Wright Hassall Leamington Regency 10k

Running (road)

  • Warwickshire, United Kingdom
  • 07. April, 2019
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  • 10 Km

10 Km Short
10 Km

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Wright Hassall Leamington Regency 10k

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William Andrews

Completed in 2018


Regency 10k

Wright Hassall Leamington Regency 10k

I have run this race on several occasions and have always enjoyed it. This year there was a large field and the start was staggered. However, new bollards near the start made it a a bit of a cramped, slow start.

The course is half trail and half road. Due to the recent wet weather, the trail part of the course was quite muddy but that was ok.

The road part of the course was quite flat and easy to negotiate.

There was plenty of support at the finish and a quality medal was given along with a goody bag.

The Park had only 2 narrow entrances and as one of these was used by the runners, it was rather congested trying to get out.

However, this is always a decent race.

Posted on 16.04.18

claire wragg

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Very muddy in parts

A mix of road and trail, it’s not one id want to do if raining as slippy under foot. Narrow paths on trail bit made it difficult to pass other runners and had to watch footing because of the puddles and mud. Good crowd support in town area and afinish in the park. A decent medal and t shirt. Not sure this event would be a good one if your looking for a PB. It was a different event to do for ease of location easy enough to find parking as well.

Posted on 15.04.18

Rachel Bannister

Completed in 2018


Fun 10k - muddy trail and speedy roads

The start and finish are in different locations so allow a few minutes to dump bag at the finish then walk to the start to join one of the two ridiculously large toilet queues.  

Apparently there were over 2000 runners this year, and half this amount last year - but they hadn't added extra loos.  Plus a bit of chaos with the queues so actually a Marshall here would easily have sorted this.   And why were there no toilets at the finish in the race village???

Loo queue issue aside (!), the race brief couldn't be heard unless you were right at the front.  This wasn't a problem but there didn't seem to be any countdown or notice of the start.  

The  first half of the race is essentially Leamington parkrun in reverse, so a nice gentle incline up a muddy trail before heading back into town.  People - just run through the muddy puddles. They won't kill you.  And me slamming into the back of you when you suddenly stop to scream when you get your trainer dirty is not good for either of us.

Water stop at 5k in cups, then into town.  Local support was excellent!  Run through the three main parks then back to the race village.  Fab, friendly atmosphere throughout.  Water, kitkat (genius), medal and a non technical t shirt at the finish.  A technical t could have been purchased for extra cash. To be honest, ditch the non technical and just put a technical one in the goody bag.  They cost a couple of quid.  And people will wear them and publicise your race.  You never see a Regency t shirt worn after race day!

Lovely local race with a bigger race feel.  Look forward to running this again!

Posted on 15.04.18

Dawn Sauvage

Completed in 2018


A race of 2 halves

loved doing this race but expect big muddy puddles, a few hills and not a particularly fast time unless you start on the front line. The race goes around the golf course and due to the narrow paths at some points I had to walk behind the slower people as there was no room to pass. People were cutting in front of me to avoid the mud and almost tripped me up a couple of times. Once you come out of the golf course there is a lot more room and you can pick up the pace as you are in closed roads. A lap around the park then head back to the finish through the beautiful jephson gardens, ending in  Mill gardens. Loads of local support which was great. One water station with half filled cups. A tshirt, finishers medal and kitkat waiting at the finish line.

Posted on 15.04.18

Paul Wragg

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Half Trail Half Road

First half was largely off road with several large puddles making it quite slippy. Trail was quite narrow in parts which created a few bottle necks. Second half was better supported as it was more in town. Overall enjoyable but can see this one being very weather dependant with the first half. 

Posted on 15.04.18