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Canal Christmas Cracker (marathon) 2018

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Christmas Cracker

Very much enjoyed this race in 2016 so the decision to enter in 2017 was very easy.

Race had 5k, 10k, HalfMarathon and full Marathon options, so catered for almost everybody.

I took up the marathon option.

Registration process was very straight forward.

Race numbers were collection on the day at a local social club.

The start line was on the canal paths, a 10min walk away. Perfect for warming up the legs.

There was widespread snow and ice over the entire country which put this race in doubt.

The organisers kept us all informed throughout the week with regular updates. Full credit for that.

The race takes place entirely on decent quality canal paths. It's a flat course so perfect for getting a quick time.

We were told the race would go ahead but with a revised marathon route to make the course safer for runners & marshals. The new couse was an out & back, followed by another out & back (x2).

Water stations were regular with cupped water, juice, sweets and jelly babies on offer.

Marshal support could not have been better. To stand around in sub zero temperatures to help and encourage runners is fantastic.

I always say marshals are heroes. Today was a perfect example of this.

The nature of canal races mean local support is always minimal.

That said, the out & back course meant plenty of support from other runners.

Finishers were rewarded with a super medal, chocolate orange, bottle of beer and a table full of home bakes cakes and pastries.

What more could you ask for?

** Can I mention- During, and after the race I felt unwell. Marshals were superb and had a paramedic check me over. 

Big thanks for that.

In summary -

This was another awesome Grim Up North Event.

Fun, friendly and great value.

Support from locals is minimal but this is a canal race so you wouldn't expect any different.

Posted on 10.12.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Autumn Shakespeare (Marathon)

The Autumn Shakespeare

What can we say about this race?

Good honest, friendly race - low key, no frills and all very basic.

Autumn Shakespheare race series covered 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon distances and also had a fun run.

I chose the marathon option.

I'd been eyeing up this race all year. The thought of a fast, flat marathon course was very tempting. It didn't disappoint on that score.

Registration was simple. Race numbers were collection only. 

There was plenty of toilets, which is always welcome.

Baggage store was as basic as it can be with belonging placed in corner of the room. Not secure but runners are an honest bunch so it worked ok.

Race venue was in the middle of knowhere and quite awkard to get to.

Race incorperated 5k laps with 8 and a bit laps for the marathon distance.

The course saw marathon runners start about 500 yards further forward on the first lap to make up the marathon distance. This meant, although this race was chip timed, there was a gun start. 

Starting at the back of the field added both time and distance to the marathon. (Garmin shows I ran 26.57miles.)

Running 8x laps of an airfield isn't very inspiring. It's very dull in fact.

I just switched off and ran so it didn't bother me too much. 

Nature of the course meant there was no local support.

Marshals were very good, as always.

Water station was at the end of each 5K lap. Cupped water and gels were on offer. 

Finishers were given a very small medal and the option of a half banana or meusli bar. 

Not very good reward for a marathon. I did expect more in all honesty.

Finishers shirt had to be purchased (£15 each). I have had to order one as they didn't have any small shirts left.

Another gripe was the medal. Very basic, with everybody given the exact same bling regardless of distance.

**** On a sidenote, I was feeling very nauseous about 18miles into the marathon.

My brother explained situation to a marshal and asked if he I could have half a banana (which they were giving to finishers). The marshal point blank refused. I anm not blaming marshal as she was probably carrying out orders. Thought is was out of order and very tight fisted..

It kind of summed up the event perfectly.

Very simple, very basic, with very little reward for runners.

In summary -

It was a friendly event.

If you want a fast, flat marathon then this was the one to do.

If you want an interesting route, crowd support and basic rewards for runners then best look elsewhere.

Posted on 12.11.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Bradford City Run (Half Marathon)

Bradford City Runs

Bradford is an easy place to access from where I live, which was the main reason I entered the race.

Registration was simple enough, as was the baggage drop off.

Race numbers were collection on the day only. Queues for this were fairly long.

This was a multi lap course, starting and finishing in Bradford city centre with the middle section going through tarmac/cobbled back streets. Each laps was round about 5k long.

Race had 5k,10k or Half Marathon options with Half Marathon runners starting 20 minutes before the 10k & 5k runners.

I chose the 4-lap Half Marathon.

Course had a couple of hills to climb but also had fast, downhill sections. Overall, it was a fairly fast course.

Bradford City Runs is a real community event with 'non-runners' encouraged to participate. This is great to see but the multi-lap format meant faster half marathon and 10k runners were having to dodge their way around groups of people walking.

Maybe staggering the start times more would help?

There was one water station which containing cupped water.

This was perfectly adiquate for me personally but others may disagree.

Marshals were fantastic. Crowd support was decent, especially at the start/finish area.

Finishers were given a basic, no frills medal, tech t-shirt and small bottle of water with no aditional nutrition.

****Here lies the problem-

I ran the Half Marathon in 01:39:33. Not Mo Farah speed but a decent time. When I crossed finish line I was told they had no small finishers shirts left because 5k and 10k finishers had taken them all.

This is very annoying. When you enter a race they ask for shirt size so how can they run out of small shirts so quickly?

It might sound trivial but a race shirt is part of your race fee. A shirt that doesn't fit is completely pointless.

Maybe hand out shirts BEFORE the race?

In summary -

This is a great multicultural event for Bradford with all abillities and corners of the comunity paricipating. Really good to see.

Mixing fast HM/10k runners with run/walkers on a multi lap race isn't the best but it is what it is. 

A finishers bag would be nice. There was no nutrition at all at finish- not even a bananna.

Would I do this race again? Possibly, possibly not.

Posted on 30.10.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Hubble Bubble Marathon

Hubble Bubble

I've done several Grim Up North races so kind of knew what to expect.

They're always fun, with nice bling, cake and beer at the finish.

This race was no exception.

Regististration was simple enough.

There were plenty of information pre-race with regular emails.

Toilets and parking were at a local social club about 10 mins walk from race HQ/start.

Race bibs were collcted on the day from start line.

There was a small area for baggage.

Race covered all distances from 5k to ultra.

I chose the Marathon option.

Course was an out and back, followed by another out and back along canal paths. 

Paths were genrally well kept and flat with a good chance to get a super fast time.

Nature of the course meant local support was minimal but there was nice support from fellow runners and marshals.

Feed stations were every 3 miles or so with jaffa cakes, sweets, crisps, cupped water, cupped enegy drinks on offer. Full marks there.

Finshers received a nice Halloween-themed medal, bottle of beer and a large bar of chocolate.

There was also a nice selection of cakes and buns for runners to enjoy.

In summary -

Grim Up North races will never have the razzmatazz of some of the high profile races but what you do get is a good value of money and a fun, friendly event.


Posted on 28.10.17

Completed in 2017


Great South Run 2017 (with MNDA charity and #TeamJo)

Great South Run

I entered this race quite late.

The 500 mile+ round trip from Leeds to Portsmouth was a long, long  journey for a 10 mile run but I wanted to support charity I run for so thought, why not?

This race had all the things you would expect from a 'big day' event.

Plenty of stalls, a good atmosphere and large charity village.

I was at MNDA charity tent so didn't have chance to properly explore expo and didn't use baggage store.

Great South Run is fast, flat course - Perfect for people stepping up the distance or those training for a Half Marathon.

