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Completed in 2018


Great evening triathlon

I've done a couple of the South Glos Evening Triathlons now and look forward to them as a mid-week tri blast.

The site is good with a very clear quarry swim. The run course is short and sharp over 3 laps, crierium style.

The run course is on a quiet back lane.

Overall the event is well run and has a good mid-week vibe. A really great option if you work weekend etc.

You can also check out my YouTube overview on the event here:

Posted on 20.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Decent sportive marred by some signage skulduggery

I've done quite a few of the LPS Events triathlons over the years and jumped at the chance of doing a sportive with them.

The event started at the picturesque Lake 62 which was a really nice setting to start the ride from. Registration was handled smoothly with a bike number and timing chip.

The event briefing was a standard overview before you headed out in the usual sportive grouped starts. Once onto the course I gave kudos to LPS Events for using bright pink signs for the main route. These seemed to stand out a bit more than the usual bright yellow ones that I seem more used to.

Out on the course the scenery was great and all going well. Until i came to a t-junction with no sign! Sadly there had been some tampering on the course beyond the control of LPS Events. I took a chance on a left hand turn and thankfully saw some riders ahead that had the GPS file on their Garmin. Once we got to the half way feed station LPS Events got straight on it to try and resolve for the other riders - so well handled by the organiser.

Back on course there was one last missing sign in the last couple of miles. Thankfully this was on the reverse of the start of the route so it was easy to navigate back to Lake 62.

I've had to mark the ease of navigation down to two stars for these hiccups. It's a shame because they were resolved as quickly as possible and out of the organisers control. As a tip I'd recommend using a GPS file for the future events just in case.

Once back to the finish area there was a really great medal and a branded buff for the finishers.

Overall the route was very pretty with only a few short (and one steep!) climbs so suitable for beginners and those wanting to hold a fast average speed.

You can also check out my YouTube overview on the event here:

Posted on 10.07.18

Stunning scenary - a must do event

Bowood House Sprint Triathlon Sunday

2018 saw my first attempt at Bowood Triathlon and I wish I'd not waited so long!

The car park was close to the registration area which helped the logistics. Some of the bigger setting events also have bigger distances to cover just to get to the start line! Not so with Bowood. Once parked the registration tent was within site. The transition area was just over the road and past the cafe which is perfect to grab a coffee on the way.

When smoothly checked into transition the numbered racking was well organised and spaced out. When you get to transition and take a peek down to the lake is when the awesome beauty of the estate hits you.

It takes a couple of minutes to walk down the moderate slope to the lake and race briefing area. This was well set up with a good overview by the guy on the microphone. Well set for the 1 lap lake swim.

And the swim! Wow, it really helped that the weather was so great (no wetsuits due to high water temperature too). The lake is really beautiful abd I found myself taking it in more than most races despite trying to get a good time.

Up to transition is a longer than average run. Worth being aware of that in your training. Out onto the bike there were 7 laps to count. The bike course was quiet perfect. Other than the high number of laps to remember the private estate roads were quite narrow with lots of twists. This isn't a top speed course yet it didn't detract from the event. The grand setting really came through. I'm not the best bike handler around the some of the sharp turns though I didn't find it frustrating as you could take the scenary in. One note, if you have a time trial and standard road bike I'd opt for the standard road bike. There weren't that many opportunities for aero-bar use and the criterium style circuit better suits a road bike.

And then onto the run. In 13 seasons of triathlon I've never been on such a stunning run course. The lake setting features again along with a small waterfall and a steep rocky, rooty section in the woods that's like something out of Alice in Wonderland. I even wanted to walk a third lap just to take it all in again after finishing!

I think I've struggled to get over just how lovely the event is. Not the fastest one with the long first transition and bike course but so worth it to take the environment in. Highly recommended!

Posted on 01.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Superb, great value sportive raising funds for a school

Cotswold Cogfest

2018 saw the 3rd running of the Cotswold Cogfest Sportive and my first entry to the event.

The event had a great vibe from the start, partly due to being part of a school fundraising project full of great staff who really put on a great day.

The registration was easy and had the usual rider number to zip tie to your bike.

The ride briefing gave a good overvew of the course though riders may have been distracted by the person in the cow costume giving high fives on the start line (cows roam freely on the local common land in the summer)!

Out on the ride the choice of 30 or 60 mile route gave a fairly flat (considering how hilly the area can be) loop. Signage was OK, the arrow markers could have been a bit bigger and brighter.

The feed stations were pretty much on the nail distance wise as planned. The highlight were the home made cakes and brownies etc available. This really added to the fund raising feel of the event and gave far more character than the usual energy gels.

