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Completed as a first timer in 2018


Fantastic price and a hoody

By entering the race you also get free entry into the biggest village show in the country so its an absolute bargin!!

The entry process is easy and in the day organization is bang on.  The only problem is the announcement was 2 laps of the main show arena at the start but we were directed out after 1 so the wole race ended up 0.09 short of a 10 mile race.  It might not seem a lot but the organizers  could have moved the finish line up so we got the correct distance in.  It was just human error and probably never happened before but it did make all the mile markers out by a fair distance.  It was everyone who commented on this so not just a Garmin error.

Posted on 28.07.18

Completed in 2018


Great value race with huge turnout

This is my 2nd time doing this road 10k.  The race is on entirely closed roads starting in the centre of Grimsby.  There is a huge amount of crowd support, possibly the most I have seen in a 10k.

The route is relatively flat with just 60ft elevation on the whole route.  There is a Mad Mile at approx 4.5 miles where the fastest person over that mile wins a prize.  There were lots of people blowing up after this mile so unless you desperately want to win dont do it!

The finish is in the people's park which is lovely and shady.  They had 2 drumming bands this year with one on the Mad Mile  and the other at the finish which added to the atmosphere.

The medal is always large and blingy and this year was no exception.  You also get a technical t shirt.

 There is a family fun run before the main race which my daughter enjoys especially as this year they got a medal.

Great party atmosphere at the finish.


 The free parking is a bonus as well, only if you park in the multi storey at Freshney Place.

Posted on 22.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Fast downhill 5k

If you want a mega fast 1st k this is the race for you.  The race starts on one of the private roads in the Newstead Abbey estate.  The first 1k is pretty much all down hill all the way down past the Abbey.  It is a mega fast start so be aware if you get anywhere near the front.

The route is rather undulating but nothing long or steep.  The race is all on private roads with lots of marshals about.  It is an out and back race which I am not a fan of but its all over quickly with it being a 5k. The route is good for spectators, if the stand near the Abbey the route passes on the way out and on the way back so lots of photo opportunities.

Picking up the numbers ar the start could have been quicker if runners names were in alphabetical order and not number order.  As there are only about 300 runners this wasn't a big problem.

Lots of parking available with marshals directing cars.

Posted on 13.07.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Fantastic mid week race

Whats not to like for £5 entry fee for a mid week nearly 5mile trail run?  

All entries are on the night in the village pub car park with parking in peoples gardens or on the roadside for late comers.  

The route is 99 % off road on footpaths and bridle paths in a figure of 8 around Elmton village.

 The route is well marshaled and signed with very little traffic, I only saw 1 moving car in the whole time i was there.

 The race is very low key with a maximum if 150 taking part.  

At the end we all got a wooden spoon.

The Elmton Chase is definitely one to do every year as its so friendly and relaxed. Plus there is cake at the end.  The pub brings the bar outside so when you finish ao you can sit outside and have a drink while the prize giving takes place.

Posted on 27.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Phenomenal views and route

So this race is slightly different to anything I had ever run before. Its a multi stage race which meant everyone had a timing dibber to check in and out of each if the timed sections.  Each timed section was through a different park in Sheffield starting and ending in Endcliffe Park. 

The plus points to the checking in and out of sections is you get a recovery section between timed sections.  Everyone has a start time and about 100 people start every 15 mins.  You have to dib in at the start line so it takes about 10 mins to get everyone through. By the time the next wave starts the first timed section is pretty much clear.  There was no bunching up of runners and with 2 timing machines on each section there was never a queue to log in or out.  The race had a much more relaxed feel to it due to this system and was very laid back.

The only negative really was that with the recovery sections it did make the race seem to go on forever but that really was a minor thing compared to the scenary and off road route.

i wore road shoes but there was a fair number of runners in off road shoes due to the off road route.   Due to it being in Sheffield the route is extremely hilly so be warned!  Lots of people got pb's on the race and I think it was mainly due to recovery sections between the timed bits.  Lots of runners were also running between timed sections so the choice is yours.

