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13 January 2018
Great Winter Run
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Stirling Scottish Marathon

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Auchterarder Half Marathon
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Stirling Scottish Marathon
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Completed as a first timer in 2017


Fantastic Race, Great First Running, Unique Location

What a race, if anyone said that this was the first time the organisers had hosted this race I would have doubted them.

- Pre-Race sign up was seamless
- Pre-Race communication was spot on, told us everything we needed an more
- Venue was stunning, it was a priviledge running around Gleneagles Golf Course
- The route was flat for most of the way with a cheeky uphill after mile 8
- Goody bag was top notch, not every race gives you beer - the organisers went to every length to stock it with useful stuff (not leaflets)
- Volunteers were all really positive and it was great to have our names called out as we crossed the finish line

Cheers (with a bottle of Colonsay) for a great race.  Hope to be back next year.

Posted on 18.09.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Amazing race, Amazing course and a definite must do for locals

This was my first Marathon and safe to say I have fallen in love with Marathon Running.

Starting in Blair Drummond Safari Park beside the Giraffes was pretty special and the support through Doune, Bridge of Allan, Dunblane and Stirling University was 100%.  I was aprehensive about the 2.5 loops of stirling but they weren't as bad as expected, the worst section was passing through the underpass three times.  

As with any race, the goody bag was filled with leaflets but I haven't held a medal so tightly before.  If your Local (or travelling from afar) this is a race to definitely consider, the great run name is a mark of reliability and will deliver every time.

Posted on 17.07.17

Great race, unique location

I run the 10k route.

Not often you get to run in the grounds of a royal castle.  The race starts in front of Balmoral Castle and goes out for c. 3km before hitting 'The Hill' soon know your on the is a 45 degree angle for about 2km.  You know your at the top when you hear the Bagpipe player.  It's  a gentle 5km run down hill through the forest back into the castle forecourt to the finish.  About 4km you can see the finish line as you run along the top road, the atmosphere is electric.

Support is only around the Castle as it's difficult to get to other parts of the course but the marshalls cheer every runner.   There's no good bag filled with leaflets etc but the t-shirt and medal each runner gets is worth it.

Posted on 17.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2015


Nothing special more a money making machine

EMF is the flagship event in Edinburgh but it's unfortunate GSI (organisers) are only worried about the money.  Run this event a few times and they have run out of medals/goody bags before the final runner and the finishers tshirt is generic i.e. doen't have the distance you run printed on it.

The route isn't special, theres c. 10 other races that use the same 5k/10k route but the other races you will get a better experience for your money.

A race possibly to do becuase it's 'Edinburgh' but nothing special and one I'm not rushing to do again.

Posted on 16.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


A race that is 100% within Edinburgh

Edinburgh Marathon is the flagship Edinburgh race but it goes out of Edinburgh within the first 3mi.  The Great Edinburgh Run is 100% within the city and passes some amazing sites across the city centre.  The local support is amazing and everyone gets behind it.

As with any Great Run events it is expertly organised and goes without a blip.

Posted on 16.07.17

Completed in 2016


Fantastic race, must do bucket list event

GNR is a fantastic race, always expertly organised and the ballot seems to be fair.  This race should be on everyone's bucketlist, it's pretty special running over the tyne bridge and then coming down the hill onto South Shields sea front.

Posted on 16.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Enjoyable Marathon warm up race

This course was a great warm-up race a few weeks before my first marathon.  It could have done with an extra water station purely because of the heat.  Safety overlal was well marshalled however at one point a taxi jumped the police barrier and veered left to avoid a car nearly taking out runners.

Posted on 05.06.17

Completed in 2017


Great start to the Year

Great Winter Run is a fantastic way to kick start the year.  You are always guaranteed a great race with Great Run Company.-

Posted on 05.06.17