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Completed as a first timer in 2018


Bloody Brutal Beautiful

SCOTT Snowdonia Trail Marathon

The guys at always aim high know how to stage a race, starting off on the Llanberis playing fields, this half winds itself up the valley from the village, the views are amazing the terrain is good, solid paths, once at the top it zig zags up towards the summit, great sight of hundreds of coloured runners against the hillside.

the ranger path joins the top of the Pyg Track on the Llanberis path, steeped in cloud you turn left after the railway track and race towards the bottom, the path here is a variety of footings, steady as you go, unlike me I stumbled to say the least!! 

Dented elbows knees and pride once at the bottom you follow the route through the forest and up into the slate quarry steep in sections, energy sapping climbing sees you at the top, a decent through the woods and the booming welsh PA announced that the finish in near!

passes the former slate miners hospital the road section leads back to the playing fields, plenty of activities to keep you hanging around to cheer on your fellow runners


grest event team, great environments thought routes to put you through your paces!!


well done AAH

Posted on 16.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Tantalising trail running

Round Sheffield Run

this first started at 18:00 on a Sunday night many months ago with the curser hovering over the registration icon, this race sells out every year at the drop of a hat, fair to say I was eager to experience the run

i was not disappointed! Superbly organised, no need to worry, everything flowed through at registration, plenty of loos, staff, space, pen time were supervised well.

the stages, which were 11, a mixture but in the main, trail, the beautiful route took you through some lovely uphill valleys, down steep slopes, the walks between the stages were the recovery, well sign posted, marshalling was spot on, very encouraging in their support.

the entry price was a bargain, the medal was fab, the plentiful water, banana and jelly babies were a  nice addition to the hot day, overall the day was wonderful, problem free, the finish area was a great mix of runners and family, a real festival atmosphere.

get hovering when the registration opens people, you will not be disappointed 

Posted on 24.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Fe > Ironman

Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire

since being diagnosed with Iron overload back in 2012,  as a runner I was determined to fight this condition, I naturally gravitated to this event in the main due to its name sake but also the challenge of fitness and healthy body, I was unable to complete for a couple of years due to ill health, I signed up back end of last summer, bit of a gamble, unsure if I could achieve the training required.

The price was steep, no change from £300, but this was the event for me, winter training went well and I came through it without illness, first time in two years, 2018 looked positive, this was going to be the year.

i attended a briefing back in Feb that gave me all the info required, the rationale behind the move from Shrugbrugh. Approaching the race I was concerned about the lack of information until the race pack arrived in my inbox.

the registration and T1 &T2 set up is lengthy process, took up mostvof Saturday, but unavoidable, race day was a 03:00am start.

Swim leg was delayed due to fog, once going it was a rolling start, 2000 limbs everywhere, good job I train in similar open water sessions, it did not faze me, plenty of others were being pulled out,  a PB for me!

Bike leg, flat they said! Undulating best describes the course, the hills the hills, after all it is iron man! Lots of crashes which made it slightly unnerving! All potholes were marked in orange which helped, the weather at this stage went full Balearics.Hot, Hot, Hot.

Run leg, actechnical course, not a fan, common in Triathlon though, 3 laps of Stafford, it worked out well, plenty of support, plenty of water stations, mixture of terrain too, just to break up the monotonous plodding, on this run, it was here I felt the pressure of achieving Ironman, plenty of vocal encouragement, support was incredible, some lovely lady stopped me to apply sun cream, she was like a guardian angel in blistering temperatures, the last lap was energy sapping, a sprint finish at the end made good a photo finish, loved the athletes area after that, a place to eat, drink and change before emerging into the crowds.

overall a fab event, it meant a lot more to me than anyone else, I am still unsure how I mustered the energy, during my training I could bearly move from my bed, I never followed a training programme, just listened to my body, day after day, trained, head down,  took rest days as and when I was fatigued, I would encourage anyone to follow their dreams, accomplishment is one great feeling! Don’t hesitate, go for it.

next stop? The QE, ongoing monitoring for me I am afraid, also the chance to show of my shinny medal to the fab team at the liver unit. 

