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Completed in 2018


Great evening run

Durham City 10K & 5K

I did this race last year and enjoyed it, but many people felt it needed tweaking slightly. 

The organisers seemed to listen and made some changes for this year’s event.

The start line/areas for the 5k and 10k were separate this year so more organised and not as crowded. 

Both routes had changed slightly. I did the 10k last year and this year. The changes made the route much better. The roads and pathways were wider and easier to navigate. But the courses were still challenging and hilly, this isn’t a PB course.

The support from the marshals and crowds as excellent.

The event village is at the Market Place and has a great atmosphere. The usual stalls and food/drink available.

A medal, tshirt and goodie bag await you at the finish. Your finish time is available via text soon after the finish. Free photos from around the course are online a couple of days after the event.

Free Park & Ride is available. I parked in the closest city centre car park, Prince Bishops and it was easy and cheap.

A much improved route and experience this year has made this race a must do event in the northeast. Highly recommend and I’ll be back again.

Posted on 22.07.18

Completed in 2018


Iconic local race.

Popular local race in Newcastle. Entries sell out very quick, within hours, need to be in the online queue early. 

Always run on the 9th June normally on the evening. This year it was at 3pm due to other events in the city.

Start is in the centre of Newcastle and finish is 5.7 miles away in Blaydon. 

If you want to park at the finish, there are buses (£1.30) to get you back to the start. After the run there are buses to get you back into Newcastle also.

City centre parking is more difficult. We got into Newcastle on the metro and there is a station near the start area. 

There is a bag drop facility. Put your bag on a bus near the start and pick it up at the finish in the field after the run.

At the start, it is sectioned off into the numbers on your bib but these are given in alphabetical order so As at the front and Zs at the back. Different abilities mixed up and so a lot of overtaking when the race started. Not sure why a race organised by runners  has a start set up like this. Very odd! I’ll know for next time to move nearer the front. The race is chip timed so doesn’t really matter where you start. 

The start line was not marked so starting your own timer and knowing where it all started was very hard. 

The course is flat and fast. 1st mile or so is through the city streets before heading out of the city on a dual carriageway. This is where you run pretty much straight for about 3 miles.

Very small water only station at mile 4.

Finish was on a playing field, at least there was a marked finish line! Loads of room on the field to meet up with fellow runners. Baggage was also here but was not marshalled so don’t leave valuables in your bags.

No medal, but goodie bag with bottle of ale, crisps, sandwich, programme and certificate.

Local support was good but mainly around the start and finish areas.

First aid cover was excellent, it was very warm this year and we did see a couple of runners collapse but they were treated quickly. 

Buses to get back to the start area were not too far away. There was a long wait this year but there was road problems causing this.

Race results quickly online and texted to you straight after the finish.

An iconic local race which I was glad to have done. Although I did have a few minor issues with it, I would do the race again.


Posted on 11.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


RnR Liverpool Half Marathon

Rock n Roll Liverpool

Heard how good this race weekend was and it didn’t disappoint.

My 1st time at Liverpool and I loved it. I did the half marathon distance.

Picked my race number up at the Expo after doing the 5k race on the Saturday. Wasn’t going to pay £3.99 for every number ( 3 in total for the weekend with me and the wife ) when we could just pick them up.

On race day it was busy and I was worried about how it would affect the start of the race. I was in pen 6 and found it easily close to the Expo. The race started in waves and it wasn’t too long before I crossed the line to start. Straight into a good pace as runners were spaced out around me and running  at a similar pace.

The race takes in the docks and then into the city streets and pass the Cavern Club. Back down to the docks before heading up to China Town. Yes, up and down. The first few miles do have some elevation but not too bad.

The next few miles are through leafy residential streets and parkland. Before heading back towards the docks. The last few miles are along the banks of the Mersey. The finish is next to the Expo.

The support along the route is excellent. Bands and DJs are playing along the route to add to the atmosphere. Plenty of  encouraging marshals and visible first aid cover. The feeding stations were regular, some were just water, some water and energy drinks and occasionally some had gels.

After the finish, you collected a great medal and you funnelled pass water, juice drinks, crisps, sweets and fruit. It was like doing a weekly shop, but was needed after this year’s warm race.

After meeting my wife, I watched fellow club runners and friends finishing. This was made easier with use of the Tracking App.

The finisher’s village with the music stage was very busy with everyone relaxing after the run.

At the village you could pick up your extra medal, look at the website for them. It was a bit of organised chaos getting these, but for a bling magpie it was worth it. On your race number was a token for a free beer at the village which was another good freebie.

