PHOENIX Thames Path Potter

Running (road)

  • Upper Halliford, United Kingdom
  • 09. June, 2019
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  • 5.3 Km

  • 10.6 Km

  • 15.9 Km

  • 21.2 Km

  • 26.5 Km

  • 31.8 Km

  • 37.1 Km

  • 42.4 Km

5.3 Km Short
5.3 Km
10.6 Km Middle
10.6 Km
15.9 Km Middle
15.9 Km
21.2 Km Long
21.2 Km
26.5 Km Long
26.5 Km
31.8 Km Long
31.8 Km
37.1 Km Long
37.1 Km
42.4 Km Long
42.4 Km

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PHOENIX  Thames Path Potter

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Laura Running

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Oh My Goodness, The Medal!


- the medal is BEAUTIFUL and ENORMOUS

- the course is really pretty and peaceful along the river path

- relaxed and friendly atmosphere

- happy, helpful marshalls/volunteers

- easy to get to

- registration in a leisure centre was easy and plenty of access to loos

- no pressure as you do as many out-and-backs as you like within the six hours

- did I mention the MASSIVE and STUNNING medal?!



None. Brilliant race. Go sign up. Go. Now.

Posted on 10.07.18

Vicky Burr

Completed in 2018


Hufflepuffing along the Thames

PHOENIX  Thames Path Potter

Having done this race in 2017 I was keen to get another Hogwarts medal! I arrived late, but registration stay put for a while after the race brief to pick up the stragglers. Dropped my drink/food/drop bag down at the tuck shop. There's a tent to put your gear and space on the refreshment table for your own drinks/snacks, which I think is really good. It was really hot, so I appreciated having a squash option instead of water, at some point. I tested the RDs first aid skills, as I took a tumble on the first lap and managed to bleed on my daughter's Slytherin robe (and yes, it WAS hot running in that robe/shirt/tie!). I got hugs and sympathy and was sent on my way again, with a handfull of jelly babies and a bottle of water. These races are fun and friendly, the timed events are great for everyone, as you can do as many or as few laps as you please, at a pace that suits you. Everyone gets the same cheering and the same medal, and, as Rik says, "we're all winners". Thoroughly recommend Phoenix races. Oh, did I mention there is a pub right by the start/finish, perfect for a recovery drink and some post race fuelling.

Posted on 17.06.18

Gary Thornton

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Very Friendly and Scenic Route

Definitely one of, if not the most, friendly and supportive event I've done.  I managed five laps in the heat of what is just over 5km loop "out and back" along the river.

It is along the Thames in Walton so very scenic and the "out and back" approach allows friends and supporters multiple opportunities to see you, as well as runners encouraging each other as you keep passing.

Access to drink station (with sweets) at the start/finish was good, if a little awkward to re-fuel without losing momentum.  Otherwise really great event with a superb medal!

Posted on 11.06.18

Mark N

Completed in 2018


Great event, support team and location.

PHOENIX  Thames Path Potter

The Thames Path Potter allows you to run any distance from 5k to ultra by doing 3.4 miles laps up and down a path along the Thames. The parking was free and plentiful, the race team were lovely and welcoming. The support from other racers was fantastic with everyone offering words of encouragement as they passed on their way out or back. The food station was superb with lots of sweets, chocolate and as much water as I could drink (which was a 700ml bottle per lap as it was a really hot day). I completed my 8 laps for marathon distance and rang the bell to say I had finished my laps for the day. I'd highly recommend this event to anyone wanting to challenge themselves, or just have a lovely run along the river. The medals are amazing too! One bonus was we saw the queens barge, the Gloriana and it's a stunning floating piece of art.

I’ll be back doing a Phoenix even again very soon.

Posted on 11.06.18

Caroline  Sandall

Completed as a first timer in 2018


out and back, many times, but not that dull !!!

PHOENIX  Thames Path Potter

it was a hot hot day but this was a race i really enjoyed.

registration held in the leisure centre so good opportunity for snacks and loo breaks as required. There was a race briefing, missed the first part, then we were walked down to the start. All very relaxed.

the course is out and back, x however many you want to do ! sounds dull? it really wasnt ! 3 of us did this one together (1 sat a lap out) and we did mara distance (well it was more than that but thats fine).

the route takes you all along the river path, past locks and it's lovely. Totally flat, path was very slightly rocky in paets and some tree roots to watch for but otherwise very easy.

doing laps did help to break it up into managable chunks and you had a good idea of how far you'd gone and how much was left.

I thought id be bored by that but i wasnt (or maybe it was the company!)

the race organisers are lovely people and looked after everyone well

good sweets at the start point - maybe wouldve liked some flat coke especially as it was a really hot day but water/squash was fine

the walk back to the leisure centre felt like an age especially as the medal is ENORMOUS and weighs a tonne !

i also really liked the fact you would do as much or as little as you wanted, I hadnt planned on doing a full but decided to crack on !!


Posted on 11.06.18