Posted on 11.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2010


My first marathon

I had trained extensively for this, Edinburgh is a world city, beautiful, Running here was a must, it had the sense of the London marathon overspill, many who missed the ballots were racing, therefore loads staying overnight made it a festival feel,


point to point, soon ran downhill towards Arthur’s seat, leith then picked up the coast at Portabello hugging the coast, we ran towards north Berwick, turned around and finished at the racecourse, musselborough, this is pitched at being one of the fakest courses, well supported and logistical sound, a great alternative to LDN

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2013


Bucket list

This race appears to be on most bucket lists, entry and expense had started to become expensive hotels and travel make this a rather costly event, however the support and iconic bridge does make up for this popular ebent

red arrows zooming overhead gives this race an excellent feel, special and unique, running point to point also gives you a sense of accomplishment, as you run east to North Shields once you see the sea, adrenaline kicks in and the final sprint sprint  along the front is well... you know... Mo Farah has inspired most in recent years, great if not one of the greatest sprint finishes in the calendar 

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2013


Potty Portsmouth

Very well turned out, plenty of waves, organised superbly, the run course followed the southsea prom, winding it was through the rocks, passed HMS Victory, the shipyard and into the town, the clockwise route took you passed the army museum and back onto the prom, strong headwind made this section tough, the medal and. Goodie bag was most welcone

grest event, well supported 

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Two 2 many

not a fan of two translations, I understand why, however it takes the day before to set up

the swim leg was in roundhay Park, anti-clockwise course, a lengthy sprint to T1, cleats, concrete and a transition bag is receipy for disaster, I have ruined my cleats here, a swift ascent out of the park, the bike course wound its way to the city centre

well supported crowds welcomed you into Leeds, change into T2, the run leg was around the city centre, encouraged by the vocal support, the undulated course was passed with ease, blue carpet finish in front of the city hall made you feel like a champion 

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2015


Birmingham beauty

Set in Europe’s largest park, this Tri begins in the pool by the restaurant, anti-clockwise in navigation, you exit the course for a short run to T1, 50m or do, the bike leg is multiplie laps of the paths not a huge fan to be honest, found in mundane 

the run leg was ran on a mixture of grass, tarmac and had a cross country feel to it, the organisation was good, everything you needed was on hand, for me personally the bike leg could be reviewed, other than that, a good challenge 

Posted on 25.05.18

My first Love

this was my very first tri, my love for Tri was as a result of the lovely event, well organised and the local feel encapsulated me

swim leg in the school pool, following onto a great cycle leg through the countryside, undulating in parts, the marshals perform a sterling job, to keep you safe 

run leg is well marked out as you follow the school field, technical and well supported 

the team do very well to organised these events, 

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Lovely Liverpool

transition was in the Echo arena, for those who had competed in the London Triathlon it is very similar 

swim leg in the dock, a point to point swim, remove wetsuit prior to entering the arena, same challenging cleats on concrete floor, a waterside flat bike ride, quick change then a technical run leg through The dockside 

well supported, encouraging crowd, nice race to complete 

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed in 2015


The Worlds Largest Tri

20,000 triathletes over 2 days sounds daunting however, I found it inspirational, watching the other waves gave me confidence and motivation 

the swim leg was in the total dock, clockwise course, departing by the excel, the wetsuit had to be taken off prior to entry, this made it difficult to undress and rebag 

once in the Hall, transition was smooth, exiting on concerate with cleats proved challenging 

the bike leg was s circular route between Beckton and Canning Town with a bridge over the River Lea

back through transition and out the other side for a non descriptive technical run leg, the least favourite part of the race, well supported by lack inspiration 

great event to enter, fab medal and one for the bucket list 

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2013


The greatest event

I managed to enter this race through the banardos charity, excited and proud to participate, training went well and I was focused

the start at Greenwich is well organised, pinch points in the early stages are common, tower bridge at the halfway point is iconic and inspirational like wise the Docklands, you then understand it is only 6 miles left!

return run into London takes you passed world class landmarks, The tower, London eye Big Ben, upon leaving parliament sq,the wedding cake outside Buckingham palace awaits, sharp right and the famous finish gantry is all to cross

iconic race, do whatever you can to enter

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Beautiful but brutal

I had entered this race after completing the Sandman, AAH events are extremely well organised, sufficed to say instructions and registration were smooth

100 swimmers per wave navigated the anti-clockwise course at a record breaking 16*c

exiting the roomy transition the bike leg took you over the challenging Pen-y-Pass where a photographer was lying in wait to capture your enjoyment/ pain, Marshall’s were on hand to warn you of hazards on this open road course

a short run from T2 had taken you to the slate quarry, a tough ascent brought you to the1st feedstation, ran along the top and down through the woodlands out by the National Slate Museum a short run along side the lake railway to the finish area.

this Triathlon showcases the beauty of the Snowdonia National Park, whilst the landscape is breathtaking it is also a reminder of the terrain, which is also lung busting. 

