North West Triathlon


  • Nantwich, United Kingdom
  • 30. September, 2018
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  • 25.5 Km

  • 22.7 Km

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0.5 Km
20 Km
5 Km
22.7 Km Short
0.2 Km
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The North West Triathlon - BTF Registered

With 2 triathlons a year in Nantwich the events have welcomed thousands of competitors to partake in these triathlons aimed at all abilities, all levels of fitness, from complete novice to club and pro triathlete, as well as charity and fun competitors. The course is spectator friendly for supporting family or friends and a fun and relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed. There will be attractions and facilities available at the park for the triathlon including hot and cold food, refreshments, toilets, a play area with swings and slides that all make for a great day out for the family!

*Outdoor pool swim in one of very few remaining inland brine pools left in the UK

*Cheshire countryside bike course

*Barony Park grass run course

*Split transitions at Nantwich swimming pool and Barony Park

*2018 finishers medal awarded at the finish line

*Large grass area ideal for family picnics and kids to play

*Centrally located and close to motorway networks



North West Triathlon North West Triathlon North West Triathlon North West Triathlon North West Triathlon

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Carl Farrow

Completed in 2017


Great for first timers

Well presented triathlon, excellent marshalling, and cracking medal. Make a weekend of it by camping to!!!!

Posted on 15.08.17

Michael Ledgerton

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Where were the toilets

My first triathlon and an excellent event in every area, but where were the toilets at the start/finish?

Posted on 15.08.17

Paul Matthews

Completed as a first timer in 2017


My first triathlon

OK, I have no other triathlons to compare with, so this is a dazed forst timer commenting.

Information beforehand, signage on the day to get to the car park - all great. Once there it took us a few minutes to find the registration tent - we hadn't thought to print the site maps and bring them with us. Maybe a couple of boards around aiwht a "you are here" arrow would help. That also meant we went the long way round to set up at T1.

Registration was easy, we got our envelopes, chips and bags no problem and headed to T1 to set up there. From there to T2 - I had a little wait as our start times were different, but the guy at T2 was nice and clear. Quite a few people didn't listen to the numbers that were being called and tried to set up at the wrong time!

Set up and through to the pool - I may have wandered past a sign, but I ended up walking up the wrong side of the pool and having to come back round for the briefing. Clear with a litle humour - fab. I can imagine by the time we were getting the briefing it had been ratthled off a few times, but he still seemed interested.

The pool was fine - no problem with the swim and through to Transition - might be an idea to not let people stop and mount at the mount line as it was a bit of a bottleneck!

The road route once past the big roundabout was fine - reasonably flat, quiet and simple to follow. We both enjoyed the ride. The distance markers were helpful.

Back to T2 and of the run. Well for me more of a shuffle, but I tried! As a first timer I would have appreciated distance flags say every 500M.

Cue someone telling me they were there and I just didn't see them!

Onto the finish - my luck it was re-boot time for the results screen!

Reaaly enjoyed the day, we will be doing more Tris, and we may well return to this event.

Posted on 14.08.17

Reply from the race organiser

Hi Paul
Thank you for your comments and taking the time out to write a review.
There were quite a few signs out saying Welcome to UK Triathlon & registration this way. If it was busy then you could have missed them, I will look to put more out next year.

Because the run course is lapped it is difficult to put out distance markers, I always go with I know its 1.25km per lap and do my splits on my watch.

I did your race brief, I try to make it as informative and light hearted as possible because I know people are nervous and excited at the same time. To me first impressions are important.

Really happy you had a great time, it is a great triathlon, I suppose with it being 25 years old we are doing something right. Hopefully we'll see you again next year... Welcome to the wonderful world of triathlon :)

Mathew Vaughan

Completed in 2016


Good fun event

I have done this event many times as either the Cheshire or North West triathlon (identical courses).

UK Triathlon got me into the sport when I watched one of their events in 2011 and thought I'd like to try it.  Since I did the "Fun" distance in 2012 I have not looked back and have just done a half ironman.

UK Tri races are meant to be as inclusive and friendly as possible but at the same time they are professionally organised by passionate and kindly advocates for the sport.

If you are thinking of having a go I would really recommend doing one of their events.  This one is a great starter as it is a pool swim, the bike and run course is pretty flat and the run in particular is good for spectators as they get to see their competitors run around several times.

Posted on 27.09.16

Reply from the race organiser

Hi Matthew. Thanks for your glowing reference, it is so good to hear your story and even better to know we are mostly getting it right! We look forward to seeing you again soon and well done on your Half Ironman - that's no mean feat! All the best from all at UK Triathlon :-)

David Marshall

Completed in 2016


Good course, Well Handled Split Transitions, Boarderline dangous roads

This event was well organised, it has split transitions and they where handled well, clearly marked areas for T2 , and only allowed to rack your bike for T1 30 mins before your swim time (small T1 area, but not crowded)


Pool swim was very hectic, but im unsure how it could be organised better. You swim 4 lengths over 3 lanes (clockwise rotation, with middle lane for overtaking). However several times I would be behind somebody who is over taking another person, but at a snails pace. Only then for them to tread warter as they almost collide with someone else, causing me to come to a complete stop. I was forced to do breast stroke as I had to wait to overtake. Annoying :/.

Bike route was fine, some steep hills but I like that. The main problem I feel is that there are 2 A road (very) busy roundabouts to navigate. The main problem in my eyes is that one of them you have to take the last exit and getting onto the roundabout can be a struggle itself. I was also sitting in traffic for ~2 mins, unable to filter through certain points of the track. With that said, the marshalls where helpful to make sure nobody took the wrong turn.

Finally the run was fine, one thing to be aware of is its on grass, and would be very slippy/muddy if it is raining/wet.

Posted on 12.09.16

Reply from the race organiser

Hi David, thanks for taking the time to write a review, your feedback is important to us and we are always looking for ways to improve the competitor experience at our events.
The bike course was changed two years ago to take in quieter roads and please be assured if we can find a way to take out one or both of these roundabouts we will.
Hope on the whole you enjoyed the day, thanks again for your feedback and we hope to see you at another event soon.
All the best from the UK Triathlon Team.