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Breakfast Run at Loseley
Haslemere Bumpy Triathlon
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Completed in 2018


Snowy Half Marathon

Having done this race in 2017, I knew it would probably be cold, but I wasn't prepared for a full on blizzard!

This race bills itself as a winter half, and doesn't disappoint. Despite the weather the course is well marshalled and also well supported.

Great Penguin medal and even a beanie hat to keep your head warm after the race.

Will definitely be adding this to next year's race calendar.

Posted on 18.06.18

Completed in 2018


Running & Breakfast - What more could you want

Breakfast Run at Loseley

Love this route. It's definitely one of my favourites, and a bonus of not being freezing cold when the race had finished.

The medal is superb and I really enjoyed croissants and jam for a post race treat.

Looking forward to doing the Hogs Back Road Race in December, despite the chance it might be really cold.

Thank you again AAT Events 


Posted on 18.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Great Fun Sprint Triathlon for Tri Newbies

Haslemere Bumpy Triathlon

I have only ever done one sprint triathlon before and it was so long ago that I had forgotten what they are like. So an early start and I'm half way to Haslemere and I have forgotten my bike helmet! Panic, turn around, back to Guildford to get it. I have gone from being nice and early, to being on the verge of late. I got there racked up my bike and just dumped my bag by it. 

I evenually made it into the pool and did my swim which was very well organised. 

For my transition to the bike, I may as well have taken a hair dryer, deodorant and hair gel, the amount of time it took me. Something to work on for the next one. After the nice, not too hilly bile ride, I managed to get my trainers on reasonably quickly, and started running well, until I got to the first hill. It went up, then it went up some more and carried on in the same way until the 2.5km marker. I love running but after a swim and a ride, this was brutal. 

The bike and running courses were really well marked out with yellow arrows, and support near the finish area was great. Getting my finish time on a slip of paper printout at the end was great. No waiting around for email results.

My final time was 1hour 42 mins, way down the pecking order, but I reckon I could save 6 mins in transition by being a bit more organised. I definitey recommend this triathlon. It is set in lovely surroundings and the roads were nice and quiet for the bike section

 See you again next year Haslemere.

Posted on 11.06.18

Reply from the race organiser

Thanks for the fantastic review James - and congrats on your 2nd Triathlon!

Posted on 12.06.18

Completed in 2018


Half Marathon on my Doorstep

I love running the Surrey Half, not just because it's my local race, but also due to the great support from local people. The first time I ran it in 2014, it took me a smidge under 2 hours. Today I ran it in 1.42. The course is not compltely flat, but the inclines are very gentle and don't go on very long. The aid stations are well stocked with water, and if you need an extra pick me up, there are always friendly locals giving out Jelly Babies. 

I highly recommend this Race. It is well organised and very accessible, and includes a 5k option and a kids race. 

Looking forward to doing it again next year.

Posted on 11.03.18

Reply from the race organiser

Thanks for the great review James. Well done on your 1.42 what a great time!

Posted on 14.03.18