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Completed as a first timer in 2018


Great run with a few minor niggles

This is a brilliantly timed run for marathon training - 4-5 weeks before Brighton/London, flat as a pancake and well supported. Most things work brilliantly (registration is open until the night before, picking up numbers was easy, clear split between half-marathon and 20 mile courses) but a few things did wrankle. The bag drop process was disorganised; leading to an unneccesrily long queue (the people working it were doing their best and calm in the face of stressed, race-jittery runners) and it felt like a bit of planning could have avoided this situation. Note for next year: drop your bag off early because these things happen. There was also a marked lack of loos on the course as well - again this must be a logistical nightmare to arrange but when you're out for 3-4 hours; sometimes a bush just isn't enough! This doesn't ruin the race; but I'd have been a lot happier and more comfortable if this facility was available.

Small issues notwithstanding, this is a great, affordable race that serves a very clear purpose - the roads are quiet, the scenery is nice (as long as you like fields and trees) and the support is wonderful!


Posted on 12.03.18