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Completed in 2018


10k Yorkshire style

The race sets off from Lindley a village in Huddersfield. Parking was easy probably about 5 minutes from the start. On the roadside, in fact we virtually ran past it during the race. There are 5 or 6 portaloos in the car park & more at the registration point.

The race starts off on Lindley high Street which is called Lidget street this is also the finish line & where all the support is. Registration is in a pub on Lidget Street & is straightforward. After leaving Lidget street the race goes into a climb, then a 6k downhill, with a 2k uphill finish so definitely isn't a PB course. 

There is a water station at 5k. With more water & bananas at the finish. All finishers receive a technical t-shirt & medal which is fairly reasonably for the £16 entry price. 

I would do it again as it's reasonably priced & local but to be honest there are more interesting routes but as I said for the price it's fair enough.


Posted on 08.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Run Media City 10k

This was the first time this race has been done. The race itself was an evening run ran over 3 different months. It cost £18 with an option to book 3 races for the price of 2 events. There are 2 options of distance 5k or 10k but both for the same price. You can stop at 5k or carry on if you still have the energy. Parking was easy as there is a car park at the Lowery centre which is a 5 minute walk off the start line.

The race itself is 4 laps around Media City & Salford Quays. In my opinion a longer distance loop would be better as doing 4 laps was a bit tedious. There was a water station at the end of each 2.5k loop. 

The Marshal's were excellent & very encouraging even walking around chatting to the runners pre race before they went to their marshal points. 

Registration was easy with very little queueing.once people had got their numbers there was a pre run work out just before the start.

Support wasn't massive but I guess as it was a midweek race just after rush hour then it was never going to be.

Post race all the runners received a medal & a banana with more water & like an ice tea drink. 

All in not a bad race. Probably good for a PB but a bit monotonous. Would I do it again? Well I wouldnt rush to do it but I would do it again if I had a gap that needed filling then maybe. 

One thing I will say though is that it was my first run organised but run through events & they do organise a very friendly well organised event.









Posted on 04.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


First time

First time I have done this race even though it's on my doorstep.

The race starts & finishes at Huddersfield rugby union club. Parking is plentyful at the venue with quite a few overflow carparks. 

This is a very hill race so don't be expecting a pb it won't happen. It is run on tarmac roads around the neighbouring villages. Support is reasonable but not excessive with some roadside local support. 

I didn't see any toilet facilities at the start, unless I was mistaken there was definitely no portacabins so I assume there was plenty in the rugby clubhouse.

Marshall support is very good with most quite vocally encouraging.

The race number is picked up in the clubhouse. This is quite an efficient process although we did arrive quite early. There is no medal for finishing the race, but a T-shirt is collected when registering.

The bar is open afterwards for well earned refreshments along with bacon butties.

All in all a good run but very tough with the amount of hills but this is Yorkshire after all!

Posted on 27.02.18

Completed in 2017


2nd time

Second time I have done the Palma 10k & the experience was just as good as the first time. 

Although I have had a great time. It's time to do another run in another different country. 

Let's hope that's as well organised.

Posted on 24.01.18

Completed in 2017


Did it last year & its still amazing

i ran this in 2017 & without writing my review for 2016 again it was an extension of that.

Crowd support is out of the world & draws more crowds than a lot of the big city runs.

Water stations excellent.

Goody bag excellent.

Toilets at the start excellent.

Registration excellent.

Medal excellent.

T-shirt typical run for all nipple rubber.

Very good run & well worth doing.

Posted on 18.09.17

Completed in 2017


Another well organised Run For All event

As the title says it was another well organised Run for All event. With just a couple of disappointments along the way.

The course I have to be honest wasn't the most exciting. The course starts in the city centre & gradually works it's way into Kirkstall Road. Although Kirkstall Road is pretty straight & pretty flat definitely with PB potential but at the same time it's not an exciting road. Regarding the PB point it would have been if the roads weren't so full. Maybe more coloured waves required.  For people who have done the Abbey dash it's the same road but not as far along. 

The people of Leeds turned out in force with a massive vociferous crowd offering plenty of encouragement.

The race itself is well marshalled although the waves were a bit haphazard. I was in the red wave & there was no one at our starting point giving us instructions. We just sort of filtered down when there was no one in front of us.

There was 2 water stations 1 at 4k & the other at 7k & what was billed as a shower which in fact was a man with a huge hose pipe. There was a nice touch about 9k with wet sponges which was helpful on a very warm day.

