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Completed in 2017


Best event in ages

This pop up event met the exacting standards of all MudCrew events. The marshals were brilliant; encouraging and cheerful, even giving a leg up off the beach. Registration was quick and easy. Briefing was interesting and not the standard. The route was tough in places and the first beach was a nightmare which added to the pleasure. Feed station was still well stocked (even though I was towards the back) and had a good variety of food options. The momento at the end (beer glass and either a pint or a buff) was great and WILL get used again. 

Only one concern - can you please arrange a slower gig so I have a chance next year?

Posted on 16.07.17

Completed in 2016


Fantastic event, as always.

registration was simple and well organised with a clear direction of flow. On site food facilities brilliant as was medical provision 

Briefing was concise, informative and useful

feed stations were well organised and stocked with plenty of volunteers to help.

support was fantastic from all the team/supporters.


Only disappointing element was the sweep whose attitude left a bit to be desired

Posted on 17.08.16