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Completed as a first timer in 2018


Fast and flat. Great for beginners and those after a PB!

Stewartby Lake Triathlon

ATW always put on great events and this was no different. Well organised and in a great location. The swim being in Stewartby Lake (1 lap for the sprint, 2 for standard) was clean and warm, slightly choppy from the wind and rain but nothing too bad to complain about. A short run into transition before heading out onto the flattest and easiest bike route you'll likely ride. You simply can't go wrong on this course as you ride from the lake out to the main road then ride up to a roundabout, turn around then ride back down the ride to another roundabout, turn around and back up to other roundabout again, simple! 2 laps for the sprint and 4 for standard. 

Back into transition for the run, watch out for stones on the road/path as you run in if you're bare foot or shoeless before you move onto the grass to the transition area and head out for the run which is a nice flat route (1 lap sprint and 2 for standard) through the Marston Forest trails.

As a fairly low key event the finish was basically a help yourself to a medal, banana and cup of water.

Posted on 20.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Great route, well organised and supported event

Rock n Roll Liverpool

This was my first time at the Liverpool marathon and my first Rock n Roll event. I was one of the pacers for the marathon this year, pacing 3:15, and really enjoyed the event. The event village was setup in between the start and finish lines in a great location and had lots around to keep everyone entertained, fed and watered that wasn't running.

The organisation was brilliant and the build up to the start by the commentators was good with some good music to get you ready. The route itself was great and took in lots of famous landmarks including Liverpool and Everton FC, The Cavern and Albert Docks as well as passing through some beautiful parks. The only part I wasn't too keen on was the last couple of miles along the dock which seemed to go on forever and the weather was getting hotter by this point so it was quite tough around this point of the race. At least it was flat though!

Over the finish line and you're rewarded with a decent looking medal, with a spinning wheel on it this year, plus a load of other goodies including crisps, banana, Haribo, Lucozade, water, and another fruit drink (no bags though so you have to try and carry it all without dropping anything!)

All-in-all a fab event and I'd recommend it anyone. I'd definitely go back again.

Posted on 23.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Great event and PB potential

Brighton Marathon Weekend

This was my first time running the Brighton marathon having watched it on TV many times before and hearing about it from friends, and it didn’t disappoint. Very well organised event from the communications sent out in the run up to the race, the start area (I was at the Withdean Park start) and on course aid stations, to the finish and race village.

The route isn’t pancake flat and included a change in the course at the 8-9 mile mark where a short sharp hill was put in, but it’s literally up the road then turn round and straight back down again, so if you run the uphill sensibly you can make a bit of time back and recover on the way down. Pace it right and it could well be a PB course.

Aid stations were spread out well and were well stocked and manned with water, energy drinks and gels (High5). Drinks were in plastic cups FYI.

The course was well supported for the majority of the way, especially along the seafront which gives you a great boost coming towards the finish. There are a few quiet and lonely places along the way around the 20 mile mark by the water works and industrial area.

Finish area you’re presented with a decent chunky medal, goody bag, space blanket and a pint of Erdinger which goes down a treat!

Posted on 17.04.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Fast and flat on a unique course

Run Fest At Lee Valley

The event comprised of both a 10k and half marathon race, I was doing the half marathon, which was 2 laps of the 10k route. The 10k started first with the half going off 15mins after. The start and finish is located within the Lee Valley White Water centre. After a short loop in the park the route makes its way out of the park and into the surrounding country park and woodland areas which are really nice. The paths are a mix of grass, gravel and concrete and is pretty much all flat apart from a few bridges over canals that manage to sap some energy from your legs!

The route is well marked out and marshalls on all turns/bridges and were all encouraging. Well supported by spectators as well. 

ATW always put on great events but my only gripe with this one was the registration process before the race to collect your number and chip. There wasn't enough people giving out race packs and this caused a huge queue to build up. 

Location wise it was great with the Lee Valley park facilities open and available for use so you could get food and drink before and after the race if needed. Great medal, banana and sweets at the end too.

If you're training for spring marathon this is a perfect race to give your legs a spin out at.

Posted on 26.03.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Fast and furious race!

This was my first draft legal race and a great experience it was. I was glad it was on a race track and not on normal roads as the speed and close proximity you ride with others is quite hair raising at times, so to not have to worry about pot holes and other normal road issues was a blessing! With this being a World Champs qualifier the field was strong and included some fast race times.

A great event and excellently organised as usual by the Nice Tri team. Parking, registration and race briefing was easy and quick. Transition was right next to the start and finish lines so no long walks between each.