The course was on path/road. Route takes runners through historic town and allows runners to see famous 'landmarks' and lovely scenary.

Final 2 miles saw runners go back along the sea front. I had heard ths part of the course can be very tough due to a nasty headwind but on the day it was fairly calm.

Crowd support was superb, as were the marshals.

There was also 'LIVE' music to keep runners entertained.

Water stations were regular with bottled water on offer and also jelly babies at mile 9.

Finishers were given a pretty poor finishers bag containing an ok medal, energy bar, lots of leaflets and not much else.

I trotted around slowly with people from MNDA charity so finished in over 2 hours. To my disappointment they only had Medium or Large finishers shirts left.

A shirt which doesn't fit is pointless.

This race cost over £40 to enter so I expect better. Very poor!

In summary - Lots of positives.

Really good race with great support and atmospere.

Course was very good.

Anybody on form would smash a great time on this course.

Negative side was the medal looks exactly the same as the other 'Great Run' medals. A bit of diversity would be nice.

Finishers bag needs improvement.

Got to mention t-shirt situation.

Running out of Small and XL shirts is simply not good enough.

Organisers been paid already so why should they care about runners?

These events are very good but also expensive to enter.

Poor value in my opinion.

Would I run it again?

Possibly, if I was in the area but travel costs mean its doubtful I will get chance to run this again.

Posted on 23.10.17

Completed in 2017


Manchester Half Marathon 2017

Manchester Half Marathon

Wow! What a fantastic day this was.

I ran this race in 2016 so kind of knew what to expect.

Registration was simple. 

Pre-race information was first class with regular emails.

There was a good atmosphere in race village with usual charity stalls and pre-race and post-race massage options.

The perfect place to meet friends from twitter.

Baggage system was flawless with no queues to deposit or collect bags. All very good.

The race itself was run entirly on road. Course was flat and super fast-

a PB chasers dream. 

Course is not the most senic but it doesn't really matter.

Local support was amazing. Manchester crowds are always 1st class.

Marshals were absolutly brilliant, as always.

Water stations were regular with bottled water and energy gels on offer.

Anybody who has run full or half marathon in Manchester will know about the finish line.

It's at the end of a long, straight road and and seems to take an eternity to reach. The support on that final strech is brilliant.

Finshers were rewarded with a superb tech shirt and quite frankly the best medal I have ever received for a half marathon.

Finishers bag also contained an energy bar and foil heat blanket. 

A couple of other food items would have been nice but never mind.

Runners were also given free pints of Erdinger 0% alcohol lager.

Very refreshing after a long run.

In summary- 

Absolutely brilliant event. Possibly my favorite half marathon this year.

Course is fast, flat and has bags of PB possibilities.

Medal and shirt are fab.

Finishers bag could be better but this is a minor criticism.

Overall, it was a superb day.

I will certainly be back in 2018.




Posted on 15.10.17

Completed in 2017


Bournemouth Supersonic 10k

Supersonic 10K

*** Sorry for the intro but I want to explain my own personal experiences.***

I travelled down from Leeds for the weekend having entered the 10k on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday. I picked up an injury but still expected to get around both events.

Sadly this struggled 10k race proved I had no chance whatsoever of completing a marathon.

Very, very disappointing but I wont let it cloud my views on the Supersonic race.**

Here goes -

Race registration was simple enough.

The pre-race guide which was emailed to participants provided all the information required. Full marks for that.

I didn't use baggage area but have been told it was smooth.

The race itself was an out and back, along the sea front with the return route going along two different piers, followed by a second out and back and then onto the finish line.

A very fast, flat course which is perfect for any PB chasers out there.

Views were very scenic and running along the piers was a nice touch.

Crowd support was very good with plenty of people cheering from vantage points at the cafe/bar as we ran from 2nd pier.

There was also a decent amout of support along the route.

Water stations were fairy regular.

Marshals were fantastic, as always.

Finishers received a nice medal (with 10k keyring attatched) and a BMF tote bag containing various BMF branded merchandise including quaiity tech shirt, foil sheet, water bottle and enegy bar..

My own race from a personal point of view was a disaster but that shouldn't take away from what was a brilliant event.

Bournemouth festival of running is something I certainly recommend and one I would love to do again. 

In summary, this was a great event, well organised with plenty of PB possibilities.

Who doesn't like a run along the beautiful south coast?


Posted on 10.10.17

Completed in 2017


Redcar Half Marathon 2017

Redcar Half Marathon

I entered this race on a whim just 4 days before the event having seen it listed on RaceCheck.

Registration was easy enough.

Communication from organisers was very good.

I arrived at a very picturesque race HQ, collected race number and deposited bag in baggage store with minimal fuss.

There was a friendly atmosphere in and around the venue with a stage set up and DJ/compare entertaining the crowds.

There were various stalls and food outlets. It was a good family occasion.

The day featured fun run, 5k and half marathon. There were also wheelchair athletes participating so everybody was catered for.

I took up the half marathon option. 

Race was road race with an out and back, and back again (if you know whay I mean) route.

I had heard so much about how windy Redcar is but today the conditions were near perfect.

**** Now for my gripe. The route saw runners cross the finish line at mile 7 before contiuing on along the sea front and returning back to officially finish the race.

Crossing the 'finish line' at mile 7 was a little demoralising, knowing you had another 6 miles to do.

Maybe organisers can re-jig the route to stop this happening. Sure it'd be easy to do.

Water stations were regular with bottled water as the only option. I honestly think smaller bottles with an adition of enegy drinks would have been better?

Support from locals was very good. Nature of the course meant it wasn't contiuous but full credit to those who came out to cheer us on.

Marshals were absolutly brilliant.

Finishers bag contained a decent medal, tech shirt, running socks, jelly beans, water, crisps and mars bar.

In summary -

Great event, good value and a nice, friendly atmosphere.

The out and back course might not be to everybody's liking, especially going across finish line at mile 7 but it is a race I would certainly do again.

Posted on 01.10.17

Completed in 2017


Hull Marathon 2017

The RB Hull Marathon

This was first time I had done this race so wasn't quite sure what to expect.

Registration was simple enough. Runners were kept well informed throughout with regular emails and news via social media.

Numbers were collection only. Not ideal but organisers happily allowed people to collect their friend's numbers along with there own.

Race had various distance including Marathon, half marathon and relay. This suited all abillities.

Baggage area was well organised, fast, simple and trouble free.

There was a complete ban on all ipods and music players which did upset some. This is a health and safety issue so I don't really have a problem with it.

Race stated outside KC Stadium and was on paths and roads.

Route was mixed but quite scenic in places. It took runners along the front (stunning views) before looping back on itself and going through dock yards and industrial estate.

Highlight was running across the iconic Humber Bridge before returning back over the bridge. Some of the views were quite stunning. Runners were then taken through an athletics track before heading to finishline inside the magnificent KC Stadium.

Course is described as 'flat' by organisers - I would describe is as slightly undulating with 2 or 3 hills to tackle.

Water stations were regular enough with gels & enegy drinks at later stations.

Marshal and local support were absolutely brilliant.

Finishing inside stadium was a nice touch.

On offer for finishers was a top quality medal, shirt and a few other bits n pieces.

Atmosphere inside the stadium was very good.