The goody bag at the end was very good, Asda branded chocolate bar, isotonic drink, tube of cashew nuts & peanut bar. Free arla yoghurt voucher, very good medal & t shirt. Free engraving for the medal but I forgot & set off home.

I am a massive fan of Run For All events who in my opinion along with the Great Run series offer the best event going. But just think they could have done a bit better here.

Entry fee was just over £30 with number posted to the runners home address.



Posted on 12.07.17

Completed in 2017



Coming less than a week after the tragic suicide bombing this turned out to be the emotional run I have ever done. 

The run itself is the biggest 10k in Europe with 35,000 runners so in the respect just to manage the event it's a momentenous achievement. 

I started in the white wave at 1.35pm which I considered quite late but I was only in the second wave. The last wave went at 3pm. The half marathon runners all went together at 9.30.

Support was excellent but it was as much a 2 fingered salute to terrorism as anything else on this emotional day.

The were plenty water station with excellent encouraging Marshals en route. Various bands were also playing around the route including Boone army that play every year. The route passes Old Trafford the home of Manchester United.

The goody bad had a shirt, medal, chocolate bar & some nasty tasting oat breakfast in a box thing.

A good race & one I have considered loads of times but always been put off by the 38 pound entry fee.

Posted on 22.06.17

Completed in 2017


2nd Time

For the second time on the trot the sun was shining on Blackpool.

I have already reviewed last years so wont rehash the same things again.

The exact same course was used as last year. But i did mention that last year there was only 1 water staion at just after the half way stage this year there was another on the way down. Still plastic cups & not bottles.

Marshalling was good, road closures went well.

Support wasnt as good as last year with not that much on the course but packed at the finish.

No shirts given away this year with a replacement headband instaed altough the organisers didnt acknowledge this this omitted that there was ever a t-shirt & just said they were giving away a headband.

Headquarters at the Savoy were excellent as well.

Medal was the same as last year but thr trainer was different colour.

Posted on 19.05.17

Completed in 2017


Solid race

This is the 2nd time I have done the Bradford Epilepsy Action 10k having previously done it in 2014.

Parking was easy. Very close to the race start at Hall Ings.

Although the weather on race day was pretty dreadful the start is in Millennium Square ad there is a weatherspoons there a lot of people piled in there to keep out of the race.

Pre race there was a warm up & announcer keeping the crowd amused which was an difficult task in itself considering the weather.

Although every event classes itself it a good route for a personal bests this race actually is. It is a very flat out & back route with a smallish climb in the middle.

Crowd support is excellent especially leading up to & at the finish where it is few people deep. There is decent support all the way around the course with a couple of bands playing although the weather was so bad that one of the bands was playing under a bridge to keep out of the elements. There was plenty of Marshals on route including one on a bike.

There is water at the start & finish & a water station about 6k. 

There was a decent enough medal & (average) t-shirt to all finishers which was good value for a £20 race cost.

Even though it is only down the road & easy to get to it is one that I would have been prepared to travel to.



Posted on 31.03.17

Completed in 2017


Decent enough charity run

This run comes in 3 formats. The 5k, 10k & 15k all based on a 5k lap the is run to make up the overall distance. 

The course is exactly the same route as the Leeds Mo Run in November. A multi terrain loop with a few hill (it is Yorkshire after all!).  Decent enough route that has too many paths for trail shoes & too many trails for normal shoes. I went normal shoes as it happens.

Pre race there was an announcer keeping everyone entertained then a pre run workout. Once ready for setting off the runners were split into the 3 distance groups with the 15k starting at the front, then the 10k behind & the 5k at the back. The race started a minute early but the organisation seemed to work well.

There was snickers, Mars bars & water at the start then the water stations were every 5k. T-Shirts had been sent through pretty much after registration which almost every runner was wearing. Race number was sent through a couple of week before the event meaning no on the day messing around.

Marshalling was excellent with a marshal at every corner with all offering encouragement. Especially the mad woman who was by the really boggy bits towards the end of the loop.

There was very little support around the course but that was possibly due the the weather & boggyness of the route although the support at the end was amazing!

There was a reasonable medal at the end & the table still had plenty of chocolate & water on it. One downside for some was no chip timing but I had my watch so that was no major concern.

All in all not a bad run for the £15 entry fee.