Posted on 25.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Wow, just wow

Edinburgh's Toughest

I entered this race whilst on holiday in Scotland, booked a few days before hand, all the information was absolutely spot on, I did not require anymore that had been communicated 

starting at the bottom on Arthur’s seat, we made our way around the rear and up to the summit, due to the snow that week, the terrain was very muddy, extremely difficult to run, walk and run was the option for many.

A sharp descent made up for the ascent, a water station was waiting at the bottom, for those who had chosen the short course, you pealed off here for the home stretch, for the long course it was back up to the top! A Ariel view of Leith docks made it worth it.

the event certainly lived up to the name, I can recommend this race for those who want a little more of a challenge.

Posted on 13.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Lovely local event !

Market Drayton 10k

This race had the superb local feel that some of the larger races lack, the event village had everything you wanted, the run started through the town and wound its way around Market Drayton anti clockwise, passing through a number of housing estates, we were soon embarking on the hill, squaddies marshalling at the bottom ensured we did not lack encouragement !

after a grassy sprint iwe were soon collecting our lovely gingerbread man medal and excellent goodie bag, overall, a lovely day, well done MD, i will return.

Posted on 13.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Stafford Half

Stafford Half Marathon

Re-arranged from the beast from the east, Everything was duplicated for today, a clear guide came with the race number with all the info you could wish for, car parking aplenty, free in most locations which was a bonus, a lot had deferred because of the date change, approx 2,600 ran in the event.

Running through the centre at the start was fairly narrow and a bit congested took about a mile to get going, the course looped around the town, crossing over several railway bridges for the west coast mainline, undulating in summary, energy sapping at times, the crowds were encouraging, Marshalling looked challenging as it was not completely closed roads, although many of the drivers were patient. 

With all good managed events, this appeared to be seamless, which is a good sign, no dramas, at the end, nice finish area, fab medal, T-shirt, no goody bag though? Unusual for the larger events. 


Posted on 15.04.18

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great Series Birmingham 10k

The Great Run crew are great, promoting running for all, mixed abilities are welcome to all theirs events, for this reason waves are mixed and associated to music of your choice, this may frustrate some club runners as a result of weaving from different pace groups.

atmosphere was great on this out & back course, turn around point was the popular Cannon Hill Park, through the famous Edgbadton Cricket Ground, a treat to those you have not accessed the venue before. Returning to Brum’s skyline, you pass the Bullring, the futuristic Selfridges building, sharp incline to the new finish point at Millennium Point, a green space there allows friends and family meet and greet.

The medal for these events has a much the same feel to them, a step down from the Bupa sponsored era, goody bag was well stocked. 

Certainly an event for mixed abilty, Running with work colleagues with a big city feel

Posted on 08.10.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Pure Beauty!

Tissington Trail Half Marathon

wow, what can i say? Superb organisation from start to finish, a coach trip from the finish to the start of this point to point race was seamless, we were met by the blustery wind as many of the club runners warmed up, portaloos a plenty, quick briefing and we were off on the klaxon.

Following the tissington Trail which if you do not know, is a disused railway through the Peak District, rolling hills, dry stone walls made this course interesting and stunning, the weather held off and it soon warmed up.

There were plenty of fuel stations, water, Jaffa cakes and jelly babies, were on offer, the surface was made up of compact gravel, so no need for trail shoes.

The organisers do not have rights to the path, it is not a closed event, all the cyclists and walkers I passed were very encouraging, offered support.

The final 400meters throws a curve ball, like every good story, I will not spoil the ending!

Great quality medal, no goody bag, that did not reflect badly, certainty value for money.

Posted on 07.10.17

Completed in 2017


Lovely local leafy race

Bournville Leafy 10K

A must do race for 2018, this locally hosted race by Bournville Harriers quickly sells out due to the uniqueness of this run. 

Starting off from Rowheath Pavilion a stones from from Cadbury’s, the course takes in the playing fields,  football matches are in full swing, beware of low flying footballs!