** On a seperate note, I accidentally left my timing chip at hotel.

Thankfully, they sorted me a new number & timing chip with no fuss.

Thanks, and sorry for any inconvieniance.

In summary this was a fantastic race to do.

I can't speak highly enough about the support from marshals and Hull public. It was first class.

I can't really think of many, or any negatives. Maybe enrgy drinks at earlier water stations should be considered?

I would definatly do this race again.

Posted on 24.09.17

EHM Night 5K

English Half Marathon 5k Night Run

This is a very difficult race to review for reasons which will become obvious. 

Lets start with the many positives.

This was first time this race has taken place, and what a fantastic addition to the EHM weekend of racing. 

Registration was simple enough. 

Baggage was spot on. 

Atmophere was superb. 

Race setting looked fantastic with start/finish line at Victoria Park Athletics track all lit up. 

There was a bit of a queue for people who'd ordered t-shirts but nothing to worry about.

All good thus far.

Many of the runners lined up wearing head torches. (I need to invest in one myself).

Race started at the track, had a bit of a trail/grassy middle section before finishing with a lap of the track. 

Race was a bit congested at first but was ok once field spread out.

It was nice flat course.

Now for the (big) negative.

*** I'm sorry to have to mention this but it was a major issue, and disappointment  of the night.

As we entered the stadium for the finish, I knew we were way short of the 5k so assumed it must finish with 2 laps of the track. Sadly this was not the case.

The course was accurately measured but  somehow the runners took wrong turning and missed section resulting in the route being 4K instead of the 5k.

I've been told this was down to an error by a race marshal or no marshal at a key part of the course to direct runners.

Either way, organisers have to take full responsibility and it spoilt what should have been a brilliant event.

I actually carried on running until I'd passed 5k distance. I saw many other runners who did the same.

I spoke to officials who were very upset & apologetic.

We're all human. We all make mistakes.

Going back to the positives- Finishers were rewarded with an absolutely fantastic medal, beer & food. 

I'm teetotal so gave my pint of the fantastically named 'Runners Ruin' beer to a fellow runner.

Once again there was a nice post-race atmosphere. People clearly enjoyed the event.

In summary this race will go from strength to strength. 

It was a super event and a nice start to what was a fantastic weekend of running events. 

The short course was a massive, massive disappointment- there's no glossing over that. 

Im sure organisers are as disappointed as the runners. Harsh lessons will be learnt and next year's event will be awesome. 

Would I do this race again?


Posted on 19.09.17

Completed in 2017


English Half Marathon 2017

English Half Marathon

I ran English Half Marathon last year. It was one of the stand out races so entering in 2017 was a very easy decision.

The day saw both 10K and Half Marathon distances, plus a 1 mile 'fun' race afterwards. This mean't it catered for all abilities & made it a good family occation.

Registration was simple enough. Runners were kept well informed with regular emails.

Race packs were posted with mine arrived just two days before the race.

Baggage was busy but trouble-free. Fair play to volunteers who did a brilliant job.

There was a super atmosphere in and around race HQ.

It was brilliant to meet up with #VisorClub members and friends from twitter.

The race itself was excellent.

Finding starting zone was easy enough.

Water stations were regular and well stocked. 

Local support was very good.

Race route was run on road or flat paths. It started in town centre, went into country lanes before heading back to town centre, via a fleeting run around Warrington RL Stadium. Course was undulating and fairly hilly for first 7/8 miles but final 5 miles or so were mainly flat or downhill.

The finish line is a sight to behold with a red carpet and Golden Gates finish. Visually, it is possibly the best I have experienced.

It looks fit for royalty.

EMH is renowned for lovely bling. The finisher's medal didn't disappoint. Medal was big. solid and beautiful.

Runners were also rewarded with quality finishers bag which included a shirt, beer token and a large amounts items to eat. 

10/10 for that.

Now for the gripe -

The finish line was rammed with runners who were queuing to get finishers shirts and medals.

Why were these not placed directly into finshers bags?

Some runners got to finish and struggled to cross line due to congestion. It's an area that needs looking at. 

A few simple tweaks would have solved this problem.

There was a mini post-race festival with 'LIVE' music, food, beers and a great atmosphere.

In summary -

If you want a brilliant finsh with top-notch bling then this is the race to do. Both are quite stunning.

Down side was the congestion. Putting shirts and medals into finishers bag is the obvious thing to do.

This is a race I will do every year. That's how highly I rate it.

Finally can I pay tribute to the pacers and marshals who did an absolute fantastic job.





Posted on 17.09.17

Completed in 2017


Marathon In A Day 2017

Marathon In A Day

I was invited to enter this event by friends from the world of Twitter.

So pleased to have taken on the challenge.

Rules were simple enough.

Run or walk 26.2miles within a period of 24 hours. This could be done solo or in a team.

Sounds easy but it's actually more tricky than many realise.

All profit goes to MIND charity- such a great cause.

I chose the solo marathon option.

My marathon was done in three sections.

Part 1-

10am- 13.13 miles in Fleetwood. (01:45:57)

Part 2-

1:13pm 8.18 miles Fleetwood to Blackpool. (01:13:02)

Part 3- 

7:03pm 5.19miles in my home city of Leeds. (0:46:58)

26.5miles in total. 

Believe me, it wasn't easy but it's been a wonderful thing to be part of.

The camaraderie amongst our group on Twitter has been fantastic. 

Seeing people work together as a team, progress and have a laugh in the process has been brilliant. 

It sums up what a special bond there is in the running community.

There's been fantastic efforts right across the board.

It's been such a rewarding experience. 

Massive well done, everybody. 

Posted on 11.09.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great North Run 2017

Great North Run

Great North Run is seen by many as the flagship, 'must do' half marathon. 

Is it a good race? - Yes. 

Is it worth the unbridled hype? - Possibly not. 

Pre-race info was excellent with regular emails  

There was a really good atmosphere in and around race HQ. 

Baggage was straight forward with deposit & collection both trouble free.

Race itself started in a chaotic fashion with starting pens a complete mess.

I was eventually forced to take my place way down in the white zone instead of orange. 

I'd describe the course itself as mildly undulating. A couple of hills but nothing too serious. Congestion means this isn't really a PB Half Marathon.   

The local support was awesome throughout. Race marshals are unsung heroes in my eyes. They did a brilliant job. 

It's not the prettiest 13.1miles but the run across Tyne Bridge and especially the cheering crowds at the finish were brilliant. 

Finishers were rewarded with a great looking, solid medal, tech shirt & ok finishers bag. Bag included couple of protein bars, some kind of washing conditionioner & a packet of spaghetti. 

There was an extensive charity village so it was great to meet friends from the charity I run for. 

In summary- GNR is a massive occation for North East and a decent half marathon. 

I don't think it's worth the hype in all honesty. Crowd support was first class but congestion means this will never be a super fast course. 

Would I do it again? Probably but I can take it or leave it. 

Posted on 10.09.17

Humber Coastal Half Marathon

ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon

This was the first year of this race so we were all going into the unknown and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Registration was simple & straight forward. Runners were kept well informed throughout with regular emails from organisers. 

Baggage system was flawless. 

There was a friendly atmosphere in and around the place. 

The race itself started and finished on the sea front and was on a largely flat course. This course would have PB possibilities had it not been for a 2mile section. The path at around mile 8 was flat but the loose terrain made it very taxing on the legs. Other than that, it was pretty flat.