Once back at the ride HQ (Minchinhampton Primary School) there was a real festival feel. Family rides take place in the afternoon and a childrens second hand bike sale was also on. Event t-shirts were also a bargain on the day and had a great bike riding cow design. I really enjoyed the event and have to say the fundraising heart of the sportive gave it an extra sparkle. Come along to the next Cogfest!

Posted on 22.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Great mid week triathlon option

South Glos Evening Race 1

Returning from a couple of the 2017 events I was looking forward to the first midweek triathlon of 2018.

The open water swim at Cromhall Lake is really clear and clean - well recommended.

The bike course is fast with a couple of lumps and the run course is held on a quiet backlane.

All in this is a great midweek triathlon that fits a lot in. If you're weekends are busy taken up with work and family etc then the setup here is perfect to get a quality race in. Or you just might be a tri nut who jumps at every race they can :)

You can also check out my YouTube overview of the event here:

Review image with thanks to Gemma Stephenson’s cycling photos:

Posted on 22.05.18

Super local sprint triathlon

I really look forward to the Royal Wootton Bassett Triathlon each season.

The charity event is well run and aims to raise funds for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

The pool based swim leads into a scenic bike course with a couple of small rolling segments that leads back through the historic town or Royal Wootton Bassett. The run course is a flat loop out to and round a local rugby field.

The feel of the event is great as it's mainly aimed at enjoyment and raising funds for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. The mayor of Royal Wootton Bassett also attends and hands out the finisher medals adding a real sparkle that I haven't seen at any other races.

Also check out my YouTube overview of the event here:

Posted on 13.05.18

Great time trial series

The 2018 Kinetic-One DB Max Time Trial series started with the May event for me (sady I was unwell for the April one).

As per usual the DB Max organisation and instant chip timing was superb.

The course is great on the Castle Combe race track with the added bonus of being traffic free. If you're looking at doing a time trial do come along. The setup is perfect for first timers and elite competitors alike.

You can also chekc out my YouTube overview of the event here:

Posted on 13.05.18

Completed in 2018


Great open water season opener

2018 was the 10th time I've completed the Triferris Cotswold SuperSprint.

The event never fails to attract a great mix of competitors - from first timers to seriously quick athletes.

The race organisers are highly expericenced and put on a great show. Staring off in the Cotswold Water Park the swim is top notch. The bike and run courses are flat and fast with the latter being around the park. Nice and scenic with no traffic.

The event comes highly recommended and I hope to catch you at the next one!
You can also check out my YouTube overview of the event here:

Posted on 13.05.18

Completed in 2018


Another great 10k from DB Max

The February 2018 Castle Combe 10k once again ran to the high standards that DB Max are known for.

Registration was easy and the car parking issues from the November event were totally resolved.

The flat race course is a great option for super fast times or newbies. You can't go wrong direction wise with all the other runners!

The finishers medal looked great and the event had a good few pacers to help the runners get a strong finish. Thanks again to the 45 minute pacer who was a massive help in getting me back to a sub 45 minute result.

All in another great 10k and well worth doing!

Posted on 20.02.18

Completed in 2017


Another great 10k from DB Max

Westonbirt Christmas 10k

After enjoying the inaugral 2016 DB Max Christmas 10k I was well up for giving it another go in 2017.

As you may have seen from other reviews the event date had to be changed due to heavy snow on the original date. This is the first time DB Max have had to reschedule and event due to bad weather. Living locally they made totally the right call for both competitor safety on the course and for getting to and from the event.

And so the rescheduled event day came. I had to feel for DB Max as they were hit with a water logged field for the usual car park. We got to the event about and hour before the start time and got parked up quickly with no problem. I think some of the later athletes had a bit of a que getting in. DB Max organised this well though so the usual kudos to them.

Starting the event timing chips attached to race numbers had already been posted out. So that was on less thing to do on race morning.

I'll declare any bias now - this was my first event as a Racecheck #visorclub member so I may well see it through rose tinted glasses! I really enjoyed meeting up with the other #visorclub members and getting some selfies.

Once on the start line the race was setup and started with the usual DB Max pro setup. Chip timing and a well organised course with plenty of marshalls. The route has a couple of undulations and short off road sections back into the majestic setting of Westonbirt House. At the half way mark there was a good selection of sugar sweets, water and a couple of other goodies if memory serves right (I was trying to engage beast mode all way round so passed on the intake!).

Back into the finish line the excitement escalated. A great anouncer called most finishers names and a great medal awaited. Even better was the additional food you could buy from the professional cattering team at Westonbirt House. As a vegetarian I've got to say the vegan option was superb. A lentil burger in a bap with a dollop of cranberry sauce. I'm looking forward to another one already!

