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Imerys Trail Marathon
Fordh Sen Mighal
The Tempest
The RAT - Roseland August Trail

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Completed as a first timer in 2017


Unique and amazing

running through the working clay trails around the top of some massive working pits this race has it all. Always hot even if it’s raining, massive elevation and the most enthusiastic marshals. This is a tough half and a tougher full marathon, not for the weak willed you will be tested but the rewards are some spectacular views and scenery and the best support. 

Youll be pleased to hear there is a lovely downhill sprint finish too. 


Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2017


A very special Cornish race

Fordh Sen Mighal

The race itself is across the ancient St Michaels Way from Carbis Bay to Mounts Bay. Stunning views, varied terrain, lots of mud, fields, coastpath, road, track it has it all. The only downside for people travelling down to the west of Cornwall is you do need 2 cars so that you have a vehicle at the finish then can get to the start. But a good vibe, very friendly and inclusive of all abilities with lovely marshals encouraging you all the way. It is self navigating but you get a map and  if you can read a Map it’s helpful otherwise follow the way markets too. 

Posted on 22.12.17

Reply from the race organiser

Thanks for the review Dawn.

Posted on 28.12.17

Completed in 2017


It’s about the places you run

The Tempest

OMG. This was going to be my first head torch race and to say I was bricking it would be an understatement, after all Mudcrew don’t do easy!!  The Minack Theatre is an amazing place and we arrived with enough daylight to appreciate this stunning location.  

Our prelude to the race briefing was a production of the play itself by young actors, but I’m afraid the amazing stormy seas took precedence. 

Extreme weather, extreme going and darkness all played their part in this amazing event, and in true Mudcrew style there was a cruel sting in the tail. 

But as they say it’s all about the places you run and the people you run with. 

Hats off to Mudcrew for another epic event

Posted on 22.10.17

Reply from the race organiser

Dawn, I knew you could do it! X

Posted on 23.10.17

Completed in 2016


Well organised race series in a beautiful location

The RAT - Roseland August Trail

This race series has evolved into a slick operation and gets bigger every year. What really makes this festival stand out is the spectacular setting and the amazing crew and marshals. The fact that all runners are on the same coastpath means even the more novice trail runners rub shoulders with proven ultra runners and everyone looks after each other. The checkpoint crews treat everyone the same, which mean you're pampered and made to feel like a real runner. Be warned though, these are tough races no matter what distance, treat them with respect. If it's hot there's no hiding from the sun, but if you make it to the finish there's a cracking party. 


Posted on 16.08.16