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Completed as a first timer in 2018


Family feel event

I came to support a mate who did this event last year, could instantly see what an awesome setup it was. This time returned as part of a relay team which I did the marathon leg.

The weekend itself has a huge big event family feel to it. For the days before you see athletes all walking round Keswick and chat /make friends with fello competitors. Doesn’t feel like there is much ego about which I’m led to believe is quite common for these types of distance events. The area to swim bike and run in is stunning, can see why it’s won racecheck awards last year.

Organisation is fantastic, they make you feel special. Everything I needed on the run at the stations, water, isotonic, gels, fruit, jellies, coke, protein bars and more. Free high quality photos included. I’ve already signed up for 2019

Posted on 27.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


First time with new event

The Half was a new event for runforall this year. I’ve done the 10k plenty of times before so knew what to expect from the organisation and on the day programme. I was again a corporate entry this year and looked after really well.

The course can be quite winding and narrow at the start but plenty of drink stations with bottles and local support. Around the Humber, marina and town is great with good views in the first half, the roads up to the uni are less pleasing on the eye in the second but wide and straight. The half sets off before the 10k but merges back in with about a mile to go with the 10k competitors which means a difference of speeds, maybe this could be worked better.

Usual goody bag, pint of erdinger, free medal engraving was a plus. Great tshirt and medal. Was a 3 min PB course for me, so plenty of chance to go well. Would recommend 

Posted on 27.06.18

Completed in 2018


Great local race

This is a great local 10 miler organised by the pocklington running club. Great value and regularly sells out. A decent PB’able course which “snakes” through the countryside. Whilst this year  the wind was calm, it is quite open should it whip up. Fairly flat course, with nice views, couple of gradients, with the last two miles getting slightly steeper in parts. This year we got a tshirt, goodie bag with a chocolate bar and a snake lane buff. Hope to return again next year

Posted on 05.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Could be brilliant with better organisation

Vienna Marathon

Registration the day before was really easy, large expo with a chance to grab some good deals, and picking up of number / tshirt was surprisingly quick. There was an optional pasta party at the beautiful Rathaus, good value (12 euros for pasta and a drink), an opportunity to speak with other runners or just listen to the live music from the string quartet.

The race itself was on a beautiful course, but I did have a few gripes. The temperature on race day was late 20s probably 30s when some people finished, but the water stations were shameful. Cups only, but the volunteers could not fill them in time, resulting in queues and people running into each other. There was taps at some stations to fill your own bottles, but only around 6 taps per station for up to 41k runners. You could lose anywhere between 20secs to a min queueing for water in the first half. Most stations were only on one side of the road and hard to reach due to congestion. I’ve never seen so many runners on the floor at an event, either through being knocked over or collapsed. Upon finishing there was no normal water available, only very warm bottles of sparkling. It wasn’t what I was expecting from a big city marathon. Other than this though it did have a big event feel, finishing on a carpeted road in front of people in stands was a great moment.

The bag drop worked really well, medal and tshirts were great (but heard of problems for some runners getting a medal), goodie bag was a bit standard, couple of drinks, some fruit etc... Fix the stations up and congestion and this could be a great event.

Posted on 05.05.18

Completed in 2017


HOTH (6hr version)

Great low key event (just over 100 participants) which give it its uniqueness. Most information is managed by Facebook and email. Register on the day and cross the stunning Humber Bridge as many times as possible in the time. Have never chatted to so many participants during an event before, really friendly / help each other out atmosphere. Walk, jog or run it doesn’t matter. As they say in their communication, there’s no space for Ego’s. First event I’ve done where I didn’t see a club vest!! Tshirt, medal and food on finishing. Will def look to do this again!

Posted on 04.12.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Good local event

Really good local event which i've suprisingly not done before. This was manually timed, and race numbers posted through a week before the event. Event was one of the cheapest i've done at £9.

