Man v Gig

Running (offroad)

  • Charlestown, United Kingdom
  • 14. July, 2017
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  • 13 Km

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13 Km

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Man v Gig

The Cornish gig. One of the first shore based lifeboats with recorded rescues going back to the 17th century. Originally built to take pilots out to incoming vessels in the Atlantic. The stronger and faster the crew who could save stricken boats, the better the pay. This is where gig racing is thought to stem from.

Today, there are hundreds of gigs, across the world, based on the “Treffry”, built in 1838 and still used by Newquay rowing club.

Many of us are familiar with the fierce competition between rowing clubs, to see which crew will be victorious.

Here at MudCrew would like to present a twist to this competition. We are sure this is what you have come to expect from us!

So, for our latest venture, lets us introduce to you:

Man v Gig!


Man v Gig

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Alan Giles

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Unique and beautiful race.

Although I wasn't expecting so much beach, (should be SandCrew not MudCrew!) I really enjoyed this unique, yet challenging race. 


Will definitely be back again, especially now I know exactly what to expect!

Posted on 18.07.17


Completed as a first timer in 2017


The perfect summer's evening racing

I signed up purely on the basis that every Mud Crew event I've ever done has been top-notch in terms  of safety, location, support, x factor.

Loved the theatrical element added by the gigs competing against the runners and great vibe before and after with locals and holidaymakers, runners and rowers, crew and spectators, all chilling out with a BBQ and some very nice cakes.

See you next year.


Posted on 17.07.17

Aidan Jepson

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Awesome race

loved every minute of the race, even how hard carlyon bay was. 

The photos taken by mudcrew and the other guy (not sure if name) where top quality! My only gripe would be with the drone. Would have loved to see more shots runners and close up of the gigs. But still a very professional video by the guy.

But all in all what a great event in an amazing location. Well done

Posted on 17.07.17

Reply from the race organiser

Thank you for your comments and pleased you liked the photos. This is our first event where we have used a drone and will take your comments on board. We know he has to abide by fairly tight restrictions, he couldn't film Par docks for example. We will be meeting with him for future events and will ask him about close ups etc.

Sarah Cowburn

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Stunning location

What more could you want for an evening run out. Stunning location, great support, lovely momento and a fabulous social get together afterwards with pint and bbq. 

Posted on 16.07.17

Michael Rooney

Completed in 2017


Man vs Gig

My 1st Mudcrew event and really enjoyed it will be recommending this event 

Posted on 16.07.17

Tracy McFadden

Completed as a first timer in 2017


What can I say....

Man v Gig

One of the toughest races I've done purely because of the stretch of beach at Carlyon Bay!  Excellent! Another well organised and testing event by Mudcrew. Definitely one to do.

Posted on 16.07.17

Martin Pipet

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Man v Gig review

Excellent race from start to finish. Fantastic support from marshals and fellow runners. Beautiful scenery, would highly recommend this event. 

Posted on 16.07.17

Roger Brown

Completed in 2017


Best event in ages

This pop up event met the exacting standards of all MudCrew events. The marshals were brilliant; encouraging and cheerful, even giving a leg up off the beach. Registration was quick and easy. Briefing was interesting and not the standard. The route was tough in places and the first beach was a nightmare which added to the pleasure. Feed station was still well stocked (even though I was towards the back) and had a good variety of food options. The momento at the end (beer glass and either a pint or a buff) was great and WILL get used again. 

Only one concern - can you please arrange a slower gig so I have a chance next year?

Posted on 16.07.17