A swift run downhill, turning left by the model boating lake, no time to watch the flotillas, this takes you through a wooden area onto the main A38 Bristol Rd, sharp left up hole lane, steady incline takes you back into parkland, running through boggy grass you are soon into woodlands park, a short sprint through the housing estate you find yourself behind the running track, if you know your local history, this was gifted by The Cadbury family for the well-being of its workers, a steepish Hill brings you up into the playing fields, returning a half a lap brings you back to the start line, one final lap of the whole course makes it to 10k.

The organisation of this event was superb, the marshalls were very encouraging, although an open road event, local drivers waited and were patient for us to cross, excellent and well received.

This course have everything, mud, hills, tarmac, wooded areas, it had a cross country feel to it in the middle of south birmingham!

The Medal was a wooden leaf very apt of the environment, the goody bag was very well stocked, excellent with the treats, lots of chocolate, you can see why this sells out! 

Popular with local clubs, sign up quick to avoid disappointment.

Well done Bournville Harriers, it was a credit to your club

Posted on 01.10.17

Completed in 2017


Sandman Tri Sprint

The Sandman Triathlon

First time at AIM High event, I took the option of registering on the Friday night before the Saturday 07:40 start time, the event village was in full swing as the light was fading, very friendly and had a good vibe. Collecting my bib number and essentials was straight forward, managed by a team of experienced volunteerers. 

it was a pleasure to park in spitting distance of transition, as you are too aware, it makes things run smoothly when setting up, there were plenty of toilets, both portacabins and a toilet block, an update and commentary were informative as the sun rose over the stunning pine forest.

500 metre or so to the swim start across the sand, the wave was sufficient in numbers, as we entered the water, it was evident that it was not quite the high tide we aimed for, shallow in parts it made swimming impossible, wading in knee high surf, this disappointment was soon behind as a beautiful rainbow appeared as we exited through the sand dunes into T1

The bike like began climbing out of Newborough Forest and onto the local "open roads" friendly locals cheered us on, whilst drivers gave us plenty of room and respect, after a undulating 25km we entered the forest decent back to T2

The run Left had routed us in a clockwise circuit of the forest, so uphill for the first half through a combination of paths and muddy trails, passing across the descending bike leg, you ran through the sand dunes onto the stunning beach with the Snowdonia National Park as the back drop, if ever there was a more scenic location, let me know and I am there!

The final push was across the sandy bracket, up through the same steep sand dune as Swim exit and fown into the finish area in front of the event village.

isotonic Water, bananas, ginger biscuits and chocolate awaited those weary triathletes.

overall a well organised event in a truly stunning arena, one to tick off the bucket list and yes I will return! 

Posted on 19.09.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


60 Not Out

Bedford Half Marathon

I had chosen the Bedford half for my 60th Half Marathon, this Inaugural event had the feel of a large corporate race, but the atmosphere of a local run, supported in the main by club runners across the Home Counties.
A multi terrain, dumbbell shaped course, think Kingsbury Water Park & Arrow Valley with a sprinkle of Henley on Thames. Having a cross country feel in stages, perfect for those who tire of road races, the last mile on grass was particular challenging.
My main objective was to complete the course in time to return to the hotel with enough time to shower and check out, for those who know me, I do not run for PB's, just run to enjoy, with 60HM behind me, you think experiences counts, unfortunately not! Getting ready this morning I discovered I had no socks! Joking on Thursday with Paul about barefoot running, karma was fast approaching. A 6:30am dash scouring Bedford for a pair, finally purchased Tesco's finest, oh dear, let that be a lesson in complacency.
Overall a very enjoyable race, hot, but plenty of shade, not much support for a country park, those who cheered were encouraging, definitely a race for the calendar, thanks to Belinda, I purchased the Bibb clips earlier in the week, oh my what have I missed? A flapping Bibb number has often annoyed me over the years, they are fab, a perfect solution.
Plenty to eat and drink post race in a family picnic type environment, great medal and t-shirt too! Did not glance or take notice of my Garmin, I crossed the line around 1:55, all in all a great first event, well done Bedford.
And the socks? I have a blister the size of New York :-(

Posted on 03.09.17

Great race with local feel

Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon

Lovely Stu Webb organised point to point race, always a winner for the Running community, good vibe, well marshallled, nice medal, goodie bag, 10th anniversary means we also get a T Shirt.

back next year? Yes for sure 

Posted on 01.07.17

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Genuine Support out there !

i was taken back by the most genuine support at this event, apart from mile 20-22, the course was pretty much supported.

Posted on 17.04.16