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Chiltern Challenge
East Cliff Easter Quarter Marathon
Richmond RUNFEST Marathon and Half Marathon
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Completed as a first timer in 2017


Amazing for First Time Ultra Runners and Veterans Alike

Chiltern Challenge

Ultras can be terrifying... so when picking my first I went for the following:

  • Well signposted
  • Good aid stations
  • Variety on the course
  • Closeness to London

The Chilterns Ultra ticked all those boxes. Never once did I have to look at my map, and there were marshalls in places that could be considered 'tricky bits' to assist you along the way. The checkpoints were about 10km apart, which broke up the route very well into manageable chunks. They were also well stocks with sweet and savoury, with marshalls refilling your bottles and bladders for you. 

The start/finish was at a school, so lovely facilities including toilets and showers! They also offered shuttle service to and from the train station (its walkable, but one less thing to worry about!)

Kickass medal, and you get a certificate if it's your first ultra. Amazing volunteers, marshalls and all round great atmosphere. Even the rain could not dampen our spirits!

Posted on 16.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Lovely Local Race

East Cliff Easter Quarter Marathon

Here for the Easter weekend so wanted to find a little race to attempt to counteract the chocolate consumption. Reigstration was very easy and plenty of toilets. For the first time ever in a race, I did not have to queue! The route is pretty perfect, right along the coast with a bit of suburban running to get you back the right way (but this time up on top of the cliff rather than back down the promenade). The hill and wind was a tough combination but the downhill bit for the last 800m was glorious. Ended with a medal, water and chocolate eggs. Lovely. 

Posted on 16.04.17

Don't Complain about the Miles... WINE About Them!

This is such a great race. Close to public transport (when its working) so even car-less runners can get to the starting point with no issues. Reigstration is a bit haphazard (its easy to get in the wrong queue, its alphabetized and split into marathon/half marathon) but once you are in you are golden. Those who live close by can pick up their race packet in Dorking to avoid the logisitical mess inside. 

The course is, not going to lie... hilly. However, you care little for it as everyone is having a laugh along the way, commenting on others choice of running wear ("I can't believe I am being passed by a cheese!") or just the natural beauty of the place. And believe me, it is gorgeous. It's hard NOT to burst out in "Land of Hope and Glory"... maybe I did. A few times ^_^

The race stops are a bit chaotic, but let's face it, when there is wine there will be people stopping! Don't worry there is plenty to go around-- just pause the Garmin and enjoy.

The hog roast at the end was brilliant and a veggie option was also available. Not to mention the swiss rolls, coffee/tea, melon, sweets, and pineapple available at the end! These were also offered around the course as well-- no good drinking on an empty stomach. 

Posted on 20.09.16

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Half and Half

Do you like road running in cities and towns? Do you enjoy country roads and seeing sheep rather than cars? Well you are in luck- thie half has both!

The run starts at the fair grounds and heads into Shrewsbury along the Severn river, with nice crowds along the way. Everyone on route was encouraging and friendly. And the hills were...frequent :)

After the halfway point you head out into the country, with nice long undulating roads. 

Lovely race, not too big and not too small. And a giant jar of peanut butter! Fantastic :)

Posted on 26.06.16

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Lovely Race Just Outside of London

Almost missed due to a logisitica failure on my part (aka the London Underground has a later start time on Sundays!) I was simply happy to make it to the race!

Bag drop off/pick up was very simple (a bit of a queue on either end, but 5 min max fr both) and they were also offering massages pre and post race (bit longer queue). 

An abundance of loos scattered thruought the race village made getting in the last loo before the race quite easy. 

Race started on time (hooray!)

Lovely road race along the country road of surrey with some nice views of fields and pastures, and passing by little towns produced some lively local cheering teams. Little kids tried for high fives and liberally gave out jelly babies. 

Dont let the race info fool you-- there are steady inclines along the route (not sure I would go as far to say they are hills but they are there). Just be prepared!

Lovely running bunch as well-- would recommend if you are looking for a race that day!

Posted on 14.03.16

Reply from the race organiser

Thanks for taking the time to review your experience. We're really glad you enjoyed the day. We've reviewed all feedback and put plans in place to improve some aspects of the event for 2017.

Posted on 13.04.16