Nice medal and instant result print out at the end which is always nice. Banana and water given out at the finish too. Great event and would do it again.

Posted on 14.03.18

Completed in 2018


Great local race in a fab location

Ashridge Duathlon Race 1

A great event for anyone new to multisport racing. Very friendly atmosphere and marshalls. The race starts and finishes in the grounds of Ashridge House which is beautiful, with the run around the grounds of the house (mix of on and off road, trail trainers usually recommended) before biking out of the estate and through the surrounding villages.

Both run and bike routes are well signed and marshalled. Watch out for the hill on the bike leg at halfway, save some energy for that as you need to do it twice on the sprint race or 4 times(!) on the standard.

The only feed station is on the run and is water only so make sure you're prepared and take your own and enough of it.

Great medal and bottle of water at the end. Local scout group sell teas, coffees and hot food, so don't forget your pennies!

All in all a well organised event and a great race that I'll definitely be back to do again.

Posted on 29.01.18

Great family friendly festive run

Nether Heyford and Flore Santa Run

If you’ve never done a Santa run before this is a great one to do. Not only is it great fun chasing a Christmas pudding over 5 miles around the beautiful village of Nether Heyford, it’s all in aid of a great cause too with lots of money going to Meningitis Now. The cakes and refreshments in the village hall after the race are delicious and all proceeds go to charity, win win!

The race starts on the village green with a lap of the field before heading out onto the roads around the village and surrounding area, a lovely route with little traffic but marshals on all crossings and corners so it’s safe. Quite an undulating course with a few inclines thrown in but nothing too harsh.

Back to the village green and another lap of the field before finishing and grabbing your festive themed medal, water and banana. There’s also a kid’s 1 mile and 0.5 mile race before the main event, so there’s something for everyone and it’s great to see so many kids involved and running!

Posted on 04.12.17

Completed in 2017


Testing trail run along a scenic route

With the start being just 5mins from where I live, this is a race that always features on my race calendar. The organisation is excellent with lots of info and communication from the organisers both by email and social media in the run up to the race. The race HQ is in one of the halls where you can also leave your bags. It’s a non-secure baggage area but there’s plenty of people still around in the hall getting the tea and cake ready whilst the race is on!

Race start is at 10am and begins out on the school field where you do a loop of the field before heading out onto the canal towpath. It can get quite narrow in places along the canal so if you’re looking for a quick run I’d suggest starting further forward so that you’re not crammed in when you get onto the canal, although with the loop of the field this does help a bit to spread everyone out.
The first 6 miles are nice and flat along the canal before you leave it at Stoke Hammond and go off road along a farmer’s track where you hit the first climb, a 1km uphill drag on a mix of mud, gravel and sand, therefore trail shoes are recommended. Once you reach the top at Great Brickhill it’s then a short run along the road, grabbing a drink from the water stop if needed, before heading straight back downhill through the beautiful Rushmere Country Park, just watch out for the tree roots and slippery leaves!
Having successfully navigated your way through the tree lined route of Rushmere, you then cross the road before making your way back into the woods for a short while running alongside the road before turning left and climbing a short grassy hill to some more trees and wooded scenery for a mile or so. Once out of the woods it’s a 90 degree turn over a cattle grid and into a farmer’s field. The conditions this year were pretty good but it can be VERY boggy if the day’s before the race are wet! A couple of wooden bridges to cross on your way back to the canal and a word of warning, SLOW DOWN, the bridges are very slippery!!
You’re back onto the canal heading to the finish for the last couple of miles where you’re given your well earned medal, a nice chunky one this year, and a drink. There’s a large selection of cakes and food as well as hot drinks on offer in the hall after and is well needed after a cold and wet run like the Dirt Half!
Overall a well organised and well supported race with lots of marshals along the route and well signposted. Another bonus is the free photos available afterwards too! If you’re looking for a winter run that’s a bit different to your normal road races I highly recommend this, you won’t be disappointed.

Posted on 29.11.17

Great race, great support and seafront finish

Bournemouth Marathon Festival

My 3rd running of the Bournemouth marathon and once again amazing weather! The race is the fourth and final event of the Bournemouth Festival of Running weekend and always pulls in a great crowd of supporters. The race begins out at Alexander Stadium and then makes it way down to the coast where you run along the sea front along to Boscombe pier and then make your way over to Bournemouth pier before heading off the sea front and onto the road for a few miles before finally heading back down to the sea front and along to Sandbanks where you turn around and head back along the beach towards the beach for the finish. There's a great atmosphere along the whole route with loads of support.

