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Completed as a first timer in 2018


Enthusiastic Tape 2 Tape

Dong Energy Great Grimsby 10k

Organised by the very enthusiastic Tape 2 Tape this race is a fast growing race.

Easy to enter & with a two wave start ( 55 minutes being the divide ) the only negative I felt was we were called up to the start to early & the lady speaking on the pa was hard to hear. This wouldn’t put me off entering again.

The Route was flat, support in residential areas was fabulous, there were plenty of water stations, especially for a 10k, it was hot. A timed mile around 7km in broke up a long boring section, having said that no one around me was able to raise there pace.

Agreat finish, running into a park, medal was great & t shirt ok, I think most runners have enough t shirts. Lots of activities in the finish area.

It was fab bumping into fellow visor club member on this my second race.

Definatley a race worth the 30+ mile drive to.

Posted on 22.07.18

Completed in 2018


Enjoyable evening 10k

Laxton 10K

I would say this is a well organised small 10k race set in a village near Goole / Howden. As with most races now, entry was simple & priced at the low end of the scale I felt it was value for money.

The Route is along quiet country roads with basically views of the fields, marshals were plentiful but support was restricted to the few residential areas, when there was support it was good.

There was no chip timing, instead it was much like the ParkRun system, with barcodes attached to race numbers.

The course was advertised as flat & it was, although I didn’t I’d guess lots pb’d.

The most pleasing for me was money from the race went towards repairs to the village hall, with this in mind a medal & small goodie bag was efficient.

I’d recommended & return to this race

Posted on 19.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Not my best.

Winterton 10 mile race

This was a new race for me, entering was straight forward & cost £15 ( affiliated ).

The race forms part of the Winterton Summer Show, it starts & finishes in the main arena.

With just over 150 entrants it was the smallest race I’ve entered.

On one of the hottest days of the year extra water was made available, 4 water stations.

This was more like a club run with some serious athletes.

The course was advertised as flat, but in my opinion it wasn’t & with the weather I found it tough going from the start. After making your way through the village the vast majority is on country roads. Marshals were plenty & good support, roads weren’t closed, but I never felt in any danger. Support in the show ground & around Winterton was very good.

The goody bag at the end had usual snacks, flyers a great medal & a snood.

My time yesterday was very slow & for that reason I’ll do this race again. I would certainly recommend this race to others 

Posted on 09.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


A hot day

My first crack at this race, I’d heard it was flat & fast, but the temp was to high for pushing a pb.

As with all the Run for All events registration & navigation were great, my only gripe on the logistics was the distance from finish to car parks & a lack of signs posting you in the right direction. It is also expensive.

Otherwise a well supported event & finishing at the cathedral is a must & unique selling point to this race.

Lots of this Route was through housing estates, this was fine as people could cheer from there front door step, but the route does miss out on Lincoln history, I appreciate to do this it would include the Hill & would no longer be a FunRun.

Having said all this I would return for the course, but not at the price

Posted on 02.07.18

Completed in 2018


A hot day for it

Humber Bridge Half Marathon

This is my second time doing HumberBridge Half. Entering is easy & it doesn’t sell out, you can enter up to the day before.

The start / finish area is 3 miles from my door, so I cycle there, the organisers have a marshalled area where you can leave your bikes.

The race start is well organised & the course is undulating, with 3 tough inclines, two of which come close together and are in the last 4 miles.

Plenty of water stations - cups & a sponge station halfway up the infamous Cardiac Hill. Good turn out of supporters & vocal marshals.

Most locals will tell you this is a must, I think it’s well worth a trip to Hull for, where else can you get the views you get running running across the 2 mile stretch of the HumberBridge & back.

Great t shirt & medal + on such a warm day there appeared to be no water shortage 

Posted on 24.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


First Trail Race

 Sledmere Sunset Trail 10k

What a way to spend a Summers Friday evening.

Having never done a Trail Race I never gave much thought to this race. Entry was straight forward & the price good.

A nice early arrival gave us a good chance to look around the beautiful surroundings. It was obvious from the start that this would be an undulating course.

