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Completed in 2017


Run to eat pancakes !

Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series

Whilst in Sydney I thought it would be nice to get a race in before the end of 2017 and to support my sister who has been following C25K. 

There are 3 distances . 4km, 7km and 14km.  The races are not chip timed. Smallish race , estimate around 200 runners . The 4km is mainly run by under 17s. 

My sister and I opted for 14km whilst my husband did the 4km. 

Parking was good but in terms of organisation this is where it ends . Just 2 toilets at the start or 2 toilets about 1km from the start. 

No race briefing until right before the race (8am start), so we were not sure which race was starting when. 

The 14km was 2 laps of Iron Bay which really is stunning. Mainly on the bike path, a tiny section on grass and a nice slow hill to get onto the bridge where the view is fabulous. 

Well marked out and plenty of drink stations. 

The route is shared by other users , similar to Parkrun which makes it difficult if you want a PB because you have to be mindful of the public. 

Not a difficult course at all in terms of gradients.

Biggest disappointment was having no medal or goody bag.There were cups for different categories but for the runners doing it for fun they had nothing to show for their hard work!

However big plus point for this race was a pancake buffet at the end, which was still well stocked when the slower runners were crossing the line. 

I already  have the Run to eat cake  t shirt so now I can add run to eat pancakes to my list !! 

Would I do it again? Probably not. For me it lacked atmosphere and organisation, but if you are on holiday and want a stunning location in December look it up. 

Top tip. Register online , on the day registration is pricy.  

Posted on 18.12.17

Completed in 2014


The mechanical elephant race!

I entered this for fun just after my first marathon. It's a fast 10km with lots of club runners. 

It is centered around the town and takes in a few bridges and of course the mechanical elephant!

Since I did this race it has moved to an evening event with a festival atmosphere. In 2014 there was a finishers t shirt but no medal. 

Posted on 15.11.17

Completed in 2017


Nice Urban alternative to London

I really enjoyed this race sponsored by decathalon.

Its two laps of the town which has some beautiful buildings ( beware of the cobbles though!) It takes you out along the bank of the Loire and back in to the Machines d'ILLE, where you may be lucky enough to see the mechanical elephant.

The highlight for me was a message ( in Geordie) from my best friend on the giant screen at 40km. It was pouring with rain and I looked up and saw her recorded message shouting encouragement at me. Magical.

Nice technical T in ladies fit, goody bag and golden biscuit medal.

Have signed up again for this year .

Posted on 15.11.17

Completed as a first timer in 2016


OMG simply amazing

Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra Marathon

I wanted to do an ultra to mark the year I turned 50 and to gain my ultra wings. 

What can I say phenomenal !! 

So well organized. Two fantastic if not slightly mad race directors..., I mean who plans an ultra with a compulsory playground participation ??? 

Friendly Marshall’s plus the Borders rescue team. No person left an aid station without being properly assessed by a Marshall and deemed fit to continue. 

Stunning stunning scenery . 

Loved it from start to finish and would definitely recommend. 

Posted on 13.11.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Sadly it wasn’t for me

New Forest Running Festival

Given that laps are not my favorite I have to question why I chose this race, 

3 laps of the course which was short of the advertised 50km.

Very beautiful but after the first lap my enjoyment dwindled. Very lonely out on the course. Water stations out of water by my last lap, and an issue with the timing chips. They had me down as a man,..  

Chose this if you like running laps in unspoiled surroundings , but not if you are looking for crowd  support 

Posted on 13.11.17

Reply from the race organiser

Hi Julie, thanks for your feedback. Firstly well done for completing the ultra. We are sorry some of the distances were short. This was due to a last minute course chance due to a resident complaint. We've rectified the problem for this year and all courses have been redone. Granted lapped courses aren't for everyone. However when running events with multiple distances that all share aid stations, its the most sensible option. we are limited in what areas we are permitted to use by the forestry commission. Thank you for you comment on the aid stations. We will ensure this is sorted for our next event. As we always want to improve. Good luck with your racing this year.

Posted on 16.02.18

Completed in 2017


If you only ever do one marathon you need to do this one!

Le Marathon Du Medoc

I’ve been lucky to have a place on my company team for the last three years . 

Whst can I say? There’s nothing like it. The scenery is stunning the hills are brutal the wine is exquisite , 

its a requirement to run this in fancy dress. Every year the theme is different . If you don’t run in fancy dress you are the odd one out! 

Goody bag and medal

Posted on 13.11.17

Completed in 2017


Favorite race in my calendar

My must do race every year ! If you want to find out why it’s so special check out my blog. Missed the race in 2016 because I wanted my ultra wings. 

Its fast it’s flat and good crowd support . For the family spectators they get to see you on both sides of the common. The last two miles are always challenging but that’s all part of the attraction

Posted on 13.11.17