Decent sized event village at the end where you can get a well earned massage, food drink and show off your chunky medal before going to the beach for an ice cream and cool off in the sea!

Love this race and have already booked my entry for 2018!

Posted on 18.10.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great event for first timers and experienced triathletes

Cowman & Calfman

This was my first Middle distance event and my first at a Big Cow event and it was great, I loved it. A brilliant race for first timers at this distance on a great course that's easily accessible for supporters.

The swim in the lake at Emberton Park (2 laps) was good once the chaos at the start of the race calmed down, and although the water was a bit murky and weedy wasn't too bad for a lake! T1 is situated only a few meters from the swim exit so there's not too far to run. Out onto the bike leg and the 2 loops take in some lovely little surrounding villages around Bucks and Northants. A few inclines here and there and a timed climb on one of the longer hills made it a pretty good and fast in places route.

Back into Emberton Park to T2 and for the run which heads out of the park into the village and through some fields before returning to the park to complete your first lap of 4. The run route is a mix of tarmac and off-road farmers tracks and is quite testing with the hills up through the fields, but it's all flat through the park so you can make up some time here.

Registration was easy and able to do so the day before and the whole race was well marshalled and signposted. Great medal at the end and love the Aussie bites and mini cinnammon swirls at the end! Definitely a race to be on the calendar each year :D

Posted on 14.08.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great event for first timers and experienced triathletes

St Neots Triathlon Series Race 2

This was my first triathlon and what a great one to do. I competed in the sprint distance and loved every minute of it.

Registration was simple and quick where you collected your race number, swim hat, timing chip and a water bottle. Transition area was well organised with numbered racking so no need to get there super early for the best places. Race briefing was done 5mins before the race start and was very informative and clear.

Onto the race itseld and the swim was in the river which was a bit grim with all the weeds and reeds but not much you can do about that, just got to get on with it. Apparently it's less weedy in the middle of the river!

The bike route was a single loop with only a few small inclines and some places to get some good speed up. Signage and marshals on the bike route were well placed so little chance of taking a wrong turn and going off course.

Back into transition and onto the run which consisted of 2 laps of the park for the sprint distance on both grass and path terrain and was well supported by spectators. Water was available at the end of each lap if needed. Once finished you were handed your well deserved medal, a banana and some water. Results were provisional but print outs available straight away which is always a bonus.

Another bonus from the organisers is the free event photos that they put up on their Facebook page.

Overall a great event and really well organised. Definitely recommend this race and Nice Tri events as an organiser.

Posted on 27.06.17

Completed in 2017


26.2 miles of awesomeness!!

London Marathon

My third year of running the London marathon and my second as a championship entry runner and the race still gets me excited! I love everything about the London marathon and can't recommend it enough to people. You truly have to be a part of it and run the course to appreciate the noise, atmosphere and support from the crowd. There's not much of the route that isn't lined with people shouting your name and encouragement or giving out high fives. The crowds seem to get even louder over the last couple of miles which is a huge help when you may be running on empty or starting to struggle. Everyone seems to be willing you to make it to end.

Support from marshals/volunteers on the course is amazing and their enocuragement is just as big as the crowds. From 3 miles in there's water stops at every mile so you haven't got far to go before your next drink if needed and then there's Lucozade at 5 mile intervals too, so there's plenty of fuel along the way.

The goody bag this year was decent and I was surprised at how heavy the bag was when I was handed it at the end, packed with goodies from deodorant, Lucozade, an apple and some other food bits. The finishers t-shirt and medal are top quality too, as expected, and are a great addition to the collection.

Definitely a race that should be on everyone's list and one that I'll be doing for as long as I can. See you next year London!!

Posted on 27.04.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Well supported event and great stadium finish

Sage Reading Half Marathon

Having heard good things about this event in the past I was looking forward to running it this year and see what all the hype was about. Talk of it being a fast and flat half weren't so accurate in my opinion, especially with the incline up to mile 3, not a great start! There were a fair few other inclines along the way as well but also some nice flat and downhill sections, so it all evened out I suppose, but not a "fast and flat" route in my eyes.

The race itself was great and the support around the course was brilliant and well supported in places with large crowds filling the pavements and various bands perfoming along the way.

Good amount of official and unofficial aid stations on the course too supplying water, Lucozade and sweets.

The finish is a big highlight for the race finishing inside Reading FC's Madejski stadium to a large crowd. Having made it round the 13.1 miles you're then presented with a goody bag containing a Mars bar, Meridian peanut butter bar, bottle of water, Lucozade and a t-shirt (cotton unfortunately!), and not forgetting the well earned medal which is a chunky metal offering and definitely stands out in the collection!