We did the 1 mile race after the half marathon which was good fun and meant extra bling. 

I loved this running weekend and will definitely do it again. 


Posted on 01.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


RnR Liverpool 5k

Rock n Roll Liverpool 5K

Great fun way to start the RnR weekend.

We tried to get to the Expo on the Friday to pick up all of our race numbers but train problems meant we had to get them on the Saturday.

We arrived at the Expo in plenty of time to pick up our 5k race numbers as we expected queues due to many people being delayed by rail and road problems on the Friday night.

Number collection was in the same room as the Expo which was obviously deliberate by the organisers but it was too cramped and hard to see which line you were in. The room next door for the bag drop would have been more suitable as it was empty apart from a few tables for the bag drop.

Apart from trawling through loads of emails on my phone to find the 5k barcodes to show, getting the numbers wasn’t too bad.

Me and the wife lined up in our allotted pen in plenty of time. The start is right next to the Expo.

Not long to wait at the start with the race going off in waves. The staggered start was good as it meant a smoother and more comfortable start to the race.

People lined most of the flat, well marked route. The marshals were encouraging and the route weaved its way around the docks and city streets. A few bands were on hand to provide music on route.

The finish is inside the Expo building, which makes a sprint finish impossible. Remember to take your sunglasses off when you enter the building, I didn’t and couldn’t see a thing!

I wouldn’t say it’s not a PB route as my wife got one but if you are going to do the half or full marathon the next day you will not be looking for a PB anyway really.

RnR Liverpool is all about the bling and the 5k medal didn’t disappoint. 

Loads of water, crisps and fruit at the end, so much better than a bag full of leaflets.

After the feed stations, you make your way round to the Expo. We decided to get our numbers for Sunday’s races straight away as the queues were short. Picked up my half marathon and both our 1 mile numbers at the same time.

We had a wander round the Expo to see what was there but decided to pop back later in the day to have a good look.

Strangely you can pick up your half/full race finishers t-shirt before doing the race at the Expo. I did as again the queues were short, I thought the queues might be longer on race day. 

The 5k is a great start to the running weekend and (apart from the 1 mile) is the only short distance to do at the weekend. My wife would’ve loved to do a 10k distance, maybe something the organisers could look at for the future.


Posted on 01.06.18

2nd time I’ve done it, still a great event.

Siglion Sunderland City Half Marathon & 10K

Really enjoyed the Sunderland 10k last year and decided to do it again in 2018.

Was going to up to the half marathon distance this year but my wife wanted to do the 10k also and it was only her 3rd 10k race so ran with her.

Easy online registration. Bib through the post and the usual pre race emails.

Well organised event village with a few food/drink stalls, charity tents and info stall etc. 

Not many course have so much variation. City centre, bridge crossing, riverside, marina, beach front and park. Course was well marshalled, decent water stations, easy to follow route with good local support along most of it. A few minor tweaks to the route from last year. Think there was a few more tweaks to the half marathon course this year due to building work and route improvement. 

Results and free photos online the next day. Text result on the day.

Good t-shirt, medal and goodie bag afterward.

All round a well organised event which I would recommend and will do again.


Posted on 15.05.18

Completed in 2018


Great local 10k along the river

Tees Barrage 10k

A local 10k race run along the banks of the River Tees.

Easy online registration but it does sell out quick. Only £12/£14.

On race day, pick up barcode (no bib number) near start with your goodie bag. Bit odd picking up goodie bag before the race and made it awkward for most people who had to walk back to car to drop it off. Choccy bar, crisps and More Miles socks in the bag. There was lots of free parking near the start/finish area though.

2 minute walk to start area. Many local running groups in attendance.

Route is along the River Tees, cross over via a ramped bridge and back up the other side of the river. Water station with large bottled water only at halfway. Run continues along the river and crosses it again via another ramped bridge. Finish is very near the start area. The route is all on tarmac paths.

Good local support along the route at various points. Marshals were superb and most were runners from local running clubs.

Finish is like parkrun, get a finish place barcode and then get it scanned along with the barcode you picked up at registration earlier. Water available at the finish.

Free photos by a local photographer. Results were published quickly later in the day on the website.

Posted on 08.05.18

Completed in 2018


3rd time!

Stockton Duathlon

Done Stockton Duathlon the last 3 years now. Still well organised, marshalled and supported.

Past 2 years I’ve done the middle distance, the Sprint but decided to do the Super Sprint / Novice race this year as I’ve not done much on the bike in the past year. 

