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The Big Five Marathon

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Good race, unique and tough course

The Big Five Marathon

This is race set up by travel company on a game park.  The idea is that you are running among the Big Five African wildlife.  They do not come near the race course (they make sure of that) but they are around as you can see during game drives before and after the race during your stay.  Some of the aspects of the race:

- They take you out via vehicle to go over the race course and you can see how rought the terrain is.

- Bring your trail running shoes, I ran in regular running shoes and my feet got messed up bad from the rocks, tree roots while trying to run in sand and being stubborn.

- THis is not a fast course as there is hill you go down and then back up that you should not even try to run as it is 45 degree incline in spots.

- Enjoy the experience.


Posted on 06.12.17