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Base2Race Harbourman Triathlon
Ironman 70.3 Gdynia

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Completed as a first timer in 2018


Super little race

Arrive early enough and plenty of nearby parking to be had. 

Well laid out transition with numbered slots. Bit of a trek to the swim start though so flip flops maybe advisable though surface is fine. Some actually brought their trainers to speed up the run back to T1

Posted on 06.08.18

Completed in 2018


Little known gem

If you want the short and sweet version, do it, this race and city are absolutely superb in every way.

Entry fee: very reasonable as oddly doesn’t have the usual 10% active booking fee thing most Ironman races have. 

Travel: A breeze, fly to Gdansk and Gydnia is a short 20/25 min taxi ride. (I booked a transfer in advance as part of my rental). 

City: Lots of restaurant options and even more ice cream shops . Everything close by the race venue and really well priced.

Race admin: Usual Ironman slickness, transition about a 5 min walk to the beach area for Race start  

Swim: Beach start in rolling fashion, water perfectly warm and course easily navigated. 

Bike: A beauty of a course, no significant climbs or overly technical sections bar a bit of city street navigation on the way back to the finish but all perfectly marshallled. Aid stations were perfectly manned with volunteers that seemed to know what they were doing. Good support in sections too. 

Run: Fairly flat with one longish slight uphill gradient, short section of well laid cobbles near the start/finish which seemed to sap the energy a bit. Aid stations and support superb again, live bands dotted around the course!! Finish shoot amazing!

Posted on 06.08.18