 The only downside is the lack of loos at the start/finish area.  Unfortunately I joined the wrong queue and waited over half an hour.  There were only 10 loos plus 2 accessible ones so a rethink by the organization really needs to look at this.  There are a couple of loos at Flash Dam which is less than a mile in to the first section and not in the timed bit so thats always a choice if time is running out,

All in all definitely a race to do but you n

Posted on 24.06.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Mountains not hills to climb !!

Buxton Half Marathon

Ok so I knew this was going to be hilly but cricky they weren't just hills they were mountains!!

Its easy to register before the event and they do take entries on the day if you don't want to commit until you see the weather.  On the day you present yourself at the race hq and get your number and timing chip and then the race starts just around the corner.  This part was really quick and pain free. We parked on the road so got free parking so look round before you go into the public car park.

The route is amazing and the views were to die for.  Did I say you climb mountains?  The first climb begins pretty much immediately and goes on for 3 miles!  If you can look up from your feet as you try and drag yourself to look about you, you won't be disappointed.  Part of the route is on gated roads but they put mats down over the cattle grids.

The hills,aka mountains, are relentless but stunning.  

There isn't a great deal of crowds out there to cheer you on but the views make up for it.  The marshals are amazing and seem to pop up just when you need them.  There were 3 water stations at roughly 3,6 and 9 miles.

It is on open roads which may put some people off but I never felt unsafe as most of the roads seem to be mainly used by sheep !

Dont wear headphones as they announce at the start that people will be disqualified if they do.

Would I do it again? Yes but go into it knowing the hills are killers and it seriously isn't a PB course but a serious bucket list course.

Posted on 27.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Cake, beautiful surroundings and fantastic Marshals

5 mile trail run around the beautiful surroundings of Cannon Hall.  Quick and easy registration and number pick up on the day. 

The route is off road with a very small portion on the road.  The route was well marshaled with very happy cheering marshals.  Easy navigation with a marshal at every corner.  

The 5 mile was 2 laps and the 10 miles 4 laps.  Beware the killer hill at the start up to Cannon Hall!  

But the absolute best bit of It's Grim Up Norths races are the cakes at the end!  The table is always full of home made delights

Posted on 09.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


City centre marathon

This was my first marathon so I don't have anything to compare it to Marathon wise but as a race it was good.  The start pens were pretty easy to navigate although I wasn't sure which was the back of a start area and which was the back!  

The roads are pretty potholes so you really had to watch your footing in places.  The pacers they had were friendly and helpful and just wanted people to genuinely do their best.

The feed stations had bottled water with sports caps BUT the gels they had were imported from America for the event so you couldn't try them before the day.

There were some toilets on the route beware though people were queuing into the stream of runners at some of them so you had to try and negotiate the queue. 

The crowds were good although there is a bit of a dead patch of support when you get out into the countryside at 20 miles. There was lots of people out with jelly babies which are always appreciated.

 The finish area did seem quite strung out to negotiate but the medal is a large one and the t shirt a bog standard finishers one.

Would I do it again?  Possibly but only if I got a place while it was on offer.



Posted on 08.04.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Good off road trail runa

What a great place to hold a race. Huge area to park and a really large start area. Lots of permanent toilets on site with not a portaloo in sight.  The registration was quick and efficient with picking up numbers taking only a few minutes.

 The route itself took you straight out of the show ground and onto footpaths.  A good route with no traffic and lots of marshals.  Well stocked water station at 5k.  

A good t shirt, wooden medal, chocolate and a toasted hot cross bun, what's not to love.

Posted on 30.03.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Good 20 race

A really well organized 20 mile race.  The marshals were fantastic and were on every junction.  Well placed water stations with sports cap bottles.  The last water station also had jelly beans/ babies.  

The route quickly took you out of Hull into the nearby country roads surrounding Hull.   Beautifully quite back roads and then the last 4 miles are on the disused railway line which has been opened up to walkers.  

There are a couple of short sharp hills, the last being less then half a mile from the end.  

Friendly club that put on a fantastic buffet at the end. 

I certainly would do it again as part of Marathon prep.

