Long Course Weekend Wales Swimming


  • Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
  • 05. July, 2019> 07. July, 2019
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  • 1.9 Km

  • 3.8 Km

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1.9 Km
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3.8 Km

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Sarah Wills

Completed in 2018


Fireworks and jellyfish

Completed this event, part of the Long Course Weekend, as the full distance this year after doing the half last year. Tenby never fails to put on a spectacular show for Long Course and the swim is particularly epic. The beach is beautiful, the crowds are amazing and there’s not much else that compares to running into the sea with over 2000 other swimmers while the music and fireworks blare out. 

The mad cram at the first buoy is one to be wary of if you’re new to ow swimming, but hang back slightly and you’ll be fine. Sighting was hard work this year due to the bright sun - not much they can do about that! The medal is cool and the thousands of spectators lining the cliffs make it feel like a big event!

Watch out for jellyfish in the part of the world, I only saw baby ones this time but they did sting a couple of people, they only realised after the swim though. 

Posted on 08.08.18