Tough Mudder North West

Running (offroad)

  • Malpas, United Kingdom
  • 08. September, 2018> 09. September, 2018
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  • 16 Km

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16 Km

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Nikki Harris

Completed in 2017



Possibly one of the ultimate challenges is to complete a Tough Mudder.

TM North West is set in the beautiful grounds of Cholmondeley Castle in rural South Cheshire.

The course is challenging - obviously with the obstacles throughout the course - but also with hills and wooded areas that really take it out of you with uneven trails and natural cover that blocks out the sun (if there is any).

Support can be sparse at times but there are spectators, although I find that they are normally waiting for someone they know to pass so there isn't that much encouragement for all participants. The volunteers out on the course do however provide a huge amount of support, they are mostly made up of people who have taken part in TM events so know exactly what you are going through.

The obstacles are some of the best you can get on the OCR circuit and there is a good mix of water and climbing obstacles.

Legionnaires (participants who have completed 1 or more TM events) are rewarded with some alternative obstacles which push you just that little bit further and provide motivation to take part in future events.

The pre/post TM facilities are okay - decent food vendors, merch stalls and sponsor stalls are in the TM village.

The finishers haul is pretty decent as well - drinks (water, energy & alcoholic), tshirt, energy food and the all important headband! 

Discounted entry for the next years event is also on offer on completion of a survey post event.

Posted on 11.09.17

Ryan Berrisford

Completed as a first timer in 2014


Great party atmosphere

The biggest Tough Mudder events are always a party atmosphere. You don't get people pushing and shoving for the best start place as the event is not time based. It's about getting around having the maximum amount of fun.

The headband makes you part of the club and the beer at the end is much needed. 

The obstacles are enjoyable and challenging enough.

Posted on 13.08.17