If you're thinking about entering the Westonbirt Christmas 10k do it, and quickly as the event usually sells out!

Posted on 01.01.18

Completed in 2017


A great 10k with a few niggles

I've done the DB MAx Chilly 10k a number of times and come back for good reason.

Overall this is a great event. The traffic free racing on the Castle Combe race track is well suited to a wide range of competitors. No getting lost and easy to navigate for newbies and super fast for the PB hunters.

The November 2017 event did have a few niggles though. Access to the car park was very slow for some reason. I've never experienced this in the years I've been to DB Max Castle Combe events before so hopefully it's a one off. The event start was put back by 15 minutes to resolve the issue, another nod to DB Max being a quality event organiser.

Next the registration area was a little confusing. The 10k and Duathlon entries were in different places and not that well marked. I qued up in the Duathlon registration area first of all.

Finally the race briefing was fien for the 10k being at the main start. Some of the Duathletes thought it was the same start line which wasn't so well marked out for them.

Overall it's still a great event and I'll be back for some more next time!

Posted on 22.11.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Super fun Super Sprint triathlon individual relay

I've done a fair few of the Lake 62 events and decided to have a go at the Super Sprint Individual Team Relay event this year.

While the swim was a little longer than the 250 metres claimed the bike and run course were spot on at 8km and 1.5km respectively.

The event was well run as usual. The format really stands out for being such fun. Each person in the team of four completes the triathlon before handing the timing chip over to the next person. This really was the most fun triathlon I've done in over a decades experince and comes highly recommended.

At the end of the season this is a perfect way to have some fun with friends or club mates. The finishers medal was pretty bling too so well worth adding to your collection!

You can check out my YouTube video on the event here

I've also detailed the bike course route here as well

Posted on 11.09.17

Completed in 2017


Another great TriFerris triathlon

As a regular of the TriFerris triathlons I entered the 2017 Cotswold Sprint.

The event mainted the usual high standard that TriFerris are known for. The marshal supervison was great with plenty of notice on a slippy roundabout following some rain.

The event ran well from registration to crossing the finish line. Great to see a mix of new starters and old hands alike having a great race at this favourite in the South West traithlon calendar.

You can check out an overview of the event on my YouTube video here:

Posted on 04.09.17

Completed in 2017


Another great evening triathlon

I returned to the K2 Sports evening triathlon series for the August event. This was run in a slightly different way with seeded start times. The start times were based on your previous results with the slower times going off first. The start times were around 30 seconds apart with one to three going off at a time.

This was a fairly unique addition for an open water event and really added something. It made the swim start a lot less busy. Sighting was a lot more inportant as there weren't as many people around you to help navigate.

Out on the bike I'd recommend a back light for the August event as the evening drew in a little quicker than expected. The course is well marshalled with decent signage on the three laps.

Out on the run the two lap course is around a quiet country lane and fast enough.

As part of the end of the season event there was also a free barbeque put on by the local scout group. This was a really nice touch and very kind of the local scouts. Kudos goes to the vegetarian option. The vege sausages were really great and very welcome after burning up the calories beforehand!

Another great midweek event from K2 Sports. This really is a great series of races to add some extra triathlons to your season or if you usually work weekends.

You can also watch an overview of the event on my YouTube video here

Posted on 20.08.17

Great standard / Olympic distance triathlon

I really enjoy the Lake 62 Standard Distance Triathlon.

The Lake 62 swim is clear and well marked out.

The two lap bike course is pretty much flat, fast and scenic.

The run course is off road around Lake 62 and has a good feel when you come to the lap count point. There are enough spectators and marshals to give a good buzz.

I'd definitely recommend the event to anyone looking to get into standard / Olympic distance triathlon or for the more experinced competitor to blast out a fast time.

You can also check out the bike course in my YouTube video here

And the event overview here:

Posted on 27.07.17

Perfect triathlon for the beginner athlete

The Cheltenham Triathlon Club Tri In The Park is a perfect beginner event.

The course distances are quite short and achievable for first timers. The event stands out as a well run Triathlon Club organised race. The event has a good feel and you get to meet lots of members of the Cheltenham Triathlon club at the registration and marshal points.

For the more experienced athlete the short distances are a good test of your upper race thresholds. The bike and run course are off road so it's also quite a fun event if you like to mountain bike.

You can also check out my YouTube channel video on the event here

Posted on 26.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Excellent mid week triathlon

I really enjoyed the K2 Sports evening triathlon.

The swim at Cromhall lake is really great. The bike course is flat and fast and the run course decent enough too.

