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Completed in 2016


PB course

Ive run this race twice and both times I got a PB.

The regstration process is standard marathon.  Enter online and pick up your number in the days before at a point outside the city.  

The race starts at 6am because of the heat.  There is a 10km too.  The route is wide and flat and smooth.  You literally run up the street turn at the end and turn round and go back.  You can see runners going the other way for most of the race. The sun comes up at about 8 and the temperature rockets! I lived in Oman at the time of running this so the heat wasn’t a problem for me I saw a lot people struggling with it.  The support is sparse at the start it’s still pretty dark and considered cold for Dubai. By the time you get to the end the support is great and the sun is shining. There’s not much to say about the route up one side and down the other. If it’s a PB you are after and you can take some time to acclimatise this race is perfect. 

The medal is nice and big and chunky and the finish area had plenty of things to eat. The good thing is if you are a 4 - 430 runner you are done by 10am

Posted on 14.04.18

Completed in 2014


2nd ballot place.

I also ran London in 2012 both times I got a ballot place but have never managed since.  There is no way to run London except for a ballot place or a charity place and both are quite hard to come by. 

Once you get a place VLM are very good at sending you information.  Lots of blogs about training and nutrition. The information on how to get to the start and the public transport is great. There are 3 start sections so it’s really important the you get to the right one. 

The run it’s self is very well supported. There is the Tower bridge at the half way point and if you are a 4-4:30 runner you will see the finishers heading up the other side of the road to 22 mile point as soon as you e crossed. This is where I saw Mo Farrah.  I was half way he was off to the finish

Posted on 14.04.18

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Beautiful views the whole way

Registration easy online.  Number pick up easy.  Everything clearly marked.

I went up to Inverness and stayed with my friend so it was easy to get to buses at the start. You get bused to the start which is on top of a hill with no protection from the elements. They suggest you get on the bus early and get up to the start.  I was dropped off 1hr 20 before the start as the pack suggested.  The wind was howling the rain was coming down sideways it was freezing.  I had brought 2 bin bags and I was glad.  I ran the first few kms still wearing them.  They told us the year before had been glorious sunshine so I guess it’s hit and miss.  Be prepared for cold though!!

the start is a really steep down hill for a few miles and it’s easy to get over excited and head out too quickly.  This will only hurt later when the profile changes and you are running up hill.   

Aid stations were great. Route was very scenic and the support was great especially since it rained all day long. 

Medal was sturdy.  I would recomend this run - not as a PB route but as a scenic run round the highlands.  

Posted on 13.04.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Muscat Road Runners on Tour

Rome Marathon

I am part of a running group from Muscat Oman and every year we pick a marathon somewhere in the world.  This year was Rome Marathon.

The first thing about this race is the registration is the most difficult I have ever come accross in over 25 marathons.  There was a medical certificate to get signed by a doctor - not your usual are you fit/heart rate ect ect but a full diagnostic test. They wanted 2 ECGs one at rest and one while exercising, urine and a few others.  No running numbers were issued until you had submitted your medical form signed by the Doctor.  

The rest of registration was pretty standard.  You had to attend the expo to get your number and you had to walk the whole expo no cutting corners in order to get your pack. The packs were great a backpack and t-shirt included.  They did not have a t-shirt to try on for size and there was no swapping once you had taken possession.  They were very strict about this.  They pointed at people and said she’s got a medium on he’s got a large on and left you trying to judge from that what size you needed. 

The information about the race starting times and how to get to race pens was clear in the pack.  The baggage trucks very easy to find and very efficient at the end. 

Once the race started you were in beautiful Rome lots of sights to see but then it headed out rough areas of Rome lots of bends and turns.  The roads are cobbled and where they are concrete there were real big pot holes none of them spray painted or marked and I saw at least 3 people go down in them mainly towards the end when legs were tired.

in the middle it was back into tourist area lots to see and then back out into rough neck of the woods then back again to finish at the coleseum - absolultley beautiful to turn the corner with 200 metres to go and see this right in front of you.  

The medals were nice and big and heavy. The finisher area was very spacious and had plenty water and fruit ect. 

I did enjoy this marathon.  The profile doesn’t show up the hills as much as your legs feel them and the cobbles are hard going on the knees but sights to see and we got a beautiful day for it too. 

I would Recomend this run as long as you are able to get the medical taken care of. 

Posted on 13.04.18