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Rivington 10 Mile Trail Challenge
The Jackals Run 10km and Half Marsthon Trail Race
Montane Trail 26 & 13 Howgills
The Canalathon
The Petzl Night Runner Rivington

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Rivington 10mile trail challenge

Thus is the third time I've done this race event which pretty much sums up the race!

Being a local area which I run regular doesn't put me off from entering this event. 

Parking is along the road, in a nearby car park or a little further away. Best to arrive in good time! It starts at The Rivington, which allows the use of it's public facilities and also serves food and drinks. A nice area to meet runners beforehand. 

The race, despite it's name, doesn't really take part in Rivington or go near the Pike, but runs into Anglezarke. It's a nice scenic trail run, with a bit of a climb to the moors taking in the views of the local area, then a fell run down back to the trails.

A middle distance if 10 miles which is a good distance. Tougher than 10k but over before a half marathon!

A tough event in it's own right, especially if 'raced'. There is usually race photographer at the finish. The event has a tee shirt and a nice medal at the finish.

This is one I enjoy and I will probably do every year. 

Posted on 10.04.18

West Pennine Moors Marathon by Howler Series

West Pennines Double Marathon Challenge

This event is described as tough, and it is!

I knew / know a lot of the route but was grateful I had my watch GPS and OS maps [which is recommended you have] as despite it being  marked route it is easy to go off course / get lost due to the landscape and weather conditions

The route itself is beautiful, but at the same time tough and unforgiving.

In my opinion it's one for the more experienced trail and fell runner, with nav skills. I was lucky as a novice runner to not get lost, or to get pulled from the event due to cutoff

Great event series, nice bling. Not one for the feint hearted!

The staff at the kiosk, marshalls, Bolton Mountain Rescue, etc are all brilliant!


Posted on 12.03.18

Completed in 2017


Hell of a Hill Marathon

Hell of a Hill Marathon Day 1

I entered this event after completing the Bolton Hill Marathon. Despite an injury I still took part with some thanks to a generous cut off time.

It's one marathon a day across 5 days. Complete one, two or all five! 

The event had a new HQ with loos, changing facilities etc. A canteen with hot drinks and food and free parking. 

The route was well marked and easy to follow. There were a few marshalls but the main crew was at the feed station at the start of tbe lap. No navigation was imo needed. It was a tough course which got tougher each lap!

There was bling with the option to buy a tee. Unfortunately no race photography on the first days of event.

A great event that you feel you've accomplished something at the end and you could collect all five medals which join to make one.

Posted on 13.11.17

Completed in 2017


Howgils Mountain Trail 13 mile

Montane Trail 26 & 13 Howgills

I won entry to this event in a facebook competion for myself and a friend!

Registration is easy enough through SiEntries, with planty of follow up emails.

The event set up had changing rooms, loos and a shower. The breifing was done in fun.

I wasn't sure what to expect, something a bit hilly I guess ... I was in for a shock!

This was a tough tough run for me.Took me over four hours to do the half marathon distance! The climbs were imense! The natural beauty was awesome and we passed some trig points.

The marshals egged you on up the hill and there was a feed station at the turning point which was stocked with sweets, water, flat coke etc.

I was very relived when it was over! You got a finishers medal and tee.

Would I do this again? ... maybe yes, one day, with some serious mountain goat training!

Beautiful but Brutal :)

Posted on 13.06.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Bolton Hill Marathon

Bolton Hill Marathon

I entered this event on a whim. I run around the area a little and have completed two [flat] 50ks' and was keen to give it a go. I should've entered the half, but I don't do things by halves!

The entry was easy, theres a good website and facebook page.

The parking was closeby, adequate and free!

The feed stations were brilliant. Plenty of them and stocked with gels, jelly babies and water etc. Marshals in good spirit and enthusiastic despite the weather!

The route was well marked and Bolton Rescue were dotted about the route, a comfort!

A tough run for the novice but with a very generous cut-off it's do-able.

You feel like you've accomplished something great [well I did] when you've finished it.

It includes bling and free race photos

Posted on 13.06.17

Jackals 10km [Defending the Back and Jelly Babies]

The Jackals Run 10km and Half Marsthon Trail Race

I had seen this race the previous year but being a novice runner and it being around Darwin and going up to the Jubilee Tower I didn't enter. This year I did. I'm very glad that I did! It was a tough [IMO] up hill fell / trail run to the tower then back down to the start. I feel that most levels of fitness can finish the 10km. I ran with a friend, taking our time and enjoying the views, which were fantastic.

The weather was great during, and but for one second of not being sure of the way [marshalls clarified] it was very well routed and marshelled [for the 10k] throughout.

I thoroughkly enjoyed this and plan to do it next year :)

Great local event!

Defending the Back and Jelly Babies

Posted on 29.03.17

Yarrow River Bluebell 10K Trail Run

Yarrow River Bluebell 10K Trail Run

This is a local race for me, and the reason why i first entered in 2015.

It's organised by mad Bull Events with a good entry price which includes a tee and medal.

There are two a year.
The first in May is called the Bluebell Trail [as the bluebells are up] and the second in September is called the Yarrow Trail.

They're the same route.
The route is trail, very muddy no matter which event and tecnical in places. Off road shoes are advised!

The pre-race registration is at a local pub.
We had restricted access to the pub last event, so was very busy when trying to get in for your bib and out again. The start is just across the road.

The organisers are friendly and the events are well run.
There's a water station at the end where you collect your Tee and medal [both very nice}

A good event in my opinon, one I've done a few times now and will contiue to do.

Posted on 09.07.16

Completed in 2016



The Canalathon

This was my first ultra.

My friend had previously done this, and being on a high from doing a half marathon I decided to train for, and enter this [with my friend].
Just the 50K ... After-all, whats an extra 17.9 mile!

There was very little to no navigation needed for this event, which was perfect for me as I can't read a map!

The cut off time was generous, again good for me being a slow runner who's furthest distance was [to date] 13.1mile!

The aid stations were well stocked, my favourite being flat coke [never drink pop] and pork pies :)
The scenery went from urban and asphalt to beautiful countryside, and I surprisingly didn't tire from running along a canal side.

There was still a group of people at the finish cheering even after the time it took me to get there!

Food was arranged in a nearby pub for post-race at a small cost.

A great experience. Loved my first Ultra and would recommend this.
It offers three distances, beginner, intermediate and veteran!

Posted on 09.07.16

Petzl Rivington Night Runner

The Petzl Night Runner Rivington

This was an excellent event and an awesome start to my year of running, racing events and challenges.

It was a head torch run over tough terrain, made even more of a challenge with the change in weather and sudden snowfall!

I doubted my ability to do this run, I new the area and knew it wasn't going to be easy, but Epic Events were very encouraging and supportive through social media networks.

The marshalls were brilliant to stand out in such cold, freezing and dire conditions for as long as they did that night.

I'd recommend this event. Tough undulating terrain, some trail experience would be an advantage in my opion, though maybe not essential.
It was well organised and marshalled.
Nice bling and tee at the end.

The cafe was a welcome addition, serving hot drinks and food.

I'm planning to run this again!

Posted on 21.06.16