon runner in Greece, Mr. Stelios Prassas participated and completed the demanding course of the Half Marathon.

The technical director of the races, Dr. Thomas Papavassiliou was very pleased with the safe and timely completion of all the races of the weekend.

The mayor of the city of Istiaia-Edipsos Mrs. Lina Efstathiou, who was the main organizer, took part in the 5K run and declared her enthusiasm with the turnup of all the athletes and spectators. Together with Mrs. Charoula Lentzou they announced the next years’ edition of the event for the end of September.

A great round of thanks goes to the main volunteers from Lifeguard Hellas and Argos Security who ensured the safety of all particpants at sea and on land as well as all the sponsors ans supporters who helped with the event.

The grand sponsor was the water company VIKOS, who thanks to their mineral water VIKOS and their soft drinks with mineral water VIKOS, ensured the best hydration not only for all the athletes but also all visitors during the races, the seminars and the wellness activities of the three day event.

Everyone was impressed by the services, the unique setting, the mineral pools and the water deck of the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel, which was the hospitality sponsor for the event.

Looking forward to next years’ event in the unique city of Edipsos for a weekend full of sports and wellness!

The organizing committee


Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival-SWIM Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival-SWIM Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival-SWIM Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival-SWIM Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival-SWIM

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Igor Tsom

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Completed in 2017

Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival-SWIM

I participated in two events, the 1500m swim and the 10k run. Congratulations to the organizers that just before the start of the race changed the location of the swim course due to high winds and waves to a better one. The course of the 10k run was completely flat (only 3m elevation gain) and beautiful 

Posted on 17.10.17

Kostas Mpotopoulos

Completed in 2017


A wonderful swimming race in Edipsos!

A beautiful swimming race, quite easy , good training, with good support, nice beautiful sea, efficient safety and I would definitely reswim  it in the future!Perhaps an even longer distance could be a must i.e 5k swimming race!

Posted on 16.10.17

Kyriakos Korallis

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Very nice

Νice first try. Hope to meet you again in Edipsos for a Triathlon race...


Posted on 11.10.17

Stathis Tsamouras

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Very well organized event

Everything was put together well. There was a bit of a delay starting the race but everything else was well organized. We will definitely return for next year.

Posted on 11.10.17

Harris N

Completed in 2017



Really satisfied with the Festival in all aspects. The organisers did their best to provide us with a weekend, full of races and different activities at a very affordable cost.

Thumbs up for:
- Safety!!
- correct handling of the swim race due to weather change
- programme with diverse wellness opportunities to participate
- social activities before/after the races
- local support
- participation fee
- location!


To consider the next time: 
- Registration & Picking up BIBs
- Keeping up with the timings


Thank you for a nice weekend! 


Posted on 11.10.17

Souzana Apartian

Completed in 2017


Excellent organisation

Excellent! See you next year!

Posted on 11.10.17

Μαρία-Άννα Τσάπαλη

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Πολύ καλά!

Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival-SWIM

Πολύ καλή διοργάνωση, όλα ήταν μια χαρά. Δίναν ωραία δώρα, φαγητά, μπλουζάκια...κτλ. Ήθελε λίγο καλύτερη οργάνωση όταν δηλώναμε συμμετοχή. Η διαδρομή καλή, αλλά κάπως ανώμαλος με λακκούβες και μπαλώματα ο δρόμος στα 5χμ.

Posted on 11.10.17

Nikos Loupakis

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great place, great race

This was my first ever race. The place is great and the race also. A few problems regarding the schedule flow during the races (e.g. a slight delay while we were in the water waiting for the race to begin and the time schedule was a bit elongated until the races and the awards procedure were completed on the first day). Other than that, the safety was guaranteed 100%, the people were friendly and very helpfull and of course the combination of place-food-pleasure. Visitors should definetely try the spa amenities while you are there! See you next year hopefully!

Posted on 11.10.17

Nikos Galanakis

Completed in 2017



i swam 3klm and ran 21klm.

The event was great. Nice routes, a lot of happenings, many benefits. Organizers and locals gave their best to please athletes and spectators.

The change of swim course to calmer waters (with nicer view!) due to weather conditions worked quite well. The distance turned out to be shorter. Despite that i had a lot of fun.

Food, spa, lifeguards, dancing, natural beauty, hotels and logistics discount, world class swimmers, everything was there!

Very nice race. I live close enough and i am happy that an event as good as this took place nearby

Posted on 10.10.17

Mary Manolopoulou

Completed in 2017



Thank you for the nice event!

Posted on 10.10.17