Course is semi-rural and is up first half and down second half (almost an out and back with a loop at halfway). There are no big hills, more gradients, but they really benefit you in the latter half. I took 2 mins off my PB, and i've struggled to get near it this year. Cupped water stations half way, and one at the finish.

No Tshirt or medal at the end (wasn't expecting so for £9), instead you get a Mug for your post race brew. Will look to do this again next year

Posted on 02.11.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


First Timer at Manchester

First timer at this event and and definitely an enjoyable experience.

I think this will be the most expensive race ive done to date as i was a late entry so paid full price. I didnt mind the price given this was a big city event, but everything on the registration page was an upsell. "How about X for £10", "Make sure you get Y for £15" etc... I felt like i was booking a Ryanair flight.

The day was great, i had to pick number up the day before, but given i was staying over wasn't too much of an issue. We got there early in the morning, so car parking wasn't an issue, but quite pricey at £10 a car. Race village was really good, plenty of toilets available and a short walk to the start pens. Pens seemed to move through quite quick, i was about nearly halfway back and only took a few mins, then it was onto the race itself.

I didnt find the course all that interesting if i'm honest. Seemed to go through a housing estate in Manchester, then a long straight (4-5miles ish) to Sale, round some more resedential areas and then back to the cricket ground on part of the same road. Having said that, it was very flat and PB'able and the support was brilliant, especially in Sale and round the Old Trafford area. Plenty of drink stations on route with bottled water and some with energy gels later on

Support at the finish was awesome too, crowds lining the road either side, and the tannoy provide commentry and shouting your name as you approached. The finishers bag was a bit sparse i thought. It contained a nice Tshirt, great medal, foil blanket and an energy bar. A bottle of water would have gone down a treat. You did get an Alcohol free Erdinger though :).

Would recommend this event, it had more of a major event feel to it than what i've been used to. I'd do it again, but think i'd look at what other options were out there before coming back.


Posted on 16.10.17

Completed in 2017


City of Culture Marathon

Firstly i may be a bit biased, as this was my first and hometown marathon (Will try not to be), but here's my review.

The event on the day was absolutely brilliant. There was a good atmosphere at the starting area, plenty of toilets, good PA and count downs to get you ready. The run itself covered a variety of areas of the city, the town center, water front areas, beautiful parks, the docks, humber bridge, a lap of a running track and then a stadium finish which was awesome in front of a busy stand.

The support was great in the vast majority of areas, both from the public and marathon makers. Had supporters handing me drinks, jellies and even ice cubes (new one for me) on top of the official feed stations. They had Race Angels in the last few miles running alongside runners to make sure everyone was ok, which was a nice touch.

Tshirt and Medal were brilliant, think id say the best i've had. The goodie bag was quite generous, drink, banana, crisps, nuts, 2x Energy gels and a tub of chip spice (it's a local thing). Runners also got some home made flapjack after finishing. Medal engraving was available at the finish as well as free massage.

My only very minor bad points are:

- Energy drink station could have been earlier (approx mile 22)

- A section (200m) of one of the parks was on a track which wasnt the best for footing

- The first pass of the town center was very early (mile 2 i think), so the support at that time was quite low.

I'd definitely recomment this event though, and know from speaking to others (local and travelling runners) that they will be back next year.

Posted on 25.09.17

Completed in 2017


Second Visit

Second time I have run this race and it is / will be a regular event in my calendar.

The course has a few up and down sections with a few main climbs at miles 4, 9 and 11. My only criticism of the route is it can be congested on the first pass over the bridge which utilises one of the carriageways in the road. Plenty of water stations with a mix of cups and bottles.

The finish area feels very "events" with stalls and a large area to congregate. Goody bag was very good. Included water, sports drink, granola bar, medal, tshirt and the usual leaflets. There was plenty of fruit available at the finish, oh and a very tempting ice cream van too.

would recommend, and look forward to next years edition!

Posted on 29.07.17