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Old Mutual Soweto Marathon
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Completed in 2017


Soweto Marathon

Old Mutual Soweto Marathon

Soweto is a marathon that offers something different to other big races, local or international. I would strongly recommend all South African runners take an “on foot” tour of Soweto at least once during their running careers. International runners, if you’re not scared of heat, hills and altitude Soweto provides a unique cultural and historical race experience that you won’t get anywhere else.


For full race report see my blog post:

Posted on 11.12.17

Completed in 2017


Inaugural Platinum Belt Marathon

This was the first running of the race and unfortunately there were a lot of issues (no water, etc.). The organisers have apologised and promised to rectify next year.

The race is p2p from Rustenburg to Marikana Mine. Interesting route if not always pretty.

For full report see:

Posted on 06.12.17