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The Bedgebury Forest 10 & 5 Mile
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Completed as a first timer in 2018


Sevenoaks 7 - Hills and Heat...

Sevenoaks 7

First time entering this race but not the first time running at Knole Park.

Trail 7 mile race set in beautiful surroundings of Knole Park, lots of hills, in fact the race briefing started with "It's a tough course, it's hot and the first 2 miles are uphill!" which was in fact spot on!

The heat and the hills made it one of the toughest races I have entered in a while but will def enter again next year.

The level of support and encouragement from the marshals and the spectators was amazing.

Parking a Race HQ (or Sevenoaks RFC as I know it) was a breeze.

All in all a good race! well organised by Sevenoaks AC - thank-you all.

Posted on 16.07.18

Completed in 2018


Third year for me and will be there again next year!

This is my third year at this race and as a road race (I generally stick to trail) it is up there with my favourites... lovely rural setting, whilst the roads are not shut they are very quiet indeed, marshalls and drink stations in all the right places, what more can I say :-)

Posted on 11.06.18

Tough half trail

Second year for me and thoroughly enjoyed it once again. The course is around the beautiful Bewl water reservoir venturing onto some of the small roads where the track leaves the reservoir. 

It is a very tough course in my view as not as flat as you might think, the hills are mostly in the last quarter of the run, just when your legs are tired. 

Feed stations are plentiful with a good section of fluids and snacks. 

My only worry this year was the sheer number of people attending the various events (~780) which lead to issues with the registration process and ultimately the race start time being pushed back 30mims - lesson learnt I guess in terms of number of people available at registration desk.  

Great bespoke medal for all finishers  

Would I do it again, definitely!

Posted on 13.05.18

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Bedgebury 10 Mile

Great race around the woodlands at Bedgebury just outside Tunbridge Wells.

The course is a 2 lap course which I am generally not a fan off but this course did not give you the feel of deja vu as thanks to the the scenery and mud.

Definately one for trail shoes, with road shoes you would be on your back within the first mile!

Water and Jelly babies at the food stations always a bonus to lift the spirits.

Great turn out of runners considering it was a very cold and muddy event.

Yes - would do it again!



Posted on 07.02.18

Completed in 2017


Maidstone Harriers 25th Turkey Run

Maidstone Harriers Turkey Run

Ran this for the second time last weekend and not disappointed. Feared that the weather might result in a cancellation but it was relatively kind to us and only really started with the freezing rain after I had finished.

It is a great, mostly off-road course, there are a few interlinking road sections but mostly footpaths and forest trails.

The Forest section tends to get VERY muddy and wet, suspect Wellington boots are more appropriate than trail shoes for some of it!

It is a very scenic course, well marshalled, would of been nice to get some jelly babies or such like at the watering stations but no real issue.

Bling is great, custom medal and finishers tee shirt and a Christmas Pud!

Generally it is a fun race, don't expect a PB as you will find yourself stuck behind a packet of Paxo or a Turkey with no passing points, but that is not a bad thing for the time of year!

Will I sigh-up for next year...of course.

Happy xmas all.

Posted on 12.12.17

Bedgebury Trail Half...

The Bedgebury Forest Half Marathon & 10K

Wanted to end the year with a good trail half and this was certainly no disappointment!

Turned up a little late to car-park for the half runners was full, not a real issue as Bedgebury has lots of parking at the main centre close-by.

Bedgebury is a great place to run (and I do regularly as it is very lose to my home) but the morning of the run made it even better, crisp and sunny.

The course was a 2 lap race as it incorporated teh 10k race also which I thought was going to make the second lap rather dull, I was wrong, with such scenery and mud to focus your mind on it did not feel repetitive at all.

Most of this course was on the bedgebury track, so firm ground, but when it took you onto the bridleways it turned into ankle deep mud, which always adds to the fun in my mind!

There could of been more at the drink/food stations but they did have the basics.

Marshall's were in the appropriate places and always offering sounds of encouragement so thanks to them!

I can only assume the race organiser must have of been feeling particularly mean when planning the race finish in the walled garden at the top of a large incline :-)

Top bling also!

Would i run it again - Yes, absolutely.

Posted on 27.11.17

Maverick Kent

Ran the 14k trail at the Maverick Kent event on Saturday with a few friends, the route consisted of a mixture of forest tracks, fields, styles/gates and a lot of mud!

Only one food station on the 14k which was a little surprising but not a real problem, the station had a good range of food and drinks so full marks on that one.

As there are 3 trails/disances there is one section that caused confusion to lot of runners, as the 14k trail heads home it went back down a track with 21k runners comming up. Wasn't a big issue but a marshal at the top was clearly missing as some runners ended up going totally the wrong way and having to double back on themselves.

My only constructive criticism is that the canine cross runners should have a different start time to the other runners or start at the back as there were seveal cases of dogs tripping up runners and dogs not being able to get over the styles...

On the whole a top event, the start/finish was at the picturesque Groombridge Place, great bling (that even opens your post race beer bottle!) and great scenery, fully intend to do it again next year but will be looking at the 21k route!



Posted on 01.10.17

It was exactly what is said on the T-shirt! "It's muddy hard & deeply steep!"

I completed this race last year as my first 10mile trail race which was a bit of a shock but not enough to stop me returning for another go this year!

It was a lot muddier this year which in my view added to the fun, I managed to keep my trainers on my feet whilst quite a few around me didn't although I did manage a face plant around mile 9!

I can only re-state what others have already said about this race, well organised, great scenery, great beer and cakes to finish!

Personally I would prefer race bling than a t-shirt or even a technical t-shirt that can be worn again for training... and would be prepared to pay extra for this.

I will def do this again and is probably my favourite trail race of the year, keep up the good work Harriers!

Posted on 14.09.17