Stirling Scottish Marathon

Running (road)

  • Stirling, United Kingdom
  • 29. April, 2018
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  • 42.2 Km

42.2 Km Long
42.2 Km

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An Iconic Run Through The Heart Of Scotland

With a new start and finish in the city centre, runners will follow a route past Blair Drummond Safari Park and through Doune, Dunblane and Bridge of Allan where hundreds of spectators lined the route during the 2017 event. Runners will then make their way back into Stirling city centre via the University of Stirling. Whether you want to challenge yourself, be a source of inspiration to others or simply embrace a love of running, the high of crossing the Stirling Scottish Marathon finish line is a feeling you will want to experience.

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Audrey Reddington

Completed as a first timer in 2017


On the Yes List

As it's is the first year this race has been done it was always going to have a few teething problems.  

Arrived in Blair Drummond safari park with plenty of time for the race, first issue was the complete lack of toilets so much that I missed my start due to this and ended up one of the last runners over the start line.

The course itself meanders through the Scottish countryside and even though it was a bit damp (rained a fair bit) you could still appreciate the beauty (I may be a little biased as I live in Scotland).

Support as you go through the villages is amazing and getting  and running along the open roads when there is no support was just as much fun, it's only when you get to Stirling city centre that is gets trickier .... Somebody in their infinite wisdom decided 3 laps of Stirling city centre including running through tiny underpasses, and the most savage part .... Having to run past the finish line twice before you can finally go left and through the finish arch .... Yup savage.

Good medal and t-shirt but then a brutal scramble if trying to climb over walls to get near the luggage buses.... And all that said yes I would do it again, and they have changed the route next year so now savage underpass.

Posted on 19.10.17

John Hawryluk

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Amazing race, Amazing course and a definite must do for locals

This was my first Marathon and safe to say I have fallen in love with Marathon Running.

Starting in Blair Drummond Safari Park beside the Giraffes was pretty special and the support through Doune, Bridge of Allan, Dunblane and Stirling University was 100%.  I was aprehensive about the 2.5 loops of stirling but they weren't as bad as expected, the worst section was passing through the underpass three times.  

As with any race, the goody bag was filled with leaflets but I haven't held a medal so tightly before.  If your Local (or travelling from afar) this is a race to definitely consider, the great run name is a mark of reliability and will deliver every time.

Posted on 17.07.17

William Francis

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Amazing course that drove me loopy in the end!

Having the chance to run a local marathon was too good to pass up, and I was intrigued by the last 9 miles of the course which looked like it consisted of loops.

The first half of the course was pretty special. Starting in Blair Drummond Safari Park the run then wound its way through the rolling countryside of Stirlingshire, through the villages of Doune, Dunblane and Bridge of Allan. The support in each of these towns was amazing, and seemed to get better in each town.

Just before halfway we reached the University of Stirling campus, the grounds of which are beautiful, and the last major hill.

The second half headed to Stirling and the dreaded loops. The section through Murray Place and Dumbarton Road was very special, with crowds on each side cheering you on. The sections along the River Forth and through 3 underpasses were not so great, but worth pushing through to get to the Murray Place section.

Overall a pretty special course, with amazing support and only downside was the loops, and the goody bag was a bit underwhelming.

Posted on 27.05.17

Chris Ferguson

Completed as a first timer in 2017


First Timer's Opinion

Thus was my first, and last marathon. 

I kept hearing it would be flat with few hills throughout. The first 13 miles is hill after hill. Very tough going, as they are all long slow hills that tire the legs early on.  

When you reach Stirling at mile 17 you have to run round the course 3 times, passing the finish line twice. This was extremely tough mentally and it took a lot to push on through the other loops, especially as this is where the crowd gathers to celebrate runners crossing the line. I hope they rethink this. 

I selected this marathon as it was my first and its inaugural year. Compared with half marathons I have run the route was very challenging. 

However, the support through the towns is fantastic. Wonderful crowds. 

I also thought the goodie bag could have been better: T-shirt, medal, water, wee chocolate bar & a breakfast drink, plus the flyers. 

Posted on 22.05.17

David McNulty

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Stirling Marathon

Stirling Scottish Marathon

the first Stirling marathon was well organised.

pros - plenty of marshalls & first aid, plenty of support and beautiful scenery, medal and tshirt and plenty of water stations 

cons - the last 8 miles which is a looping system. 



Posted on 21.05.17