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Completed as a first timer in 2017


Awesomely hilly

Wow this is an amazing off road event. With some serious hills to get yourself up and some pretty intense declines to navigate.

The scenery is stunning, through the course. The race is set in the private  farm at Coombes stunning surrounded by the Southdown. The route is on farm track and grass, and is a serious test of your hill running ability. 

Loved it and hated it at the same time.

Orginisation was great, with hot and cold drinks available and a dry barn to keep your stuff / supporters warm and dry. Tolites available and clean, with enough to toliet roll to boot.

2 water stations and plenty of Marshalls along the route so no worries about getting lost. Farm animals to keep you company. Watch your footing especially over the cattle grids.


Posted on 06.12.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Mudtastic time.

Not being from the area, the race HQ took a little bit of finding, but thanks to satnav we arrived in good time. Plenty of close by parking with Marshalls helping you. Registration was a breeze and racking quick and easy. 

It was a pretty chilly morning with a low mist over the lake but thankfully it had lifted and the race went off in good time. There was three waves which ment the swim wasn't too congested at the start, and everyone spaced out well for a nice calm swim. It did get a little congested when the faster swimmers of the latter wave came up to the slower swimmers from the earlier waves. The lake is lovely and clear and even though there had been a lot of rain in the days leading up to the tri the water was a nice temperature. As you came back into the swim exit it did get a bit petrolie . The swim exit it's pretty step and slippery, but there were marshalls helping you out. The run to T1 was a bit stony and could have done with a couple more mats. 

T1 was well organised with obvious bike out point. There is a relatively long run to the mount line and it was better done in shoes then bear feet/flying mount start. 

Bike course is quite tough with 3 noticeable hills, that if you are racing to be competitive really increase the challenge as you are taking them as fast as you can. However there is lots of descents to recover. The road service isn't great not helped by the amount of rainfall washing the flint and other stuff on to the roads. There was fare more people stopping for punctures then any other Tri I have taken part in. There was a few tightish corners but I probably wouldn't have noticed them so much if the roads were dry.

T2 was the same place as T1 and run out was clearly marked.

The run was two laps around the lake. It was extremely muddy and remindered me of cross country running in the winter. But it was great fun. The run is all off road with most of it on footpaths and some on grass. I think the lap / finish shoot could have been a little clearer, with maybe lap bands being handed out. 

When you finished there was loads of water, fruit and Jaffa cakes to be had. 

If bling is your thing, each finisher got a lovely shinny medal for round the neck. And the placed athletes got to stand on a podium to receive their trophies and cupcakes - it's the little touches.

I would absolutely recommend for any level of triathletes, super friendly marshalls and low key atmosphere makes it great for a novice, while the hills on the bike course and this year's mud fest on the run makes it challenging to more seasoned triathletes.

Not a PB course but great fun. 

Posted on 24.07.17

Completed in 2017


Great friendly event

The guys at Raw Energy always out on a great event. Friendly helpful and enthusiastic Marshalls and volunteers. 

Pool swim is what it is. Great for 1st timers but can get a bit of a muddle if people don't play fair on their swim times.

Bike simple to navigate well signposted. Undulating course makes for fast times and no big climbs to worry about

Run course. Has a nasty hill and a sneaky one at the end. It goes through the town so keep an eye out for shoppers and car doors opening onto your path. But locals have always been good moving out the way and trying to be helpful.

Race t shirts from Raw Energy are always cool. But no bling to take home. 

Really friendly non pressured early session opener. Remember it is early session and there has been snow in the past. 

Posted on 30.04.17

Completed as a first timer in 2015


Wet and Windy made for a very challeging event

This being a European Qualifying event meant it was very busy, and had sold out both in the sprint and standard distances.

Registration was either Saturday late afternoon or very early Sunday morning (5am) the guys at Raw Energy Pursuit have this down to a very fine art and it really does not take long to get sorted. They were super helpful to me letting my better half register me on Saturday while I was working so I didn't have an even earlier start then i did.

Sunday the weather was shell we say challenging, the tide and swell added to the dramatic back drop of dark clouds and flying gazebo's.

This really is a well organised event with a change this year to a wave start rather then the normal mass starts due to the number of people taking place. Marshalls had us ready for a few minutes acclimatisation to the water as soon as the previous wave was of. Certainly the 3 waives before mine and the waive I was in went of dead on time.

The sea was not nice to us that day, but there were plenty of kayaks and a safety boat out making sure everyone was OK.

The bike leg was a long drag out no major hills but enough to get you working on the way out. The course was well sign posted and marshalled. On the turn around you where hit with the head wind straight off the sea. Had the weather not been so challenging it would have been a really fast return back to transition, but at times the wind felt like it was blowing you backwards.

The run is mostly flat along the prom but with 3 loops which included some grass sections. Not the most exciting of run courses but it was fast, even with the wind trying to blow you over.

Once again the marshals were great, and I truly thank them for staying out in the wind and torrential rain.

Transition was well laid out and easy to get in and out of.

Its not the most picturesque of courses but hey who has time to look at what's around them!

Posted on 28.07.15

Completed in 2015


Great Friendly Event

Super event so well organised.

Having registration the night before certainly took the pressure off this morning. I'm always an early riser so no real issue for me but it was nice not having to join a massive queue to get your numbers.

The Lido is not the largest but marshals only let 4 in a lane at a time so as long as your estimated time is about right you don't get to many issues with over taking. The only problem I tend to have with this pool is you exit at the deep end and lack of upper body strength on my part means I struggle out of the pool. Unless I’m lucky enough to get a lane by the steps.

Transition is clearly marked and well laid out I found it easy to locate my bike but that might have been the pepper pig pencil case I had used to mark out my space!

The cycle route takes you out of Arundel by dual carriage way and busy single carriage roads if you’re lucky enough to be a fast swimmer traffic may be an issue but the marshals try very hard to help you out.

Just as your legs have decided that cycling mode is working OK you hit "the hill" it’s not particularly steep but my does it go on and on and takes it toil on your legs. Mostly you can do this in the saddle but there is a steeper bit where I had to get out of the seat. There are lots of false tops of the hill to but when you do eventually get to the top the next section is fast and downhill. You only need to slow for the roundabout but traffic willing you can freely fly round most of the rest of the course with only one sneaky hill in Slindon to slow you.

Once again Marshalls are fab for getting you into transition, as this is through a public car park it can be a little tricky without their help.

The run route is well marked and takes you through to the town of Arundel then following the river under pretty tree lined road. To start it is flat and fast with locals out and about cheering you on. You need to watch yourself round some of the car parks as you get further into the run. Then the pain begins there is a long steep hill to climb which twists and is hard to see the end but the views are lovely and the thought of coming back down keeps you going. Luckily with the sprint you get to turn before the Trig point of the standard length fame. Your return route is the same but thankfully downhill. 

The finishing line is on grass and passes all the people supporting the race or already finishing. 

You can get your time print out as soon as you can stumble over to the table. There is no medal but the T-Shirts are always super cool and you can wear then more than medals!

There is a great physio for pre or post event ports message, this year his charge was £10 but it was all going to SCOPE children charity. There is changing facilities and showers - but these are open so kit still on jobs, unless you’re very brave! Refreshments and gear are also available.

Over all a well organised, competitive but friendly event - great for any level with challenging points on the bike and run routes

Will certainly recommend :) 

Posted on 24.05.15