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Completed as a first timer in 2017


On the Yes List

As it's is the first year this race has been done it was always going to have a few teething problems.  

Arrived in Blair Drummond safari park with plenty of time for the race, first issue was the complete lack of toilets so much that I missed my start due to this and ended up one of the last runners over the start line.

The course itself meanders through the Scottish countryside and even though it was a bit damp (rained a fair bit) you could still appreciate the beauty (I may be a little biased as I live in Scotland).

Support as you go through the villages is amazing and getting  and running along the open roads when there is no support was just as much fun, it's only when you get to Stirling city centre that is gets trickier .... Somebody in their infinite wisdom decided 3 laps of Stirling city centre including running through tiny underpasses, and the most savage part .... Having to run past the finish line twice before you can finally go left and through the finish arch .... Yup savage.

Good medal and t-shirt but then a brutal scramble if trying to climb over walls to get near the luggage buses.... And all that said yes I would do it again, and they have changed the route next year so now savage underpass.

Posted on 19.10.17

Completed in 2017


On the Yes list

I live in Edinburgh so know the route, can be a challenging 10 miler as a few hills and certainly not the easiest, the course is all round the city centre taking on all the views, usually held the week before London marathon so a nice final run for anyone that is running London, Have ran it twice and will no doubt do so again next year as much as it's difficult I appear to have a score to settle with it now.  Would definitely recommend this one, and I think Great run are getting better at medals just there goodie bags are rubbish.

Posted on 19.10.17

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Really good race

I ran this in 2016 as part of a final challenge and my first attempt at running 2 in a week.  Stockholm expo is not really anything there apart from ASIC's as they sponsor it.

The race itself is run on a Saturday and starts at 2 in the afternoon, the course follows almost 2 laps of the city centre, and although am not a fan of laps I really enjoyed this race, lots of fuel stations every 3 km, including amongst other pickled gherkins at mile 14.  As it is mostly around Stockholm it is pretty well supported and as i wasn't bothered about time so just enjoyed it ....although its a bit mre undulating than I would have thought, possibly why I should check the map route a bit closer when signing up for races.  Would definitely recommend this one

Posted on 11.10.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Stunning but some work to do

I think as the marathon is relatively new they are not set up for it and geared for the half and 10k.  There are no pens at the start and both the full anf half runners start together.   Great for the first 12 miles all along the coast then those running the marathon split off, and are taken thought parks and little paths and a bit of suburbia, the low numbers mean you are running by youreslf a fair bit and there is not much support.  Once it comes back into Reykyvik at mile 19/20 and back along the coast then it is much better.   Alos no ogodie bag and all you get is your t shirt and medal and it is expensive.  Wortht he experiece but possibly wouldn't rush back

Posted on 11.10.17