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Completed in 2017


First Ever DNF

Classic Quarter

Got to 30 miles and stopped after a turned ankle.


Endurancelife have this reputation among friends in the running community.

Fantastic to see they clearly took on board all criticism thrown their way. 

Loved all I was capable of doing. 

Gutted but the organisation was bang on and couldn't fault it except for maybe have the teams register in a different tent but that's the only thing.

Posted on 10.06.17

Completed in 2017


Fast,furious and painful with claustrophobia!

Cubert 5

The medal and tshirt were fantastic. They supply the best grand prix medals. My expectations of a tarmac event are the facts that there is no uniqueness and beauty to this event.2 loops of 2.5 miles.  Because it's fast means the 750 limit is maxed out leaving the registration process in a tiny hall feeling claustrophobic with reg ladies shouting at anyone who dare ask them for a number. Grand prix races are the only races where there are elderly angry people.

Posted on 08.06.17

Completed as a first timer in 2016


North to South Dartmoor fun

Amazing. Shame i can't run it again this year. Puretrail UK are the only organisers whose events you should ever attend on Dartmoor. Thank you puretrail for the experience last August

Posted on 07.06.17

Completed in 2016



The Test Way in Wiltshire. 34 miles of trails and road that is extremely fast if you are. The first time event in 2016 and the best first I havee been a part of.

Easy reg process and the safety briefing with Powerpoint. Who does that ? It made it uniquely brilliant and showed the level of care and attention that was going to be in the duration of this event.

My highest 50k finish(7th) and my PB 50k also smashing 1 hour and 22 minutes off the previous weekend's 50k .

The marshals were superb with malt loaf and watermelon as we went up and around the gibet ready to trundle back. The value for money made it around a pound a mile in 2016 and i would have paid twice that. Endless food and support and fantastic phtography by the very talented Stuart march of which i bought downloads. I never do that. Great RD and i would happily run an ULTRA Event again without even reading what it is. If it's ULTRA then you'll be looked after aaand treated to the very best day out. I met some talented people with skill,heart,passion and gutsy determination and they all cared for each outh. Exactly what this kind of racing should be. Quality! If you do one thing in 2017 make sure it's running The Hangman! 

Posted on 15.05.17

Completed in 2017


Dune hell

Trevornick 10

10 miles of pure hell at Holywell Bay and Pentire Point at Newquay.

Beautiful course with 400m of climbing squeezed into 10 miles. The marshals provided the slicckest operation of all Grand prix club organisers. Overgrown in places but that was unfortunately down to the National trust. Great location and great result. made 10 miles feel like 20. Best marshals and best course of the GP and alwways one of my favourites. would recommend this to all and everyone. Tough and aesome day at the office!

Posted on 08.05.17

ocean city running

Just amazing.  So much better than last year with better organisers. All perfect and my favourite half marathon ever. Next year perhaps a 2nd entrance through the timing pen gates at the start. That's a lot of queuing and pushing. However just fabulous. Will be back next year and for the 10k!

Posted on 25.04.17

Completed in 2017



Great route. Having the road closed on the 2nd loop would've made me not think I was actually going to die crossing a major roundabout but appreciate it was out of your control.

Best marathon I've ever run.Brilliantly supported and the medal,tee and massage were amazing. I will be back!!

Posted on 03.04.17

Completed in 2016


A grand day out


Quite literally the best events anywhere.Supported,friendly,unique,top quality crew,run by runners who are incredibly talented and experienced.

First time entering and glad I did.Mud,smiles,water and a challenging day out filled with friendly faces,laughter and amazing value for money.Honestly the best day you'll have anywhere.Well...unless you enter another Mudcrew race.Then it would be hard to compile a list.


Posted on 18.12.16

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Black Rat 2016

There's a world of running and then there's a world of Ultra running! There are no events I have ever done that have come as close as 20 percent of this event. The phenomenonal support means you are never on your own here.From the crew at registration to the medical team and all inbetween.The pain and hardship are rewarded by hugs,smiles,wonderful faces and people that know what you've just gone through.There are 2 types of races.

One where the organiser wants to make as much cash as possible and one where the the crew are runners themselves who do it for the love,passion and energy of our engagingly beautiful sport.

I really don't need to say which one Mudcrew is!

Best event I've took part in and it's because of the crew! 

Thank you guys for your hard work and endless days of doing all the great stuff that gives us 10 times the event for our money! 


Posted on 17.08.16