As mentioned at start of review, the race finished on sea front plenty of cheers from spectators. Crowd & marshal support was 1st class.

Finishers were rewarded with a top quality tech shirt, decent medal, tote bag, stick of Humber Coastal HM rock, water plus a token for an ice cream.

The free ice cream was a nice touch. 

In summary, it was an excellent race on a mainly flat course. The difficult terrain at mile 8 was a bit anoying but overall it was a fast, flat course and a great race.  

Would I do it again? Too right I would.

Thanks Cleethorpes for a super day.  

Posted on 03.09.17

Completed in 2017


Fleetwood Half Marathon 2017

Fleetwood Half Marathon

This was 2nd time I have done this race having completed it in 2016.

Can't speak highly enough of Fylde Coast running events. 

This was no exception.

Registration, race briefing and number collection were all 1st class.

There was a great atmosphere in and around race HQ with merch stalls, food outlets and pre-race massge options available.

Race itself was a fast, flat, partial looped run with with bags of potential for PB chasers out there.

Support from marshals and Fleetwood public was fantastic.

Water stations were plentyfull with bottled water option. Gels weren't on offer but I don't think they are needed for half marathons.

Finish line was at was at HQ. The guy on P.A welcoming home the runners was very entertaing and quick witted. 

It added to what was an already great atmosphere.

Finishers were rewarded with a top class medal, chocolate, water and bananna.

Entry fee was very low at £18 (affiliated).

Great value for such a top event.

Post race massage was available at £10. I took up the option. It was worth every penny because they did a brilliant job.

In summary, this was a typical Flyde Coast Race - well organised, friendly and great value.

Posted on 20.08.17

Completed in 2017


Newark Half Marathon

Newark Half Marathon

I've done this race in 2016 so I kind of knew what to expect. 

Newark Half Marathon was a really good event. Registration & baggage were simple enough. There was a good pre-race atmosphere. 

Race itself was fairly fast with couple of hills to tackle but nothing too bad. 

Course was mostly on country roads with reasonable views.

Marshal support was excellent. Local support was pretty good too. 

Drink stations were fairly regular with only cupped water on offer. Not perfect but it did the trick ok. 

Final half mile had grass section to test tired legs. 

Finishers were rewarded with a good, quality tech shirt & a reasonable medal. Finishers bag which contained various bits to eat & water. 

There was also a free massage option with I took advantage of.

It was very welcome. 

All things considered, it was a very good day and good value for money.

The course isn't entirely flat but it has potential for a decent time. 

Posted on 13.08.17

Completed in 2017


Gloucester Marathon 2017 - improvements needed. £56 - Not good value

Gloucester City Marathon

Ok, where do I start?

After much deliberation I entered Gloucester Marathon quite late on. 

Entry fee was very expensive. Just checked my email. It cost £52 to enter marathon, plus a 'processing fee' of £4.38. At £56.38 in total, this is possibly the most expensive race I have ever entered.

There was a promise of a flat course, finishers medal, vest & bag. It looked a decently organised event so I thought, why not.

Registration was simple enough with regular emails to participants.

Race number was collection only so I arrived at HQ the day before the race.

Here lies the first problem -

Along wiith race number we were also given out finishers vest.

This is a complete no-no for me. No finishers prizes should ever be given until AFTER a race. I bundled it into my bag and refused to even look at it.

Race day itself had a good atmosphere in and around HQ.

Baggage was straight forward and trouble free.

This race had the HALF or FULL MARATHON option.

Participants of both distances started together with half & full races going their separate ways after about 4miles.

I couldn't see starting waves based on expected finishing times. This wasn't really a problem as I alway start marathons very slowly.

I even don't recall seeing a start line - maybe I just missed it?

The race itself started in city centre and headed out into the countryside.

Race was nowhere near as flat as portrayed by organisers with odd small hills throughout.

There was a fairly big hill around half way but worse was to follow. The mother of all hills met runners at mile 17.

Only option was to walk up this hill from hell.

There were also flat sections so it wasn't all bad.

Some of the terrain in 2nd half of marathon was very taxing on the legs. Rough, bumpy pathways were quite testing. There was also a strange downhill section in final mile which saw runners run down a very steep plank into woodland before heading through area of houses and onto the finishing stretch.

The course was overall, very scenic with superb views for most part.

Local support was very good with plenty of encouragement. Always very welcome when going gets tough.

*****Biggest concern was the water stations. I don't like to criticise organisers too much but this needs addressing.

Water stations were fairly regular especially in 1st half of the marathon distance however on at least two occasions we got to water station to find there was no water left.

This is unacceptable especially given the hot, conditions of the day. This is a health & safety issue so it urgently needs attention.

Marshals were very good as were the crowd support. 

Finishers were rewarded with a reasonable medal but finishers bag was very pretty poor.

A muesli bar, small High 5 tablets & plenty of leaflets. 

The medal & vest should've been placed in the bag to give it more substance. 

**** In summary - Good atmosphere, great  support  with some lovely scenery to enjoy. 

Not as flat as portrayed with some challenging hills & tough terrain to tackle. 

Prizes BEFORE race are so wrong. 

The water issue needs urgent attention. I'm sure organisers will be aware of this. 

Entry fee was VERY high (£56.36 including booking fee) so couple of extra items in finishers bag would've been expected. Poor value in my opinion. Posting race numbers would have also been nice.

Would I do this again? Possibly but I'd expect big improvements for next year. 

Posted on 06.08.17

Completed in 2017


Salwick Scorcher Marathon (Thursday)

Salwick Scorcher Marathons

My participation in this event happened almost by a fluke. 

I became aware on this event when somebody mentioned it on Twitter. 

All distances were covered. Races happened each day over a 7 day period. There was a campsite option for those who fancied doing races over several days. Course was on decent road surface.

All good thus far.

Only problem was Salwick is a bit tucked away for somebody traveling for one day only, using public transport. 

I took a very, very late decision to enter and travellled early morning from Leeds to Peeston. B&W Taxi from station to race HQ was £18 although there are cheaper taxi options  

On the day registration was simple enough. There was a warm, friendly atmosphere. Event staff were very helpful & chatty. 

I took up the marathon option. Race was a 6-lap route on decent road surface. 

I would describe the course as mixture of flat/undulating with nice scenic views to enjoy.

Marshall support was 1st class but nature of course meant local support was non existent.

As the field spread out, it became quite a lonely race. It almost felt like a solo LSR.

Aid station was at end of each lap allowed plenty of options to refuel.

There were lots of encouragement from event staff. 

Finishers were rewarded with a top notch medal. 

There was also a merch stand & massage option. 

I very much enjoyed this race.

Organisers, Time2Run put on a great day. 

Would I do this race again? Yes, I certainly would. 

Using campsite facility is something I will do next time. 

Posted on 27.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Windmill Half Marathon

Windmill Half Marathon

I've done many Fylde coast running events. Always great value. This was another example. 

Race number collection was simple & straight forward.

The race itself was based & run at the beautiful Fairhaven Lake, Latham StAnnes. It can be a little awkward to get to but nothing a taxi didn't solve. It cost £11 for taxi from out hotel in Blackpool. There is also a regular bus service.