Posted on 05.03.17

This race has gone seriously downhill! Avoid

Second time I have done this have done the innaugral one last year.

Where do I start on this. Last years was an excellent addition to the race calendar but this was nothing short of shambolic.

There has been the addition of a 2.5k run meaning that the event is now 2.5, 5k & 10k. I chose the 10k run which was 2 laps of the 5k.

The course has differered slightly from last year in that it now no longer goes as far as the base of the bridge on at the first left at the starting straight, but although the out & back behind the running track has been extended the course is short. The commentator was saying that we had done 5k after 1 lap but my GPS was saying 4.76k meaning that the whole race was 9.5k. A massive disappointment if you are after a PB.

There was a drink station after 1k which seemed a bit weird but I can only assume this was to do with the recently added 2.5k although I would have thought that a drink at the finish would have been enough for that distance.

The pre race events village was pretty poor with a baggage area & a single table selling Cancer merchandise for which the race was raising awareness of. Even though it was sleeting & raining there was no cover from the elements.

I was in the 2nd wave & we started pretty much on time but as the 5k had started 10 minutes earlier & there was no segments based on speed so there was a lot of overtaking to be done. Surely this could have been better organised.

4 days before the run we were told (in a vidoe by the CEO) that we wouldnt be getting a medal due to being let down by the supplier in China, bearing in mind that the medal last year was excellent & the fact that the London runners in the same event got them made no sense at all. He told us that they would be giving us a technical T-Shirt instead that would be excellent quality. They then changed their tune after a huge outcry & said they would be giving us a medal with the shirt after all but it wouldnt be as good quality as the original. It turns out that both were shocking quality & for the £35 entry fee (plus £2.50 administration) the runners deserved better.

On a positive note the volunteers did an excellent job & the penguins, St Bernards, huskeys did help lighten the mood of the day of the disappointed runners.

All in all a poor event after an excellent event the previous year. One which I dont think I will ever be returning to do again.


Posted on 14.02.17

Completed in 2017


Road & trail run

I booked this run on the grounds that it was for a good cause & that it was a time of the year when there wasn't many other races around.

Parking was easy in an industrial estate but I would imagine if I had arrived any later then it could have been a nightmare as it was just starting to fill up but at least it was free. Fortunately It looked like company on the industrial estate had opened their gates just for runners. The race number was picked up at a car repair centre & was quite busy, but that was probably due to the time I arrived, although after queuing for 10 minutes or so queue went down as the people behind the desk were quite efficient. The t-shirt was also picked up here in exchange for a voucher that was posted previously. There was 3 or 4 portacabins & a men's urinal in the car park, which we didnt see as it was facing in the opposite direction, but in hindsight this was done to make things more private.

It wasn't on closed roads so there was very few places where the run came into contact with cars & in the odd instance the stewards stopped the traffic till runners were past which worked well.

The race itself was run over various terrain starting on the road from the car repair centre then onto a path which led to a dirt trail, up a hill, round a park, back down the hill, onto a canal bank, then back on the path, back on the roads finishing back in the car repair centre. 

The finish in the car repair centre was an excellent idea as it was cordoned off so family & friends could stay dry (& warm) while they watched their loved ones finish. The medals were handed out here as the runners came through the roller shutter. First time I have seen this but definately worked well.

There was 1 water station on the exit from the park which would have been around the half way stage. which they served water in plastic glasses.

To be honest it wasn't a bad run. Definately not a PB course. A few things could have been improved on, but then again it wasn't a mass participation event & it was a run for a local hospice so it's only fair that as much money as possible goes there. For the bling collectors there was a (smallish) medal. A medal & a shirt for a tenner is exceptional value although the hospice does push for some sponsorship from all runners.

Posted on 28.01.17

Completed in 2016


Tougher than expected

The race consisted of a 5k & 10k of which I ran the 10k. The 10k was identical in route to the 5k but 2 laps instead of 1.

The race got off on time at 10am.10, 10 minutes after the 5k.

I had read the race was trail but in fairness it was all surfaces with Paths, grass & dirt tracks. If you are looking for a pb then this race isn't for you. There were 2 very steep hills that were quite strength sapping & not what I expected.

Race pack was collected on the day with only 3 people handing the numbers out the queues were quite long. There was also a free MoRun headband for each runner. The mc was pretty good pre race keeping the crowd amused on a bitterly cold day. toilets were in the building a few minutes off the start, the queues were reasonably as there was only 500 runners.