There were a couple of fun runs prior to the 10k race & plenty of people around to cheer everyone on.

The race was chipped & within the 1st Km we had navigated a stiff incline. The course was two loops of different areas of the grounds of a stately home. Entry numbers ( max 400 ) was enough & not to many to make areas tight. Marshals were placed in many areas & were vocal / supportive. There were two water stations, plastic cups were used.

The finish area was awesome on raised lawn in front of the house, tonnes of support. 

Your reward was a medal & drawstring bag, there was also homemade flapjack & fruit available.

I found Trail running tough, but this was a great event & I’ll be back

Posted on 16.06.18

Well worth entering

Asda Foundation Hull Half Marathon

I think the Run for All series are pretty well known throughout the running community & are aimed at new runners, charity runners as much as regular race attendees, from that point the entry & organisation is slick & easy.

i have run Hull 10k several times & enjoyed it, but would say that parts of the course aren’t wide enough, the shame of this is they’re on the waterfront & it’s a must to run this area.

This year was the first Half Marathon & in my experience the numbers where right for running these tight sections. The first 5 miles were the same as the 10k, then you ventured out the city & made your way to the university were you looped round & made your way back into the city & joined 10k runners for the last mile.

The course was flat & many pbs obtained. Support was sporadic, but great.

you can’t knock the goody bag, t shirt, medal & engraving service at the end.

Most importantly this created a fabulous feel good factor around the city

Posted on 11.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


First running venture into Europe

20km de Bruxelles Door Brussel

This was my first venture to race abroad, it was made so much easier by staying with friends a few miles south of Brussels. It was also my first time taking part in such a big field ( max 40,000 ).

Getting to the start was easy, drove to city outskirts, parked easy & then took metro.

The assembly area was a park with penned areas for sections of runners, this worked smoothly.

The race took you through various areas of the city & incorporated a couple of parks. Support was good throughout. The temperature was probably the highest I’d ran in, thankfully there was plenty of well stocked bottled water stations.

The course felt hillier then expected & in Europe runners tend to barge through instead of waiting for a gap.

My only negative would be the finish, it became far to congested, I would suggest this needs addressing. At the finish you got water, a medal, banana & a small towel.

i was hoping to buy an official t shirt, but didn’t see them for sale.

For €25 great value, I will be back

Posted on 28.05.18

Completed in 2018


My first Race Review

Pittaway Beverley 10K

Having never wrote a review before, I’m wondering what people want to hear.

I’m also wary of being biased as this is my favourite race & Beverley is the place I grew up.

I have been running as a means to loose & maintain weight & ambitions are personal, i’d not describe myself as a strict trainer, I just put on my shoes & run.

I would describe registration day for this race almost as important as race day, entries are sold out within 5 - 6 hours of opening, this is usually 2 months prior to the race. The shame is that especially this year the number of people who try offload their number is quite high & finishers fall well short of max numbers. This years race was open to 1700.

The race starts next to Beverley Minster, a huge & dramatic looking church on the south of Beverley. Streets are lined as you run into Wednesday market & on to Lairgate, this takes you through the North Bar where a right turn leads you through the Westwood, although the support is less, the scenery is awesome. At around 1 1/2 miles you hit the major hill of this course, over the next 1 1/2 miles the raise is approx 150 feet & your in the countryside. There are two water stations, water is handed out in paper cups. After spending 4 miles in the countryside at mile 5 the descent back into the town begins to help you gather pace, with this the support increases & when you turn into Saturday Market & on the Main Street the support is awesome, packed on both sides. Finishing back in Wednesday market you collect medal, water & fruit, I’d say this area becomes quite packed with runners meeting up & exchanging story’s. A 5 - 10 minute walk takes you to the leasure centre we’re you collect a t shirt.

This race is a must in my calendar, I’ve ran the last 5.I think it’s a good test with the incline out of the town & the speedy finish.

My next race is my first ever in Europe 20km de Brussels 

Posted on 13.05.18