The race was run in hot temperatures.

Scenery was quite stunning.

It was a flat, 2 lap course run mainly on paths, although there was a grassy section which was testing on tired legs.

The nature of 2 lap races mean you often see mileage signs for 2nd lap distance.

This can be quite demoralising.

Local support was decent but not spectacular.

Marshal support was 1st class.   

Finishers were rewarded with a fantastic, solid medal & water. 

A finishers shirt would have been nice but not to worry. 

In summary, this is a brilliant race.  

If you want scenic running with top bling then this is the race to do. 

Posted on 16.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Canal Summer Extravaganza 2017

Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza

This was a typically good Grim Up North race. 

Always top quality, friendly events without the razzmatazz of other higher profile races. One thing you get from their races is value for money. 

This race covered all distances-  5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon & ultra. 

I originally signed up for the Half Marathon race but asked if I could upgrade to full marathon. They duly agreed.

It was a risky tactic- I'll explain later.

There was a nice atmosphere pre-race.

Registration & baggage were quick and easy.

The race was preceded with a minute's applause for multi marathon runner Ben Ashworth who sadly lost his battle with cancer. Very moving.

This was a poignant moment for everybody.  I hope Ben's family take some comfort from how well respected he was.   

Course was an out & back run along the Leeds/Liverpool canal pathways.

Paths were fairly flat for most of the course with odd bumpy path and canal lock to navigate.

Water stations were regular and also included sweets & gels later on into the race. 

Marshal support was absolute first class.

Local support was minimal apart from the odd dog walker. Canal races can be quite lonely but the out & back course meant runners encouraged as they approached one other. 

Finishers of all distances were rewarded with a finishers bag with included a large bar of chocolate and a bottle of beer. 

There was also cakes, sweets and a BBQ for finishers of all distances. The burger I had was tasty & very welcome. 

Runners should have also recieved a medal but there was a problem with the suppliers so they will be posted as soon as possible. 

I have done several of their races & have never had a problem like this. They explained situation pre-race so it wasn't a surprise. The medal will arrive later so it's all good. 

All things considered, this is a great event to do. I would certainly recommend it. 


I came into this race carrying a hip injury but foolishly upgraded from half to full marathon on morning of the race.

I've always been a risk taker when it comes to running but in hindsight this wasn't the wisest thing to do. 

As race started I felt discomfort in hip area but battled through the pain before finally quitting after 20.3miles - my first ever DNF.

I was very down in the dumps about it and still feel extremely disappointed today. 20 miles is a hard thing to do when you're not fit so I am satisfied that I gave my all.

Lesson learned but this didn't take away from what is a super event. 

Thanks to Cath & Diane for putting on a great event. 

Thanks once again to the race marshals for their help & support. 

Posted on 12.07.17

Completed in 2017


Leeds 10k 2017

Asda Foundation Leeds 10K

This race will always be special to me for a few reasons. 

2015 Leeds 10k was my first ever race, it's well organised and is my home city race.  

Run For All are in my opinion the best race organisers out there.

Leeds 10k is a massive event for my city.

The fast, flat course makes it the perfect event for anybody looking to do their first 10k race.

Registration, baggage were quick & easy and there was a nice atmosphere at HQ and in the charity village. 

The course doesn't really do this great city justice. 

The race route could be better in my opinion.

Start is very good with a nice run through the city centre. The middle section is not very scenic and quite boring but the finish in front of the iconic Leeds Town Hall is fantastic. 

On a positive note, this course has PB written all over it and crowd support is superb throughout.

Water stations were regular and marshal support was 1st class. 

I was asked to join twitter pal Brett Anderson who was running dressed as Batman and take the role of Robin. I accepted the challenge.

The support we received was out of this world.  

Finishers were greeted with an almighty Leeds roar and rewarded with a top quality tech shirt, lovely medal, chocolate, nuts & protein shake.  

There was also free medal engraving &

massage option.  

Good value if you break it down. 

This was another superb Run For All event. 

It was the perfect day. 

Posted on 09.07.17

Completed in 2017


Southport Half Marathon 2017

Southport Half Marathon and 10k

Southport- what's there not to love about the place?

Registration was simple enough.

Baggage drop was easy but nobody was there to supervise it so an element of trust is required. Runners are an honest bunch so I wasn't worried.

Race day incorporated both 10k & half marathon events.

There was a nice pre-race atmosphere. 

The course itself was fast, pretty flat with some stunning, scenic views for runners to enjoy. The out & back section along the sea front can get windy but it wasn't too bad.

Marshal support was very good, as was support from locals. Finishers were rewarded with a top quality medal & a great tech shirt. Finishers bag was pretty poor with leaflets, a protein bag and little else. 

Southport HM is a brilliant event. One I would happily do every year. 

**One slight issue was the finish line. It became massively congested with runners waiting for their medal/shirt. This meant a queue to cross finish line for some. This needs looking at but it didn't take away from what is a superb event. 

Cant speak highly enough about southport. It's a super place to run. 

Posted on 02.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Black Country Half Marathon

Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon

Heard so many good things about this race. It came highly recommended so expectations were high. 

Registration was simple enough.

Pre-race briefings were informative. 

This was a point to point race.

Baggage drop off was simple & straight forward with all bags transported to finish line.  Nice and handy. 

The race itself was run along canal paths starting in Wolverhampton and finishing in Birmingham.

The race started in waves, depending on predicted times.

This is where the problems started for me. Paths were narrow, bumpy, uneven & slippy throughout. It was like running on a cobbled path for 13.1 miles.

My usual tactic for half and full marathons is to switch off and run. This was impossible as I had to concentrate on not tripping up. It was very difficult for me to get any kind of rhythm. 

Paths were hazardous in places. The long tunnel at aprx 4mile was perfect example of this. 

Running in almost complete darkness, on narrow, slippy, uneven paths wasn't much fun. I genuinely felt claustrophobic and uneasy. 

The route continued in a similar vein with bumpy paths throughout.

I saw a couple of people suffer injuries due to tripping over. Not good to see but no surprise in all honesty.

The course wasn't as flat as advertised with bridges on regular occasions to tackle. 

Water stations were fairly regular with cups of water every 3 miles.

Final couple of miles saw yet more bridges to cross. I was quite relieved to finally cross the finish line. 

Finishers were well rewarded with a super medal, t-shirt. There was also a good quality finishers bag which consisted of water bottle, box of energy gels, stick of rock, crisps and water. Full marks for that. 

In summary- This race is highly regarded but it simply wasn't for me.

Hated the uneven paths. Fear of tripping over was constantly there which made the run frustrating. 

Sorry if I sound negative but I always try to be constructive in my reviews. Honesty is best policy. 

On a positive note, there was a good atmosphere at start & finish. Baggage system was perfect & finishers were well rewarded with a top notch medal, shirt & quality finishers bag. 

Would I do this race again? Probably not but I can understand why many would. 

This was 10th anniversary of this race & im sure it will go on for many more years to come.

Many come back year after year so maybe I'm being a bit harsh?

Posted on 01.07.17

Completed in 2017


Warrington 10k

Warrington 10K

Plan was not to run this event but my mate offered me a lift from Leeds to Warrington so I thought, why not?

Number collection/registration was straight forward enough. 

This was a club run 10k hosted by Warrington Road runners.