There was 1 water station where they were handing out paper cups. The marshals were very supportive with each one holding a placard up with a humourous slogan on.

At the finish there was a bottle of water & medal given to each finisher. prizes for the best fancy dress & best mo'. The medal was actually quite good a curved Mo medal!

A decent fun race with a serious side to it which I would possibly consider again.



Posted on 05.11.16

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Wow what a race

Well what a race that was. 

There were 4 different events over the day. Full marathon, half marathon, 10k & Nordic walking. Plus the kids run the day before. I opted to do the 10k, but in future would probably consider the half instead, so that I could see more of Palma.. The race cost was relatively cheap I paid 15 euros but had to pay another to hire a champion chip for another 5. The race pack had to be picked up from the start line prior to the race which included whatever merchandise had been ordered online & the race number. There was also a pasta party in the events village for all runners & 5 euros for non runners. I never ate any but off what I saw it looked decent.

On the Friday there was a 5k breakfast run as a prelude to the Sunday race. I dont know what this was like as I only arrived on the Saturday so never got chance to run it.

While waiting for the race to start there was various commentators keeping the crowd occupied in Spanish, English & German.

The race itself started out from just in front of the cathedral & for anyone that has never been to Palma the views are absolutely spectacular with the marina on the opposite side of the road full of million pound yachts & cruise liners. 

The course was an out & back on the sea front, going down one carriageway of the front out & the other coming back.There was a climb after a couple of miles up quite an unexpectedly steep hill. 

There were 2 water stations during the race with water, isotonic drinks, sponges & bananas. There was also plenty of medical support with medics along the road & plenty of cyclists & motorcyclist riding amongst the runners making sure there were no medical issues which was necessary considering that the weather was 27 degrees.

The local support was amazing with the Majorca residents turning out in massive numbers & showing plenty of vocal support & even the Navy people on the boat on the front waving & peeping their foghorn.

When the race finished there was a stall handing out the medals which I think could have been better organised,  the pen took us to the Expo (event village) which was the best I have ever seen. It contained more stalls then I have ever seen. There was (all free) cakes, pasta, water, isotonic drinks, Erdinger Frei (which was surprisingly nice for alcohol free beer).

Great race & great value considering what we got for our money. We even got free bus travel by showing our race number. One that will stay in my memory for a long while. It's a pity I had to come home!

Posted on 22.10.16

The Great Scottish Run is a great run

The biggest mass participation event in Scotland with 30,000 runners running over the weekend starting with the kids runs on saturday, with the 10k & Half Marathon on the Sunday. 

I ran in the 10k so can only comment on that but would assume that the Half Marathon was just as well organised. 

Both raced started beside George's Square which is bang in the centre of Glasgow.The organisation in the 10k was excellent with 3 different coloured waves for the (according to the organisers) 8,000 runners. The start waves were easy to get into with plenty of room actually in George's Square if you wanted to wait for your wave to move closer to the start line. There was the usual pre race work out & the commentator was entertaining.

The race itself was started by members of the Great Britain Olympic team & boxer Charlie Flynn. The race started 5 minutes late but I don't think any of the runners cared about anything so trivial. The Olympians were very visible beforehand signing autographs & chatting with the runners.

I have to confess that I had use of the facilities of our Glasgow office so I cannot comment about whether there were enough portaloos or what sort of condition they were in. 

The route was the same as last year passing various Glasgow landmarks including the Squinty Bridge & Finneston Crane before passing through the McLennan Arch before finishing on Glasgow Green. With excellent support from the people of Glasgow all the way around with the usual groups, dancers, cheering buses, bagpipers every km & kettle drummers. There was also a wall where loved ones could put messages up after 9km which was certainly a nice touch.

There was a water station at 7k with a water shower just after which I have to say was very refreshing. Medical care was excellent. I saw a few ambulances & there was plenty of golf buggies littered around with first aiders on with each one also having a defibrillator on board.

At the finish each person received a goody bag which had in it a T-shirt, bottle of Lucozade, foil to get warmed up & medal. Although mine did not have a nutrition bar in it my friend who ran the race assured me that his did. The medal itself is a tad small & to be honest I would expect slightly better off the Great Run organisers.

All in all as you would expect from the Great Run series an excellent, well organised race which is one that everyone who enjoys race day should consider doing.