Posted on 25.03.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Great value Half Marathon

My 1st time doing this race even though it's really local to me.  Great support from the marshals all the way round the course, with locals out in force.  I arrived early and parked in the school car park which was perfect.  Picking up your number was quick and hassle free with safety pins provided for those who needed them. The route was good and took you out into the villages surrounding Retford.  The majority of the route was traffic free with just the last mile on the pavement down the main road.  

Posted on 11.03.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Good fast course

Good route on quiet country roads with minimal traffic.  Some slow hills but 90%flat.  Good quality long sleeve t shirt at finish.  The number pick up and baggage area is in the school gym which was lovely and warm to go back to on a cold day.  Parking was about 1k walk away but easy to park with marshals directing you.  Good amount of crowd support and lots of marshals out on the route directing both runners and cars.  Water station had cupped water and lots available.  I would definitely do it again

Posted on 14.01.18

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Good multi lap trail run

Fantastic setting for a trail run start in a working steam engine yard!  Would get 10 stars on its own just for that and seeing the train steaming down the line.  Out and back multi lap course.  Narrow in places along the side of the canal.  Marshals were really friendly and spoke to everyone.  The best bit was the home made cakes at the end.  It was worth doing just for the cakes

Posted on 16.12.17

Completed in 2017


Expensive but on fully closed roads

Uses part of the half marathon route to the about 2 miles then swings round and loops back.  Nice route which takes you out of the city centre.  Lots of crowd support and plenty of marshals.  Always good quality t shirt and medal.  The water stations don't have sports tops on the bottles so beware you wear a lot of the water.  Race date was moved in 2017 so as not to clash with other local races.

Posted on 06.12.17

Amazing views just have to get to the top of that hill first!

Organised by Run for All and typical of their races.  Pretty expensive as races go but it is a city centre start and finish and all on closed roads.  The crowd support is amazing and there isn't a single part of the route where there isn't someone out cheering you on.  Lots of the local running clubs come out to cheer you on especially at the top of the hill at the half way point.  Thoroughly enjoy the route even if half of it is pure unrelenting up hill!

Posted on 06.12.17

Completed in 2016


Amazing scenery

Fantastic half marathon starting in Worksop town centre and then going out into the National Trust owned Clumber Park. The last mile is also through the privately owned Worksop College so you can have a good noisy

Posted on 18.10.17

PB potential

Super flat course only a couple of little inclines up and over a road and then going back to the finish line.  Lots of marshals out on the route but there are places where there are no spectators.  Don't get caught out like some were though by thinking the finish line is where the start line was!  It isn't but another 500m down the road!  It's a bit tricky finding you way around the uni campus though when you are dropped off from the coach park.  Slick park and run system though 

Posted on 08.10.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great finish line

The start line had everyone herded into very narrow lanes which desperately needed widening!  At about the half way point the route went into a huge housing estate which wasn't particularly scenic!!  The finish line is great up at the top of the hill though.  Parking and traffic management needed seriously looking at as there were massive traffic jams getting into Lincoln as they had signed the car parks through roads which they had already closed.  Not the best start!  It felt like the first time the race organizers had put this race on with all the traffic chaos but reading the reviews it's the same every year.

Posted on 01.10.17

Completed in 2017


Nice city centre race

Good run through Sheffield on closed roads.  Crowds all the way round.  Expensive for a 10k but it is a city centre race.  Lots of Traffic Management staff out on the route along with marshals cheering everyone 

Posted on 24.09.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Good 10 miler

Nice to do a local 10 miler.  Killer hill in the middle of course but all doable.  Good marshall support 

Posted on 26.08.17

Completed in 2017


Nice out and back

This race was held last year in city centre and it's a shame the local council wouldn't let it use the same route but the route around the water sports centre was as good.  The price is pretty steep compared to other races but you are donating to charity and it's a city centre race on closed roads so it all costs a lot to put on.  

Posted on 26.08.17

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Super friendly

Well organized 10k with amazing support from locals who were out in force to cheer us on.  So many marshalls out there cheering as well.  The super mile along the back stretch was an unusual twist.  I will definitely be entering again next year 

Posted on 26.08.17