There was a nice pre-race atmosphere with most runners wearing their club colours. I followed suit & wore vest of my local running club, South Leeds Lakers.

Course was a 2 lap route, mainly on paths although there was a grass/trail section. Heavy rain had meant there was a bit of mud but it wasn't too bad.

The route was fast & flat overall although it did get congested at times due to the narrow paths, which slowed down faster runners.

Marshal support was 1st class. There was also a bit of support from locals which was nice.

Finishers were rewarded with a medal, water & a muesli bar. 

There was also a massage option. 

Quite enjoyed this event. Having it on a Friday is nice as it frees up your weekend to do others things. 

Being from West Yorkshire means this race isn't ideally located for me but if I was in the area then I would do it again. 

Thanks Warrington Road Runners for a good event. 

Posted on 30.06.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Hayley's Cancer fight charity 10k

Hayley's Cancer Fight 10k

This was a last minute decision to do this race. The offer of a lift & appeal of a Friday night race, supporting such a worthy cause was too tempting to refuse. 

Race HQ was at Derby County football club. There was a decent pre-race atmosphere. 

The race itself was an out & back route along pathways in very scenic surroundings. A fast, flat-ish course. 

Marshal support was absolute 1st class. They never stopped encouraging the runners. The nature of the route meant you could encourage runners as they ran towards you. 

Finishers were rewarded with a medal, water, enegy drinks & cake. 

As an affiliated runner, this event cost me just £9 to enter. Wonderful value. 

I'm so happy to have made the trip from Leeds to Derby to support this cancer fund raiser. 

Hayley, herself handed out medals to finishers. It was a very humbling experience.

Hayley is bravest of the brave. 

The event was absolutely fantastic and I'm so happy & proud to have supported it. 

Posted on 25.06.17

Completed in 2017


Humber Bridge Half Marathon 2017

Humber Bridge Half Marathon

I entered this race at quite late notice. The appeal of running across the iconic Humber Bridge was very tempting.

Reason for my delay was chest issues made hilly runs quite difficult.

I'd heard horror stories of the mile long 'Cardiac Hill' and one or two dauting inclines to tackle.

As it happens, theses hills were challenging but I have done worse.

Registration was simple. Participants were kept updated with regular emails.

There was a good pre-race atmosphere at race HQ.

Baggage drop was also straight forward, without any queues.

All good, thus far.

The race itself was challenging but also had odd fast section.

Only complaint was parts of the course were quite narrow so became congested.

Water stations were plentyful. Marshals did a fantstic job and local support was decent.

The run across the bridge was something different. The hills were testing but it added to the fun.

Overall it was a very good route but certainly not a PB course.

After the infamous 'Cardiac Hill' the runners were treated to a nice downhill section before a somewhat breezy return across the bridge and onto the finish.

Finishers were rewarded with an ok medal (but not spectacular) , finishers shirt and various munchies, water and enegy drinks.

The finishers shirt was disappointing with far too many adverts and no image of the iconic bridge.

There was also a free massage option - always welcome after a hard race.

Overall, it was a great day with a good atmosphere.

It's a race I would do again.

Posted on 25.06.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Sherwsbury HM. Mega tweet up with a couple of hills

Shrewsbury Half Marathon

What can I say about today.

Shrewsbury half marathon was my 24th race of 2017 and possibly the best race of the year.

Massive thanks to Joe and UK RunChat for putting on a flawless event.

There was a great atmosphere at race HQ and it was the perfect chance to meet so many wonderful friends from Twitter and RunChat community.

Race itself was run in stiffling heat. I'd heard so much about the hilly course which caused me big concern going into the race.

As it happens, the hills were challenging but not as bad as I had feared. There were downhill sections to compensate for the tricky inclines.

Local support was 1st class, as were the race marshals. 

Water stations were well stocked and quite regular.

Finishers were rewarded with a quality finishers shirt and medal.

There was also a free massage which was very much appeciated.

Thanks once again to everybody for making this such a memorable day.

I will 100% be back in 2018 to do it all again.


Posted on 18.06.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Summer Track Marathon (relay)

Summer Track Marathon

I did the full winter track marathon back in February so I knew the drill.

I originally signed up for the full marathon option again but my twin brother suffered an injury so we took up the option of running it as a 2-man relay.

Registration was easy enough.

Baggage was as simple as it comes.

The weather was dreadful early morning but the rain stopped & the sun appeared.  All good thus far.

Track marathon is what it is. Testing both physically and mentally. 

The idea of 105.5 laps of a running track might sound like hell on earth for many but ignore the lanes, get in the zone & run. Nice & easy. 

Laps were counted by an electronic chip which was attached to the ankle so at least we were spared the trauma of counting laps ourselves.

Music was played over public address system to keep the runners occupied. All music was picked by the runners on registration so we got a real mixed bag covering all genres. 

Haven't had official results but I ran 13.4miles of the relay. My twin then took over and ran 10miles. We then did final 3 miles between us. 

There was a good atmosphere and camaraderie amongst runners but obviously not much local support. 

Poditives of a track marathon are obvious. Water stations & toilets every 400 meters, flat & fast course.

If you can cope with the boredom then you'll be ok.

Funishers were rewarded with a top quality medal & a bottle of larger. (I'm teetotal so handed mine to another participant). 

There was also a free massage & various energy drinks & water. 

Would I do it again? Yes, I would. 

Posted on 11.06.17

Completed in 2017


Ramathon 2017 - absolute class

Derby Ramathon

This is the first time I have done this race and loved every minute of it.

Registration, baggage and organisation were all pretty flawless.

Course was flat with only mild inclines. PB possibilities for sure.

Marshals and crowd support were very good. Water stations were regular and quite well stocked.

route went through centre of Derby and then drifted off road along gravel paths. Some of the views were very scenic.

The race ended outside Derby County football ground. 

A stadium finish would have been nice but never mind.

Finishers were rewarded with a superb finishers shirt and top quality medal. 

I had a free post race massage. It was quite possible the best massage I have ever had. 

I would like to thank everybody for a brilliant day. I will certainly be back again in 2018.

Posted on 04.06.17

Completed in 2017


RnR Marathon - I love Rock 'n' Roll

Rock n Roll Liverpool

This is the second time I have done this race, having done the RnR marathon in 2016. I absolutely love this event.

We arrived at HQ to quite frankly the longest baggage store queues I have ever witnessed. This was due to added security following tragic events at Manchester Arena just 6 days earlier. My concern was short lived as they opened additional doors and the queues soon eased. All good.

There was a warm, friendly atmosphere in and around the place.

The race was preceeeded with a minute's silence.

The marathon route is quite challenging in spells but has it all - water front, parks, scenic views of the city, visits both of the football stadiums, city centre, docklands, with finish line infront of the Echo Arena. Course has a couple of nasty hills to tackle but also has faster sections.

I am a big music fan so having LIVE music every mile or so was a big lift.

Water stations were spentyfull. Many had gels and enegy drinks on offer.

The marshals were superb, as were the support from the Liverpool public.

Finishers were rewarded with a top quality medal, finishers shirt, free beer token and various bits and pieces.

There was also a post race mini music festival and a great atmosphere.

If you like bling then this is the race to do. There were medals galore for people who ran at both days. I personally think there is too many medals on offer - less would be better in my opinion.