Posted on 04.10.16

Completed in 2016


First Run for All 10k

This was my first Jane Tomlinson Run for All run & I expected it to be well organised but it surpassed any expectations that I had. Firstly there were more marshals than I have ever seen in my life which can only be a good thing, ambulances at the start, bicycle riders & motor bike riders.

We got there early before the road closures & parking was easy to find in the Rock shopping centre (1,200 spaces) at a cost of £1 for all day. This was literally a few minutes off the start line.

The registration was simple although we was there just after it opened at 7.30 & were even given our number by one of the local councillors. There was a small event village which was mainly charity stalls & about 20 portaloos which never seemed over busy but at times we went back to the car so not sure if there were any peak times where queueing was a nightmare.

The start was well manage with 3 sections based on time prediction from the fast to slow runners with each section opening once the previous section had gone.

The course was completely on closed roads & was ok, through the town centre then down a hill with a loop in between then picking up the hill back into the town centre. The crowd support was excellent with plenty of people in town & plenty round the course in their gardens or on their doorsteps. The people of Bury really seemed proud that they had their own run & it was definitely one of the best supported events that I have run in.

Over the finishers line there was a goodie bag which included a medal, T-shirt, Asda sports drink, Area protein drink, mini Mars bar, Soreen mini bar, Snood/hair bobble/hat type thing & a (out of date) Asda nutty bar. I was also given an "I Will If You Will" who sponsored the race towel & water bottle although the person I ran with didnt get one so maybe they were a limited supply. There was also a free medal engraving tent which completely slipped my mind so no idea how big the queue was.

For an entry fee of £23.40 it was an excellently organised race with plenty of reward once the finishing line was crossed. All in all an excellent race which I wouldnt hesitate to do again although I wouldnt hesitate to do one of the other races either as this has definitely whetted my appetite.


Posted on 18.09.16

Good run

10k & 5k run both starting at the same place at the same point.

There is absolutely no problem finding a parking space in Blackpool, but for this run it would make sense to park around Gynn Square. Although transport is excellent with a tram stop more or less straight outside, with regular busses up & down the promenade.

The race itself started at the usual FCR starting point on the middle walkway just past the North Pier. Both races were a loop with the 5k veering off earlier & the 10k going up to Bispham station & coming back down the promenade path. The course could be good for PB's as it relatively flat.

As usual with FCR events the marshaling was excellent with a water station at 5k for the 10k. Also very good crowd support with some welcoming encouragement all along the route.

There was a finishers medal for all runners which was probably the biggest medal I have ever seen. Also more water & a banana for finishers. An excellent value run for 13/15 pound which I wouldn't hesitate to do again.

Posted on 28.08.16

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Excellently organised race

First time I have done the We love Manchester 10k. Arrived there at 7.50 (surrounding roads closed at 8.30) & decided we would park in the bottom car park as the literature that was posted through said that the top car park would be closed until the last runner finished. When we got there we were told to park in the top car park & had to wait. Not sure what the reasoning was for this?

Onto the race. The race started as advertised after a 15 minute warm up from the running track inside the Etihad stadium campus. Doing half a lap of the track onto the surrounding roads finishing back on the running track. The roads were slightly undulating but nothing too drastic with water at the start & finish with a further water station at 5k.

To access the start people had to go through the athlete village which was good with plenty of stalls. The baggage storage was easily accessible with no queue for a £1 charge going to charity & from what I could see the on the day registration looked efficient too. There were plenty of toilets around although they could have been signposted better as the ones near the village had massive queues while the ones across were empty.

Although the track & stadium were pleasant to run on the roads around were nothing special but free from traffic with good signposting of the route with plenty of marshals. 

All in all a well organised run with excellent facilities at a reasonable price that included posted number & finishers goodie pack with (decent) medal & (decent) technical shirt. A decent run which I would have no hesitation in doing again. 





Posted on 11.07.16

Completed in 2016


Great race

Very enjoyable race with the race headquarters at the Savoy hotel at Gynn Square, Blackpool. Plenty of toilets with portaloos outside & use of toilets inside the hotel. T-shirt pick up was simple, with the opportunity to buy Trinity Hospice merchandise as well. Race numbers had already been posted so personally no need to pick mine up but looked straightforward for the late entries.

There is a public car park next to the hotel but the ticketing machines were playing up so I decided that it's better to be safe than sorry so decided that I would park on street instead & was surprised how easy it was to find a space. 