Really enjoyed the Duathlon again and would definitely recommend it. 

Medal was a bit cheap looking this year but the goodie bag was still good. A gym bag with More Miles socks and a small massage ball.

Posted on 24.04.18

Completed in 2018


Flat and fast unique location, ideal for a new PB

Dishforth Dash 10K

2018 was the inaugural run of the Dishforth Dash 10k. Set at the recently decommissioned MOD airfield near Ripon in support of the Army Benevolent Fund.  

Officially measured with chip timing, a 2 lap route, 1st lap round the perimeter of the airfield and the 2nd lap incorporates the main runway. Flat and all tarmac.

I entered on the day as I hadn’t planned to run the race as I had entered other runs around the date which were cancelled due to the weather.

Entry was only £14 on the day, £12 online.

There was junior races also, 1km for under 6s and 2km for 7-15. Again entry before or on the day. Juniors received a medal, certificate and goodies.

The location next to the motorway so easy to get to. Entry into the site was another matter. The satnav postcode given sent you to the main entrance on the other side of the airfield. Directions from a friendly army guard sent me back on my way. Organisers said roadside signs would guide you to the race entrance, but these were A4 size signs in the grass, very hard to see. The entrance was a unmarked gravel track, an old emergency entrance, on the side of a busy road, not the best.

A drive round the airfield to the car park following the tiny signs again. 

The car park was right next to the registration area and start line.

On the day registration was easy, just a quick form to fill in. Bib number and chip tag to attach to your shoe given.

Junior races before the 10k race were good to watch as you could see the whole course from the start area. 

Nothing else to do or see at the start area, just food and drink stalls and a ABF charity stall.

10k start line was split into expected finish time zones which helped for a smooth start to the race.

A flat tarmac route with km markers and a few marshals. 

Now I have to say it, it was a boring route. This is due to its nature and location. Yes it’s set on an airfield which is pretty cool but there is nothing to look at or focus on. The only spectators were a few friends and family at the start area.

After the 1st lap you’re back at the start area, a basic water station here. Back out on the same route but after about another 1.5k the route changes to run down the main runway.

At the finish you’re greeted by some army lads volunteering to take your chip tag and give you a medal and goodie bag. I wasn’t expecting anything after the race so this was a nice surprise for a bling magpie like myself. 

I was just happy with my new 10k PB, this course is a great opportunity to get one, if you can stay focused.

Water was again available and it was good to see medical assistance was available if needed. 

Gun and chip times were available online a few hours after the race and some free pictures were also available on the run’s Facebook page in the following days.

So overall, it was a good race. Yes it needs a few tweaks but if you are wanting an opportunity of a new PB at a unique location in support of a great charity for a cheap fee, give it a go.

Posted on 31.03.18

Loved this run through the muddy dark woods.

Chester le Street, Lambton Castle Head torch race

Easy online registration, plus simple on the day bib number and timing chip pick up.

Plenty of pre event emails with lots of information. Remember to print off a waiver form.

Free parking near the start/finish.

Registration, toilets, tea/coffee stall and t-shirt stand at the start.

No headtorch sales on the day, so bring your own.

Course was really good. Bit mad at the start though due to going straight into mud and big puddles. Runners tried to go round it, just run through it! You are going to get wet and muddy anyway.

Most of the time you are running through woodland on tracks, soft grass or mud/puddles. 

Remember that headtorch though it's dark!

The race is chip timed and the results were published the next day.

Pictures were taken just after the start and at the finish. These were also published the next day and free!

No medal, t-shirt or memorabilia (apart from smiles and muddy boots) at the finish but this is to keep the entry price low, only £13.

Loved this run, challenging but fun. Smiled most of the way round. Would recommend and definately do it again.


Posted on 11.02.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Lived up to it's name and the recommendations

Muddy Boots 10k

Heard good things about this race and had to give it a go.

Online registration was easy and the on the day registration to get your bib number and timing chip was also straight forward.

Race is organised and starts at a junior school with some of the funds going towards the school's fundraising. 

Well organised race with great marshals and although the local support was small, they were very enthusiastic.

There was a well supported 2k kids race before the 10k race. 

10k race started on the school fields before heading out to the footpath/road. The road is open to traffic but with a field of 500ish which had already beeen spread out and it being on a sunday, the road was quiet and most people could get on the footpath anyway.

After the road section it was off road and into the mud. A coupe of kms in slippery mud across the countryside was tough but fun.