The only thing that was missing was post race massage option. Maybe it's something the organisers can consider for future events.

All things considered, it was a brilliant event. I have already booked my place at RnR 2018. Thanks Liverpool for a brillant weekend of running.

Finally, can I thank the police and marshal for keeping us all safe. In many ways they have an impossible job.

** I dedicated each of the first 22 miles to the victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester. 

Posted on 29.05.17

Completed in 2017


5k at Rock & Roll marathon

Rock n Roll Liverpool

This was first time I've done the 5k race. It was a nice taster, perfect for any new runners to sample the atmosphere & flavour of a big race event. 

Route was pretty standard with a nice finish inside Echo Arena. 

It was a good event. 

Posted on 29.05.17

Completed in 2017


Leeds Half Marathon 2017

The Plusnet Leeds Half Marathon

This is second time I have done this race.

Run For All are without doubt, my favorite race organisers. 

They always put on a great event and look after all taking part.

2017 Leeds Half Marathon was no exception.

Event village had a nice, warm atmosphere. Baggage drop ran like clock work. All very good.

Race itself is quite tough. City centre start with a hilly 3 - 7 miles.

Some of the pathways got a little congested at times.

Route has a fast 2nd half. Course doesn't quite do Leeds justice but it's a decent enough run. Final trek along Kirkstall Road can be quite testing (mentally) before a decent city centre finish in front of civic hall.

Marshal support was 1st class, as was the support from Leeds public.

Water stations were regular, with water and gels as race reached mid way point.

Finishers were rewarded with a top quality medal, finishers shirt and excellent finishers bag. There was also pints of Erdinger 0% larger for free.

Another nice bonus was free sports massage and medal engraving.

When you break it down, it's great value for money.

I have already signed up for the 2018 race. It was a very easy decision.

Posted on 14.05.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


North Lincs Half Marathon

North Lincolnshire Half Marathon

This is first time I have done this race and I really enjoyed it.

Course was fast and flat, perfect for any PB chasers.

Route started near athletics ground and finished with a lap of the track.

It was a scenic, rural run.

Nature of the course meant crowd support was quite sparse at times.This a positive if you don't like the hustle & bustle that you get at somes races. Marshal support was first class. Water stations were at regular intervals.

Finishers were rewarded with a top quality medal, tech shirt and small finishers bag.

Overall, it was a great day. Would I do it again? Yes I certainly would.

Thanks for a very well organised race.


Posted on 07.05.17

Completed in 2017


MK Marathon 2017

Milton Keynes Marathon

Been looking forward to this race for a while. I did the MK half marathon in 2016 so I kind of knew the format.

Registration was simple enough as I already had my race number. There were monster queues for those collecting race numbers on the day but thankfully that didnt effect me.

Race HQ was busy and had good atmosphere. Baggage drop off was simple and quick, plus there were no toilet queues. All very good so far.

Getting to starting position in starting pen was a bit of a problem.

There were half and full marathon runners with sprinkling of spectators adding to the congestion.

Race started with the bloke on loud speaker giving a motivational speach. It did nothing for me lol.

Race was a hillier start than expected. Some of the roads were a little bumpy so I had to be on my guard not to fall as I had done at previous marathon 8 days earlier.

The 26.2 mile course was a real mixture of out and backs, mild hills, roads, paths, stunning lakeside views and the odd duel carrage way.

Some of the paths were very taxing on the legs but overall, I thought it was a decent run.

Crowd support was low-key for most although that wasn't the case for me personally. Running with my twin brother got us so much attention throughout. It was a real lift.

Water stations were evenly spread out with water, gels and enegy drinks on offer.

Stadium finish was fantastic. Stadium MK is the perfect place to complete a race.

Runners were rewarded with a high quality medal and fantastic finishers shirt. Goodie bag contained various munchies etc.

Post race massage was available for a bargain £5 which I took advantage of. It was very welcome.

All things considered, it was a great race and very well organised. I would highly recommend it.

***** Sorry but I cant finish this review without mentioning a sign which had been put up by race organisers at mile 15. It read "Pain is temporary - DNF lasts forever". I thought this was in very poor taste. Not finishing a race must be a terrible thing for any runner. To make a joke out of it is completely wrong. I hope organisers get this sign and stick it in the dustbin where it belongs! 

Thanks MK for a brillant day. I'll certainly be back in 2018.

Posted on 02.05.17

Blackpool Marathon 2017

Blackpool Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k

FCREvents always put on good races. This was another great example. Race had three distance options- 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon. I entered the marathon.

This is the first time I have done this race and only decided to enter just hours before restistration closed.

Weather was pretty perfect with sun and a nice cool breeze.

Marathon course was a 2 lap, out and back route on road/paths. Some of the paths were slightly uneven which I found out to my cost. 5 miles into the race I fell. Nobody to blame but myself. Thankfully, I was able to dust myself down and carry on.

There were a couple of hills to navigate but overall, it was genrally flat (ish). 

Biggest hill was at end of each lap (13/26 miles). Not what you want at the end of a tough race.

I found the going quite tough as this was my 4th marathon this month. On a normal day, this is a fairly fast course.

Water stations were fairly regular but contained water only. Spectator support was quite sparse away from the front so jelly babies were in short supply.

Finishers were rewarded with a lovely big medal, quality tech shirt, chocolate and bananna.

Special mention to the race marshals who never stopped encouraging the runners. Magnificent support.

Really enjoyed my trip to Blackpool and would definately do this race again.

Posted on 24.04.17

Completed in 2017


Boston Marathon (UK) 2017

Boston UK Marathon and Half

I had been eagerly anticipating this race all year.

Telling people I was running the Boston Marathon impressed everyone, until they fiound out it was Boston, Lincolnshire.

Apart from the name, one of the main attractions of this race was it fast, flat and had bags of PB potential.

It certainltly didn't disappoint on that score. Any runner on good form could easily smash a great time. The 26.2 course was also very pictureque. The race marshals were also brilliant.

All very positive.

Now for the negetive -

I ran Brighton marathon 8 days previously. The crowd support was best I have ever experienced.

Boston marathon was the exact opposite.

80-90% of the course had no, or very little support. This was mainly due to the rural 26.2mile route.

Water stations were quite regular but included water only, with no gels or enegy drinks.

Finishers were rewarded with a small medal, water bottle and very, very cheap cotton t-shirt. There was no finishers bag at all and no food items on offer, not even a bananna. I have never finished a marathon and not been given some kind of nutrition.

This is very poor in my opinion. It's an area that the organisers need to address.

In summary, if you're chasing a marathon PB then this is the one to do.

If you like crowd support, tech shirts & goodie bags then you will be disappointed.

Would I do this race again? Yes, I would but there certain issues which need looking at.

Overall, it was a good race.

Posted on 17.04.17

Completed in 2017


Brighton Marathon 2017

Brighton Marathon

I travelled down to Brighton from West Yorkshire for this race.

Train fares, hotel & race fee made it an expensive race to do.

There was a great atmosphere at race village the day before the race. I still don't know why they don't post race numbers out, rather than having the hassle of collecting day before but never mind.

Number collection itself was pretty straight forward with minimal queues.

Race was overall, very good. A few hills in early on but not too bad thereafter. Course was at times, very scenic.