Overall a great event, but quite pricey for a half marathon.

Posted on 20.03.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Other than the finish line not the best race I've done

Vitality North London Half Marathon

I was lucky enough to have won entry to this race in a competition run by Vitality. Had I not then I would not have entered due to crazy high price of £45 for a half marathon! I've entered marathons for less money than that.

With an early start time of 8:30am and several underground lines closed on the Sunday it made getting to the start a bit of a nightmare and also meant a super early start, but I made it in time which was the main thing. With many tube stations not opening until at least 7:30am on a Sunday it would help to have a later start time.

The route itself was a bit boring to be honest and simply ran away from Wembley stadium along closed roads to the Allianz stadium at half way and then back along the other side of the road to the finish. There were stretches of long straight road with little or no support and no atmosphere other than the odd marshal at a road junction.

On a positive note though, there were plenty of well stocked aid stations along the way and the closer you get back to the stadium the more support there was. The finish inside the actual stadium was a big bonus for an otherwise mediocre half marathon.

Decent goody bag included a good sized chunky medal, nice looking tech t-shirt, banana, water, lucozade and some food items.

Posted on 13.03.17

Completed in 2017


Decent local event with a race distance for everyone

MK Festival of Running

I live close to Milton Keynes and have done this race before, so this is always a good event for me to include as part of my marathon training, and the 20 mile race that's available is a good training run for a spring marathon.

This year's race was different for me though as I was running the half marathon as a guide runner with Nick who is totally blind and aiming for a new PB (current PB 1:44:55). As a guide runner I was offered complimentary entry and had to email my details to the organiser before the event and then collect my race number from the info marquee on the day. I arrived at the marquee and was disappointed by the lack of organisation with lots of people arriving and signing up on the day, lots of paper and numbers being handed around with people rushing to get their number before the start. I gave my name and said that I was a guide runner and was first asked for an entry fee then my details couldn't be found on the entry list, despite emailing the organiser prior as requested.

Having finally got a number and chip, Nick and I made our way to the start and set off at 10:45. The support throughout the race from both marshals and locals was brilliant with lots of encouragement given. The course is quite twisty and windy with lots of turns along the redways but where there was no marshal it was suitably signposted so very little chance of getting lost.

The finish of the race is always a good one as the last 100/150m is packed with supporters willing you on to the finish line which is needed having made your way up Campbell Park hill at the mile 12 mark!!

Once finished you're then given a nice looking and chunky medal (big improvement on previous years!), bottle of water, banana and a space blanket. Previous years I'm pretty sure you've only got a semi-decent medal and a bottle of water, so a banana and blanket was a bonus!

My only negative is the admin charge that is added on to your entry fee, I don't understand why some organisers charge an admin fee when the entry fee itself isn't the cheapest anyway!

Posted on 06.03.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great season opener with a distance to suit everyone

Ashridge Duathlon Race 1

This was the first time the Ashridge Estate had hosted the event and what a setting it was! The start, finish and transition area was all located right beside the house with the run route staying within the grounds and running out past the front of the house and round the back on hard/gravel/tarmac before moving off-road onto a muddy track that proved to be quite slippery in places thanks to the recent weather! With 3 different races all starting at the same time (super sprint, sprint and standard) and each having to run either 1, 2 or 4 laps respectively, the route was soon muddier and more slippery on the second run leg.

Being local, the Sprint distance is our club (Leighton Buzzard Triathlon Club) duathlon club championship race series for the year and we had a great turnout (the largest club I believe) with 21 competing in the sprint distance, although there were various other well represented clubs competing as well.

Having completed 2 laps of the run, it was out onto the first of 2 laps on the bike which exited the estate and circled the surrounding villages before heading back into the estate and then out again for a total of 22K. The bike route had a mix of fast/flat sections with a testing drag of a hill thrown in just over halfway to keep things interesting! Road conditions could be better in places with pot holes having to be dodged and various speed humps to bounce over when on the estate, but overall the bike route was good and fully marshaled along the way with marshals at key points so there was little chance of taking a wrong turning.

Back into transition after the second lap and back out for 1 final lap of the run which is always interesting and tough when your legs are feeling like jelly! Then over the finish line where you get to collect your well earned medal a banana and a bottle of water, much needed! The medal is a great looking medal and each medal from the series connects to each other to make an image of Ashridge House, nice touch.

Overall a well organised and run event from the communication before race day, race briefing before the start and everything else along the way. I'll definitely be back next month for race 2 with an aim to better my time and position from this race.

Posted on 27.02.17