Down farmer's tracks, down a few short sections of quiet country roads and across farmer's fields before returning to the school fields via the footpath again.

No medal this year, told in previous years there was one. But water, protein shake, banana, tea bags and a race branded snood at the end.

Race and chip times published a few hours after the finish. Professional photos to buy soon after the run also.

Tea, bacon butties and a large selection of homemade cakes on sale in the school hall before, during and after the run.

A great local race which sells out each year. Will do again and recommend highly.

Posted on 04.02.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Tough but fun

Temple Newsam Ten

I heard great things about this race from friends and decided to enter this year. 

It was well organised, from online registration through to on the day number pick up and bag drop, to course safety and marshals.

A tough course on grass, gravel tracks, mud and through woodland, up hills and round lakes. 

The marshals were excellent, encouraging and supportive, so many of them all over the course also.

Great goodie bag and big medal at the end.

A top event organised and run by fellow runners, how a running event should be!

Posted on 14.01.18

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great local race with superb scenery.

Jolly Holly Jog

Heard great things about this race and had to give it a go.

Online registration was dead easy. The usual emails to confirm and inform about the run.

Picked your number and timing chip up at the rugby club near the town centre. Parking looked busy on the roadsides, but town centre parking was available a few minutes away.(we parked at my mum and dad's house away from it and got dropped off there). Toilets at registration were very busy!!

After picking up number you walk to the start line just is about 5/10 mins walk away. It was signposted but was follow the leader with everyone heading that way. 

Basic start/finish area. Start line, small unmanned baggage tent, some portaloos and bottled water available after the run.

The route was very scenic, going through 2 deer parks, farm fields, woodland and country lanes. It was a trail run so expect mud, lots of it!!! Trail shoes essential.

Marshalls were excellent and very supportive. Not much local suppport due to the size and nature of the run but locals atstart/finish and a few public points on the route.

Presentations and mementos were back at the rugby club. Only a tech tee as a memento of the day but it was good quality. Food and drink available to buy in the club.

Overall a great local run. Well organised and marshalled. Superb scenery on a challenging but fun course. 

Definately doing this run again!


Posted on 31.12.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great fun on a tough but scenic route

Hardmoors 26.2 Roseberry Topping Trail Marathon

Probably the toughest race I've done but the most fun.

Registration was easy but you need to be quick, it's sells out. 

It's very well organised, from emails, to briefing, to route marking and volunteers.

I did the half marathon which was actually 15 miles. There is also a full marathon (30 miles) and a 10k (7 miles) option.

Very friendly welcome and fun briefing. 

The volunteer marshalls did a great job on a cold day.

The food checkpoints were well stocked - cola, water, nuts, jelly babies and jaffa cakes.

A well marked route with some encouraging sign boards. 

The support from marshalls and fellow runners was great and everyone helped each other out on the icy course.

A quality medal and tee at the end.

Welcoming food and drink at the end supplied by the Sea Cadet with funds going towards their work.

All in a great popular event, a must for any runner wanting a great challenge.

Posted on 10.12.17

Completed in 2017


Great cause, fun event but not great course

The MoRun Newcastle

Online registration was easy. We got discount as 5 of us did it as a team.

Plenty of online info and emails before event.

Picking up number on the day was simple and quick. Small queues for the loos (bonus!) No trade stalls but not needed really.

This year there was a junior 1.5k run, the Mini MoRun. Plenty of kids around having fun. Kids race finished before the 5k and 10k runs so it was safe for them.

We dressed up and got a MoRunning Legends medal before we even started the race.

After a warm up the 5k started and soon after the 10k started on time.

The Exhibition Park is very open and windy. The paths are mainly tarmac or hard gravel so easy to run on. 

The route was changed slightly from last year due to another big event on in the park. It made the route a bit strange and boring. Yes the 10k was 2 laps but in parts you ran up a path and halfway did a U turn and returned back down the path. This was due to traffic driving through the park for the other event carpark. At one point a couple of cars were on the run route inbetween runners, a bit dangerous I thought!

The marshalls had a hard job as the run route crossed the access road a couple of times and they had to stop traffic as the runners passed. But they encouraged the runners all the way round and did a great job.

There was only one water stop on route just after 5k on the 10k route.

At the end there was the great quality unique curved medal, water and sweets. 

As it was cold and there was nothing else to do after the run, most people went home straight after.

This year you have to pay for official photos, Im sure the last few years they were free. But the official pics people are donating money to the charity so not too bad.