All in this is a great mid week triathlon option and well recommended.

Posted on 27.06.17

Completed in 2017


Really great iron distance swim challenge

The Cotswold 226 weekend swim is a great Saturday side event to the main triathlon on Sunday.

You can choose the 1.2 half or 2.4 mile full iron swim distance. This is a great challenge on its own and perfect for event training.

Held at Lake 32 this is one of the best open water traithlon swim venues in the UK.

Highly recommended and great fun!

Posted on 27.06.17

Really great sportive / iron distance training ride

I really enjoy the Cotswold 226 Weekend option.

The bike option lets you ride one or twp 56 mile laps - whatever you feel like on the day.

You're out on the Cotswold 226 race course along side the full iron distance triathlon competitors. This gives the sportive a really great feel, you can cheer on the full triathlon entrants as you enjoy the great Cotswold scenery.

Great feed stations and lovely marshals top off a great day.

Well worth entering in training or for a sportive challenge.

Posted on 27.06.17

Completed as a first timer in 2011


Really great sportive

The Cotswold Spring Classic sportive is a really great event.

Well worth checking out for long miles or shorter distances for new cyclists and triathletes.

My YouTube video on the event can be found here Cotswold Spring Classic

Posted on 21.05.17

Completed as a first timer in 2010


Really great 70.3

Ironman 70.3 UK Exmoor

I completed the Wimbleball course in 2010 and it's still one of my best triathlon achievements.

Really great swim, bike and run courses with the big bang of an Mdot event.

Posted on 21.05.17

Completed as a first timer in 2009


Great local sprint triathlon

Herefordshire Sprint Triathlon

The Hereford Triathlon is a great example of a licl, club organised triathlon.

If you're thinking about entering it's worth going for it.

Posted on 21.05.17

Completed as a first timer in 2008


Decent local sprint triathlon

Tewkesbury Sprint Triathlon

Decent local, club run sprint distance triathlon. Worth doing for any level from beginner to age group athelete.

Posted on 21.05.17

Completed in 2009


Great local sprint triathlon

The Gloucester sprint triathlon was my first ever tri back in 2006.

I came back each year until 2010 when the dates clashed with Westonbirt Tri that's a bit closer for me.

The event is a really great, well organised race held by Tri Team Glos. It comes recommended for beginners and more seasoned athletes. If you're thinking about giving it a go then I'd recommend entering.

Posted on 16.05.17

Superb local sprint triathlon that punches above its weight

The DB Max Westonbirt triathlon is a cracker of a sprint race.

Very family friendly with a play area for children in the school grounds there is something for everyone. The large field encompases all sorts of competitors from first timers to elite age group athletes.

A great event and well worth entering.

Posted on 15.05.17

Completed in 2014


Absolutely great iron distance triathlon

Having had a number of triathlon distances under my belt, from super sprint to Ironman 70.3 UK, it was time to tackle the full iron distance.

I looked at a number of events including Ironman UK, Challenge Weymouth and The Outlaw before settling on the my local offering: the inaugral Cotswold 226. This was a pretty big deal for me as I never really belived I could achieve the full iron distance.

Having completed the half iron distance Cotswold Classic that's run by the same organisers I know the quality of the event would be good. And I wasn't disapointed - the registration team in the Saturday were super super friendly.

The swim start was well organised and the bike course well marked out with plenty of aid stations. Even the rain on the 2014 event couldn't dampen the spirits of the marshalls  out there making the event really great.

The run course was also well organised. Slowing to a walk was a pleasure - plenty of goodies to enjoy on the way to the next aid station!

It really is worth noting how big an impact the team at 113 events has on the positivity of this great event.

In short this was a once in a lifetime event for me, and I'm super happy that I chose the Cotswold 226. And when I say once in a lifetime it wasn't just the triathlon that happened that day.....

Posted on 15.05.17

Great open water swim triathlon

The Triferris Cotswold Super Sprint triathlon is a great early season open water swim event. Note must go to the organisers, Triferris, who have a wealth of knowledge on how to run a great event.

The open water lake is beginner friendly. The event also draws some top age group talent so caters well for all level of competitor.

I've also uploaded a video on the event to my YouTube channel at:

Posted on 15.05.17

Great local sprint triathlon

The Royal Wootton Bassett triathlon is a great example of a friendly local triathlon. The area is well worth a visit with the historic market town of Royal Wootton Bassett having a charm beyond it's small size. The event also has a little extra shine provided by the attendance of the local mayor. The goodybag stands out too.

Also check out my YouTube channel video on the Royall Wootton Bassett triathlon at:

Posted on 15.05.17