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Completed in 2017


Good Local Race

I always enjoy doing the Frome Half/10k as it is my local race, despite the challenging course. The support all the way around from marshalls and spectators, particularly in the town centre and at the finish, is always fantastic. My one complaint is that there seemed to be quite a few cars being let on to the course in certain areas while there were a lot of runners going by for a closed road event, hence the lower safety rating. But other than that it was another good race.

Posted on 17.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017



A group of us from my running club made the journey up from Bristol airport to do this race and we weren't disappointed. Deserves its title as one of the most beautiful races in the UK. There is one very large hill to conquer but once you get to the top, it is pretty fast paced back to the finish. The support is very good considering it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and the medal, shortbread & whisky at the end was very well received. I would also recommend having a tour of the distillery afterwards as they do some tasters at the end. Will definitely be back in the future with some more runners.

Posted on 17.05.17

Completed in 2015


Brilliant race

A must for all marathon runners. There is no better race anywhere for the atmosphere and support from the spectators, there is always someone cheering you on (particularly if you have a name on your shirt). It can get pretty congested with the sheer number of people but obviously that is to be expected, it is always nice to try and spot famous landmarks and other runners in costumes to pass the time.

Posted on 17.05.17

Completed in 2017


Good Local Half

I always enjoy doing Bath as it is my local race. Very flat so ideal for a quick time. My only real complaint is that out of all of the beautiful views this city has to offer, you have to run Lower Bristol Road twice. The marshalls get a big well done from me as I understand how difficult it can be to keep everything running smoothly on a race of this size. The support from the crowd is also extremely positive.

Posted on 17.05.17

Completed in 2017


Great Race

A perfect race if you're in to cross country running; it has everything from hills and mud to water crossings, the marshalls are always very helpful and supportive and it is impossible to go off course. The organisers are always dedicated to making the run as enjoyable and safe for everyone as possible and the medals, in my opinion, are some of the best around. It is worth doing despite how difficult it is and you can even treat yourself to a well deserved pint at the cue club afterwards.     

Posted on 17.05.17