Overall a good event for a great cause. Had fun with running mates. Only criticism was the strange route of the course but it was a last minute change by the organisers due to the other event, which was out of their hands. Seeing a couple of cars on the run route was bad to see but hopefully it was a one off. I'm sure these problems will be sorted for next time.

Posted on 06.11.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great Family Fun

Inflatable 5k Ripon

A 5k run with 10 big inflatable obstacles. 

Signed up online with my wife and 7 year old son. Easy registration and plenty of communications from the organisers in the run up to the day. Numbers & wristbands through the post so just had to turn up for your wave and you were away.

Told before hand that the onsite parking was £3 a car, but personally still think it's just a money making opportunity for the organisers.

The event is in my old childhood town so brought back great memories.

The event is at the racecourse so lots of greenery, lake views and fresh air. 

We got there 30 minutes before our wave. Trip to the loo, a chat with friends and then the warm up before heading to the start.

The wave was set off in smaller waves at the start which made easier and safer at the first obstacle.

Well marked flat route all on grass, luckily not muddy.

The obstacles were big but great fun. All marshalled and safe. My son managed all the obstacles with the odd hand up.

The refreshment stop at halfway was well stocked ith water, energy drinks and energy bars from the sponsor. The women volunteering the stand were funny and very chatty. 

The llast obstacle yo had a choiice of a big slide or a leap of faith. This was the only time we had to wait for to do an obstacle but only if you did the leap of faith. This was due to people being a bit scared to jump but only had to wait and give encouragement for a minute or so.

Given a decent medal and bottle of water at the end. Only little complaint I had of the day was the lack of different sizes in the t-shirts. Although we rarely wear them but some people especially kids do. Only medium or large to choice from for everyone, no small sizes for kids. I know we were the last wave but the medals or t-shirts were just a general one and weren't personallised to the location of the event. So how they could run out of sizes when they would just pack up after and go to the next location surprises me. We were told we could order a smaller size for my son at the info tent and get it posted out. We booked onto the event months in advance and the person on the stand said they had a lot of people sign up on the day and they think thats how they ran out of sizes.

There were photos to buy after but we couldn't be bother to wait and have a look, plus my mum had come to watch us and took pics. Nothing else to do after the event and only one seller stand and a few food outlets.

Overall a great event to do with family and friends. Lots of laughs and memories. Reasonally priced with disccounts on early and late waves plus the option to upgrade to 10k 2 laps.

Posted on 15.10.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Fast and flat half mara

Signed up to this run very early on and so got a super early bird reduced price, about £9 off. 

Online regisration was easy and the organisers sent plenty of race information in the lead up to race day.

Free event parking in Redcar was well sign posted and only about 10 minutes from the start line. I arrived an hour before the start and found a space very easy.

The event village is small but has the usual things. Food stalls, stage, kids games, regiistration, a few shop stalls etc.

There is races for all abilities including, 2k, 5k, wheelchair and the half marathon. I did the half marathon.

The half marathon is a road race. The course is flat and fast but is an out and back route along two roads.

It's a bit strange when you return to cross the start/finish line at the half way point. Due to the nature of the course, local support is mainly concentrated to the start/finish area, through the main road in Redcar and at the turn near the leisure centre. But the support was exceellent. The marshalls were also great and gave plenty of support. 

There was plenty of regular water stations on the route. One personal point though, why do they give out large bottle of water when most runners have a small sip and throw the rest.

Good goodie bag including a t-shirt, performance socks, chocy bar, sweets and a decent medal.

All in a decent well organised event, reasonably priced with a great family atmosphere.

If you are wanting to do your 1st half marathon it is a good course for that but I would run with someone as the course is not the most inspiring. A good course for a PB as well.

Posted on 02.10.17

Completed in 2017


Great Day, great run, great support!

Great North Run

Last time I did the GNR was 13 years ago. Would it have changed much?, I wasn't sure.

Arrived early to the start area to soak up the atmosphere and meet friends. Found my zone easy enough and worked my way to the front of it fairly quickly and easy. Yes it took about 20 minutes to get to the startine from the middle of the waiting zones but it was fine, built the excitement more if anything and its well organised.

Luckily saw the red arrows just after the 1st mile and after plenty of oggy oggy oggys through the underpasses, I made my way onto the Tyne Bridge.

The streets were lined with people all the way from newcastle to the finishline and their support was amazing.

Yes it's not the most scenic route apart from the bridge and views of the coast nearer the finish but the people, bands, fundraising buses and other runners give you plenty to take your mind of the miles.

