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Completed as a first timer in 2017


Another brilliant coastal race from Bys Vyken Events

Thanks to David and all of his dedicated crew at Bys Vyken Events, for organising such an enjoyable race along the Cornish Coastline! What a morning it was to be running from Land's End to Cape Cornwall (and back), in the Cornish Sunshine. A really well organised and innovative idea for a race as always! Looking forward to the next one already!!

The race itself was based around the idea of pirates collecting their loot from Cape Cornwall and returning it safely to Land's End. This made for an interesting and enjoyable race, adding another element to a stunning race.

The stewards and marshalls were all massively enthusiastic and helpful; encouraging runners throughout the morning.

The atmosphere between the trail runners was electric, which was brilliant to see!

Here are just a few highlights from a stunning morning on the Cornish trails!

Posted on 04.07.17

Reply from the race organiser

You are what we are about. You summarise and epitomise what we are and what we do. Talented athlete and a fantastic ambassador for our little company. Congrats on the win dude. number 2 now

Posted on 06.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Another brilliantly organised race from Bys Vyken Events!

The Cousin Jack Classic II

After an early start in Launceston, the three of us Launceston Road Runners made our way down to Cape Cornwall for the start of the Cousin Jack Classic II. 


Fuelled with large Costa Coffees, we got our kit together at the start line, in nervous anticipation, whilst the wind picked up around us, and the clouds loomed!


Having run the Pilgrimage from Lelant to Marizion in December, myself and Russ were confident that this would be another brilliantly organised run by Bys Vyken Events. We were proved correct as we queued up efficiently for our race packs to be checked, and for our numbers to be provided.


In no time, we were stood at the start line, at the bottom of the hill at Cape Cornwall. As the countdown and hooter went off, there was a real buzz in the air; it was great to see so many trail runners, of all different shapes and sizes, excited about the 17.4 miles of coastal trail ahead of them.


Having run the coastal path here a few times before, the path and route was relatively straight forward. This was made even easier for us with the obvious Bys Vyken, Cornish Flag signage and amusing “Refuel Dreckly” notices, depicting a classic Cornish bloke with a jug of cider!


The first five miles or so of the race were over relatively easy-going, but undulating trail, however the weather was pretty dark and miserable. At this point the trail was sandy, so mud and slipping wasn’t too much of a problem for us.


After the Levant mines, the trails became rocky and boggy, however good signage and marshalling again kept us on track. Marshalls also provided much-needed jelly babies and salted peanuts!


The weather eventually turned, and although we hadn’t really got wet up until now, the dark, ominous looking skies, suddenly cleared, and a bright blue sky and glimmer of sunshine shone through! This sun would stay with us until the end of the run!


There was a strong wind in the exposed places along the clifftops, and the section near Zennor proved tough going; with hiking these stretches the only option!


Eventually St Ives came into view, and a tarmac section skirting around the cliffs took us out of our trail running comfort zone, before we were tested as we trudged across the beach to The Island, and St Nicholas Chapel. We could see cheery spectators waving from the top of the hill, and we made our way around the island and up the hill to the finish, where a cheery-as-ever Race Director, Dave, welcomed runners home with an impressive medal and a handshake.


Having sheltered from the wind, we were handed a small goody bag of sweets, Oreos and a drink, before being shown to the back of a van, packed to the roof with much-needed pasties to refuel! We were also offered a healthy jug of cider, as hinted at by the earlier signage!


Following getting changed and making our way out of St Ives (now in full sunshine), we ended the day where it had all kicked off… in Costa, with a large cuppa!


Thanks Dave and the crew for a brilliant race, along a stunning section of coastline! We are already looking forward to the next run!

Posted on 09.03.17

Reply from the race organiser

Love Love Love!! Thank you so much. I absolutely love this. Your support with this and the beautiful video has been amazing. Is amazing to see a little idea grow and become what it has. It's because of the love and support of mega talented runners like you and fantastic crew and great people and businesses who want to help and promote us. Can't wait to see you tear it up out there again dude!! Wicked stuff Cheers dude Dave x

Posted on 09.03.17