Local dj's from Wave FM getting the crowd going pre race & counting down to start time.

The race itself got underway as planned at 11am without any hitches although the start funnel was a bit full & could probably be widened as the finish doesn't need to be as wide.

The course itself was an out & back on closed roads down the promenade from the Savoy hotel to just outside the Pleasure Beach, having been to Blackpool hundreds of times in my younger days I still love passing all the famous landmarks, but in fairness I missed most of them as I was concentrating so much on the run.

My one disappointment is the water stations. Given that it was such a hot day I think there should have been a decision to put a station earlier than 5k, also when we did get to 5k they were pouring water out of the bottles into cups which meant waiting for them to pour them & having to drink it stood there as the cups were so flimsy.!

There was excellent support on the course but I think this was mainly due to it being such a nice day with the crowd providing plenty of much needed encouragement.

I have to also mention that the course was superbly marshalled with plenty of first aiders on the course in case of any issues.

All in all a good race which is good value for money at £12.50 with the race pack posted & a technical T-shirt & medal. Although I made a vow to not run the same races again this is probably the one where I would be willing to break that vow.

Posted on 09.05.16

Not a bad race at all.

I did the 10k run & when I read on the website that the Half & Full & 10k all started in the same place with the halif & full starting at 9am & the 10k starting at 9.15am I thought that it might be a logistical nightmare but it turned out to be quite well organised.

The start of the race was easy to find & surprisingly i found a (free) parking space quite near the start which was very convenient more so when we decided that we needed another layer & could walk back to the car & get one.

FCR do not send numbers through the post they are collected on the day before & race day. We walked to pick the numbers up from the collection point & someone said that there was queues were in alphabetical order but there were no signs saying so which created a bit of confusion & could maybe FCR could put some signs up for future events.

There could have been a few more portaloos as in all races, but generally they were ok. The only problem was the queue next to the check in point was massive where if people had gone to the end block a bit further away there was about 5 people.

The announcer did a good job of directing people to their respective starts & I didnt see anyone who looked like they had missed the start of their race.

The race itself was a decent run maybe a bit windy but that has to be expected in Blackpool & with quite a few little ups & downs that I didnt realise from when I had driven down the promenade! There was plenty of water points, but I think this had more to do with the 3 races on the day & being strategic points where all 3 races passed. There was very little support but considering that the race starts at 9.15am & that the half & marathons run different routes i guess there is a lot of course to cover.

At the finish there were medals & technical T-shirts along with a bottle of water & banana.

All in all I would say that it is a decent race. Whether it is a PB course on not would depend on the weather & how severe the coastal wind was. The price was very reasonable especially when there is a T-shirt & medal included. I for one would definately run it again.


Posted on 26.04.16

Completed in 2016


Good low key race

Decent enough little race but seems to lack in publicity which creates a lack of participants with this year there only being 70 runners. Flat course with opportunity for PBs.

The race uses a different route to the more popular Fylde Coast Running Fleetwood 10k which occurs on April 10th 2016. Starting at the Marine Hall on the Esplanade doing 2 laps then back on the front to do 1 big lap followed by a similar lap but coming back into the car park to finish.

There is a water station by the start which is passed 3 times so plenty of opportunity to refuel which is convenient.

The car park was pretty full when I arrived which for such a small field made me think that for bigger races could be a problem although there are a couple of car parks further down. Also there is a 20p charge to use the toilets & although this isn't a lot most runners wouldn't carry money on them before a race.

The run was well organised & although there was not a great deal of marshals it was an easy route to run with a bike rider at the head of the field although it's fair to say I only saw him at the start. Medal & goody bag provided at the finish.


Posted on 03.04.16

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Good run

Decent enough race run with 2 loops around Manchester City's Etihad stadium. Predominantly flat with a couple of small inlines. Nice views of all sides of the stadium but if that isn't your thing then the views aren't the best. Also 1 lap of the athletics track on each loop.

The events village was pretty good, located between the start & finish line (which were about 100 metres apart). Aerobics were done at the start line for a couple of minutes while the wave in front ran into the distance. 

Friendly enough run with a decent amount of spectators, but what I did notice is the spectators were only cheering on the person/people that they knew & not cheering on anyone else. 

All in all a decent race but a bit pricey at £32 with another £5 to park. Excellent medal given at the end if thats your thing but no T-shirt.


Posted on 03.04.16