Some say it's a flat route but it's not, it's indulating but mainly seems to be inclines for some reason.

All though it's very crowded on the roads and many people complain about this. I found it not bad and with thinking about overtaking a bit, I felt I wasn't zigzaging very often. One thing I found was the people who got in the way the most were whose wearing earphones listening to music and not hearing you coming pass them. Can't understand this as you miss the great atmosphere, shouts and encourgement from the roadside supporters.

The finish area is well marshalled and organised. Ushered through to get your medal, and then a goody bag. Free bananas are on offer and there is a vast village of charity tents, food and drink outets and meeting areas. The whole area is buzzing with excitement.

A great race and would recommend it to anyone. Just take it as it is, a very popular busy run, not ideal for a PB but the atmosphere and support is amazing. Soak it in and enjoy. I loved it and hope to do it again sooner than 13 years this time!




Posted on 11.09.17

Completed in 2017


Flat and Fast course

Signed up for this year's run straight after last year's run.

Another great event again this year.

Well organised, well supported by the local publc, water stations on route.

New course PB for me this year, so many people got PBs, its one of them course.

With booking early the price was good although its reasonable at top price anyway. Decent medal and tee at the finish.


Posted on 03.09.17

Completed in 2017


A great challenge in a lovely city

Durham City 10K & 5K

Online registration was straight forward and I received regular emails and updates. Bib number came through the post which saved on the day registering.

Although a Park and Ride system was in operation, we parked in the Prince Bishop's carpark which was easy to find and cheap. We did arrive early as it closes due to road closures. Exiting was closed until after the 10k race but we found when we had finished and made our way back it was around that time anyway, and exiting was easy and quick.

Due to the layout of the city centre, the entertainment village, start gathering and startline were in different locations.

The village was small but a good meeting point. Free massages were available which I took advantage of as my calved were tight before the run.

The start gathering point was at the finish due to it having a large open space there but still this wasn't enough space. You were to stand in areas as per your predicted finish time but it was unclear where to stand as the area was too busy. The queues for the loos seemed to merge into the crowds waiting for the race at one point. As the start time got nearer the area just filled and the seperated timed areas just merged. After alot of standing around we were slowly walked down towards the start line. Again we had to stop and stand around for a bit. With the run starting in narrow streets and different running abilities merged at the start, we were fearful that the start would be congested and slow but when we got to the start line the runners were fairly spread out and it was eassy to get going straight away. We were pleasantly surprised, maybe the waiting around helped to easy the starting process?

Off we went around the streets of Durham, up and down the hills, yes it's a very undulating course! The views were varied from tree lined roads to residental streets, to runs along the riverside with views of the catherdal to running thrrough the city centre cobbled streets. A great route with superb views, you didn't get bored.

Marshalls and feed station crews were brilliant and supportive. As the run was in the city centre on a weekday evening the support from locals all around the route was excellent.

The 5k and 10k runners all set off at the same time and shared the same first 4ks. As the course splt for 5kers to finish and the 10kers to continue, it was well signed and marshalled. The second lap for the 10k was slightly different which I found good. The finish was at the Catherdal with great support up the finishing hill and around the finish area. Why have a finish line on a bend I find very strange but that's just me. 

A quality medal and tee pus a well stocked goodie bag wass ready at the end . A text message service for your finish time was available and pinged up my time seconds after finishing.

Free photos from the event were available a few days after.

A great course in a lovely venue, all in a superb event in it's 2nd year. A few more changes would help but I'd definately do the run again.

Posted on 23.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great local family runs

Got told about this run alot by my running pals and decided to give it a go for the 1st time.

Firstly if you are a Boro fan than it is a must for you as it is set around the football ground. 

Signing up online was easy and number was delivered in the post.

Arrived before the roads were closed and parked right next to the startline.

Many local running groups have large groups of runners attending this run but the entry is very mixed from paralympic runners to c25k runners.

As there is a 5k run and a 2k fun run after, there is alot of local support from families. 

Many local landmarks can be seen on the route and both runs end inside the Middlesbrough Football Stadium.

After the 5k, the 2k starts about 30 minutes later and you can run both. 

Same medal and t-shirt for both races though.

A great event for any local or visitor.

Posted on 06.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Brutal but beautiful

Chase The Train

If you're wanting a unique race set in beautiful countryside, with great support and atmosphere than this is the race for you.

A trail run set in the hilly yorkshire area around Grosmont, although the setting is beautiful, it is very hilly.

As the steam train passes the start line, the runners set off on the 8.4 mile trail run from Grosmont to Goathland and back. 1 hour 20 mins to beat the train!