Now for my complaint -

Organisers need to look again at the water stations. Race took place on a very hot, sunny day. Tiny half filled cups of water were totally inadiquate. I have been told that some of the water staions actually ran out of water. This is totally unacceptable. I saw many runners collapse late on. Organisers need to hand out bottles water, not flimsy cups.

Finishers were rewarded with a brighton Marathon bag, lovely medal, shirt and a few other bits n pieces.

There was a good post-race atmosphere. Baggage collection was straight forward and toilet queues weren't too bad.

My abiding memory of the day was the amazing crowd support. It is by far, the best I have experienced. 

Would I do this race again? Yes.

Posted on 10.04.17

Manchester Marathon 2017

ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon

Another fantastic Manchester Marathon.

Great to see the baggage problems of 2016 appear to have been corrected.

Course was mostly flat, well marshalled, with superb local support.

This race has PB written all over it.

Aid stations were ok but not spectacular. Mainly water with enegy gels in latter stages.

Finisher were rewarded with a beautiful medal and finishers shirt.

Finshers bag wasn't great. An enegy bar and foil sheet, along with the forementioned shirt & medal.

There was a massge option in return for a £5 charity donation. Always worth taking advantage of.

It was a very well organised event. Highly reccomended.

One of the highlights of today was meeting friends from twitter.


Posted on 02.04.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


South Park 20

I was looking for a confidence boosting final long slow run beore Manchester Mararthon. 

This race seemed to tick all the boxes. Multi (1 mile) lap race, up to 20 miles. Perfect!

This was my first visit to South Park, Darlington. What a stunning place to run. The weather was absolutely perfect. Sun with a nice breeze.

The course was very scenic and flat, with a couple of minor hills to navigate each lap.

Race had a friendly atmosphere and was well organised. Special mention to the race marshals who did an excellent job.

Finishers were given a average looking medal.

It was a good event.

Only downside was this -

I entered this race as it was multi lap. I could choose distance I wanted to do without preasure.

My intention was never to do the full 20 laps (20 miles) as I had struggled for fitness going into this event.

I did 17 laps (17miles) and then informed race marshals I was stopping at that. I collected finishers medal and thought nothing of it.

I was annoyed when I saw race results showing DNF next to my name.

I'm not a quitter so am really annoyed about this.

Posted on 29.03.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Coventry Half Marathon

This is first time I've done this race. There was a decent pre-race atmosphere at event HQ with genine excitement amongst spectators and runners

Course itself was decent. Hilly in places, mixed in with faster sections throughout.

Final few miles were flat or downhill. 

Crowd support was very good.

Water stations were pretty basic but on a positive note, there was plenty of them throughout the course.

Finshers bag was very poor. There was no finishers shirt. Bag contained a basic medal and bar of chocolate. Rest of bag was made up of numerous leaflets. Pretty poor in my opinion.

Would I do this race again? yes, if I was local but I wouldnt travel.

I think there is better options out there.

Posted on 19.03.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


North London Half Marathon

Vitality North London Half Marathon

Travelled from Leeds to North London for this race and overall, it didnt disappoint.

Well organised event with a nice atmosphere.

Mixed feelings about the race itself. Course was all over the place with confusing mile signs throughout. Route was quite challenging with a couple of nasty hills thrown in for good measure. Marshal support was very good. Local support was not as strong as I would've expected. This race was all about the finish line. The Wembley Stadium finish was sublime. Advertised as the greatest finishline in the world and it's hard to disagree with that statement.

Finishers were rewarded with a nice medal, quality shirt and goodie bag. There was also a post-race massage option but queues were too long so I gave it a miss.

Race was quite expensive to enter but I still think it is reasonable value.

Posted on 14.03.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Leeds/Liverpool Canal Canter

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Canter

Another top quality Grim Up North race. This event covered all distances from 5k to Ultra. I choose the half marathon option.

Course was a basic out and back route along canal pathways. 

Finishers were rewarded with a top quality medal, cake and a beer.

Grim Up North Events are pretty basic, friendly and good value.

Highly reccomended.

Posted on 14.03.17

Completed in 2017


NEWPORT Half Marathon

This was the first time I've done this race and I really enjoyed it.

Course was flat in places with a couple of tricky hills for good measure. Not as flat as expected but was overall, quite scenic.

Weather wasn't very nice so full credit to the many people who came out to support the runners. 

Also big thanks to the race marshals who did a fantastic job.

The runners were well rewarded with a lovely finishers shirt and quality medal plus other goodies. There was also post-race massage which was very welcome.

Only downside was result didn't appear on and the course seemed to be slightly long.

Overall, it was a great race. Would I do it again? Yes, I would.

Posted on 06.03.17

Pierrepont 6 hour challenge

Pierrpont was a multi lap, 6 hour (or less) race. Laps were 3 miles long.

Weather was truly shocking with runners being lashed with rain, sleet and wind.

Race was a very well organised, fun event in testing condtions. I managed 7 laps in total before calling it a day. Runners were rewarded with a nice medal, cakes and beer.

I would love to do this races again . Full credit to organisers for putting on a great race.

Posted on 28.02.17

Completed in 2017


Mad Dash 20k

First time I have done this race. Route was two lap course with 10k or 20k option. Scenic views, flat in places with a couple of nasty hills to navigate.

It was ok race but not spectacular. Race was quite expensive to enter and not great value for money, in all honesty.

Would I run it again? Probably not.

Posted on 28.02.17

Completed in 2017


Stanley Park 10k - Day1

First time I have done this race and I really enjoyed it. Course was fast, flat & scenic. Well organised event.

Finishers were rewarded with a beautiful medal.

Posted on 28.02.17

Completed in 2017


2017 Great North West Half Marathon

This is 2nd time I have done Great North West Half Marathon.

Flyde Coast Runners events are always great value. Thought it was a really organised race. Blackpool weather can sometimes be a bit windy but on this occasion, the weather gods smiled upon us.

Race was a two-lap route. Fairly flat with a couple of hills to navigate.

Reward for finishing race was a lovely medal & finshers shirt.

Would I do it again? Too right I would.

Posted on 28.02.17

Completed as a first timer in 2016


MK Winter HM splash

MK Winter Half

Really well organised event. Great atmosphere, lovely medal & decent finishers shirt. 

Race itself was 'interesting'. It was quite congested at start until runners spread out. Start of course was fairly flat with odd incline. Route went through parkland & canal path. Some of the paths were a little bumpy. 

No major hills except at 9 mile.

Shock came at 6mile mark. We had to run through puddle, or should I say a lake! Water came up to my knee & soaked my shorts. Not ideal to say least but it didn't spoil what was a great day. 

Overall it was a great day. Really enjoyed my trip to Milton Keynes. Would highly recommend it. 

Posted on 11.12.16

Completed in 2016


MoRun Leeds

The MoRun Leeds

Good, fun event. 5k or 10k options meant it catered for all. 


Posted on 05.11.16

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Manchester half

Manchester Half Marathon

Good points - Decently organised. Fast, flat course. Great local support. 

Bad point - Baggage is still a problem. We could only store bags using the official bags provided by organisers. 

This is ok if you live in the city but it was a big problem for people traveling from outside the area & stopping overnight. The bags were completely inadequate. This needs sorting out  

Overall, it was a great event. 

Posted on 16.10.16