Schoorl Run

Running (road)

  • Schoorl, Netherlands
  • 10. February, 2019
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  • 10 Km

  • 21.1 Km

  • 30 Km

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10 Km
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The Schoorl Marathon was first run in 1978. It was well regarded and considered to be a challenging winter marathon, having been described as the "toughest marathon in the world" However the marathon was last run in the year 2000. The current Schoorl Run is a 30K race.


Schoorl Run

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Heart Runner Girl

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Nice course, but no medal.

I ran the half marathon. Race takes place in the dunes, but it's a road race. Nice course (except getting a free scrub from the dune sand flying around, which wasn't too pleasant). Good aid stations with water, sports drink and bananas. Marshals and signs at every turn. You were adviced to take the busses arranged by the organisation from the parkinglot or train station to the starting line (at extra cost). Unfortunately, during the start of the 10k (which is in the afternoon) there are no busses, so I had to wait for over an hour after the race, before I could get back to the train station to go home. And there is no medal, you get a gym towel instead.

Would I run this race again? Not the half, I might do the 10k in the future. After the effort of running a half, I don’t really want a towel, I want a nice medal which I could be proud of. And I don’t like having to wait around for more than an hour before I can get to the station. Would have been better if the organisation would have found a way for the busses to just keep going (they normally depart every 10 minutes), like a slightly different route for either the busses or the 10k race.

Posted on 13.02.18