With the blistering sun and heat, the course was made even harder but the support along the route from family, public and marshalls was superb. 

The water stations along the route were very welcoming and with visible medical cover on show, although very rural, the well sign posted and marshalled course felt very safe.

The support and atmosphere from supporters, marshallls and fellow runners was excellent throughout.

A quality unique medal, water, beer and chocolate at the finish rounded off a great run on a brutal course in blistering heat. Although I didn't beat the train back, I still finished with a smile on my face and some great memories, which is what it's all about.

The hardest run I've done, but one of my favourite and most memorable.

Posted on 18.06.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great family fun!

North East Autism Society – Sunderland Scramble

Son had been wanting to do an obstacle course after seeing me doing them. So when I saw this event I thought it would be ideal for him.

5k course over paths and grass with 11 kid friendly obstacles along the way. My 7 year old managed all the obstacles and ran most of the way.

It was great fun and more special that I could do the course with him.

Well organised by a local charity and supported by the local army cadets as marshals.

Safe but fun, smiles all round.

Located in a lovely park with ample free car parking.

Posted on 21.05.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great 10k Race

Siglion Sunderland City Half Marathon & 10K

I loved doing the 10k route and will be back next year. There is also a popular half mmarathon course.

Online registration was straight forward, regular emails and bib number through the post.

Compact event village with all the usual types of stalls.

A well signed and marshalled course, in city centre streets over bridges, along the riverside, round the marina, along the coast and through a park. What more do you want!

Most people say it's a flat course but to be honest its not, a couple of hills and being by the coast, a bit of a breeze. Still a good chance of a PB, which I got.

Many people on the route, nearly most of the way round so encouragement is always there.

Quick results service by text, minutes after finishing. Free event photos, a quality medal and tee plus a decent goodie bag.

I was lucky to get a pic with Paula Radcliffe who was also running on the day.

Posted on 09.05.17

Completed in 2017


Great closed road city centre duathlon

Stockton Duathlon

A flat and fast run and bike course, ideal for PBs.

I did the Sprint Duathlon, 5k run, 20k bike and 2.5k run.

Well organised and marshalled. 

Run course is down to the Tees Barrage on one side of the river and back up the otherside. Flat paths with a couple of bridges thrown in for fun. 

The bike route is a multi-lap techanical course on closed roads, great fun and challenging.

The 2nd run route is similiar to the first, riverside run with a few bridges.

Decent medal and goodie bag, plus results print out available straight away.


Posted on 29.04.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Fast 10k course along the river

Easy online registration.

Course is mainly flat up and down the river with one large bridge to cross, twice if doing the 10k.

I've run around the area a lot and it was a shame it was a 5k route and 2 laps for the 10k option. Loads of paths along the river which could have been used to make a 1 lap 10k route. I know the 1 lap option was used to make it easier for the organisers which is understandable. 

Still a lovely course and I know a lot of people got PBs, myself included on the day.

A medal and water at the finish, which was fair for the entry price and it was a charity run.

I'd do the run again.

Posted on 13.03.17

Completed as a first timer in 2016


A compact town centre duathlon

Stockton Duathlon

My 1st duathlon.

I was lucky and was able to bike to the start as it was only 15 minutes away.

Online entry was easy.

Set up and layout of the start and transition was very good and well signed.

The run course was down by the riverside and well signed.

The bike route was compact round the town centre streets and the riverside. A multi-lap course with some tight turns.

The last run route was again down by the river.

The main local suppport is centred round the start/finish area, not much out on the routes.

A small event village, with food/drink stalls and a few trade stalls.

I was slightly ill on the day and may be shouldn't have done the event but still enjoyed it.

Posted on 20.02.17

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Fast and Flat 10k

Tees pride 10k

My 1st 10k and loved it.

Online entry was straight forward. Although the run is set in basically in the town centre, I found the start easy to get to dispite road closures, and parked on the roadside only a few minutes walk away. 

The run route was flat and fast, all on closed roads. I was surprised how many local people were on the route, basciallly someone on the roadside all the way round. Water stations were on route and at the end.

The start/finish area, had a selection of food/drink outlets, charity tents, music and a few entertainment things for young ones. 

A good quality race t-shirt ( If a bit bright!) and a medal were waiting at the finish.

For my 1st 10k run, I loved it and have already signed up for the next year's.

Posted on 20.02.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Smiled all the way round!

Night Run Series - Gibside

This was my 1st night race and I absolutely loved it.

I've visited and walked around Gibside before but never run there, so when I heard about a Night Run there, I thought it was a great opportunity.

Online entry was dead simple and I received the normal confirmation emails and reminders before the day.

Gibside is well signposted as it's a Natonal Trust property so getting there is no problem, but you will have to drive unless local.

I had about a 50 minutes drive to the event so set off early but on a saturday evening there was little traffic. So luckily got to registration early and it was quiet. It did get busy as the time got closer to the start time though. Simple registration and I was handed my race number and pins.

Good facilities at the property - toilets, cafe (served sandwiches etc. tea/coffee/wine/beer), seating, outside log fires, pizza and burger making (you could put orders for pizza in so it was ready to pick up when you finished the run!)

There was 2 race distances on the evening a 2k and a 6k. Setting off at different times. Many kids and some adults did the 2k so there was very much a family feel around the place.

The safety briefing was short and sweet. Torch on and follow the person in front, basically.

As it was a night run, the only lighting on the course was from your's and everyone's head torches, which made the run really fun for me.

The marshals on the course were very friendly and encouraging.

The course is very hilly! One long climb near the start and then a steep short climb near the end. But because you went up there were some steep and long downhill sections. The paths are all firm gravel paths. Most of the course is in the woods and undulating. A good challenge.

At the finish, there was a goody bag with a medal, leaflets and a bag of haribo. I grabbed myself a pint of lager and watched everyone else finish. Everyone seemed to also enjoy it as runners were finishing with smiles on their faces and taking selfies with friends. I know I ran all the way round with a smile on my face, loved it.

I did a good time for myself as I wasn't sure how I would get on with my 1st night run. An email and text were sent a day or so after the run to confirm my finish time from the organisers.

A great event, friendly and fun. Well organised and with good facilities.

I will definitely return to do this event.


Posted on 07.02.17

Completed in 2016


Great fun!

The MoRun Newcastle

I did the 5k in 2015 so decided to do the 10k in 2016. Online registration is dead easy and only takes a few minutes. Although the location is basically in the middle of Newcastle it's fairly easy to get to. The event village is very basic, and it's a good job there is an onsite cafe. Regisration is simple and the run briefing is precise and fun. Now the route is not the most scenic to say the least but the atmosphere and encouragement from marshalls, spectators, and other Morunners makes the run! It is a flat fast route for PBs though. The results this year were published straight away online and text message. The finishers bling is great quality, chunky and unique! I even got a special Legends Medal for my Stormtrooper costume, Double Bling! Fancy dress costumes are optional but many people/groups make a great effort with them. So for a great run, for either quick club runners or someone dressed as a dinosaur and all for a great cause (Movember) give it a go!


Posted on 06.11.16

Completed in 2016


Love this triathlon

I competed at the Brownlee Tri back in 2013 & 2014 and marshalled in 2015. In 2016 I returned to competing and loved the day. 

The organisation was superb again. A warm friendly welcome at registration, well organised transition area and an excellent pre swim briefing.

The lake is shallow, murky and a bit cold but I don't like swimming anyway so easy to complain. Many safety boats and canoes on hand in the water and the in/out pontoons were great.

The bike route is challenging with hills and sharp bends, but very scenic and enjoyable. It is well marshalled with visable medical care in attendance, just in case.

The off-road/trail run route is again very scenic but this is yorkshire! Last time I did the run route it was very challenging but they changed the route in 2015 and I have to say it is a great improvement. 

The finishline is special as you run back into the entertainment village past spectators and, family and friends. The P.A. Announcer, for me was brilliant, as I crossed the line he basically ran off my life biography!

Although the entry price is reasonably high you can see where the money goes, to create an excellent quaity event.

This year my wife and son came with me. My 6 year old son did the Kids Duathlon, which was also well organised with friendly enthusiastic staff. Plus it's free!

I got to met the Brownlee brothers after my race and again meeting them was very inspirational and they are very humble lads.

Overall a great family day out with a well organised triathlon with fantastic marshals. Highly recommened for both first timers and experienced triathletes.

Posted on 26.09.16

Completed as a first timer in 2013


My 1st triathlon, the 1st Brownlee Tri

After the 2012 olympics the Brownlee brothers became great inspiration for me. I wanted to get fit and try a different sport. The 1st Brownlee Tri was set at Fountains Abbey a place I worked and got married at, so very special. The set up was very professional and easy to understand for a novice. A scenic course, great Marshalls and well organised. A special day with many fond memories.

Posted on 31.12.15