Who we are

Alex and Katerina, the two co-founders with a dedicated technology and design team behind them scattered around the globe, are on a mission.

To help athletes find great endurance events anywhere on the planet and share their experiences with the endurance community, in a simple and fast way.

There's some incredible events out there, and quite hard to believe that even at this day and age technology, budget and advertising limitations still make those hard to find. We want to change that, and create a space that is mutually beneficial to athletes and organisers.   



About Racecheck

We built Racecheck for three reasons:

  • To support endurance athletes in their pursuit of the perfect race
  • To allow event organizers to list, manage and promote their events in both a cost effective AND impactful way
  • To help athletes find races and race organizers find athletes

We believe in:

  • The sharing of unbiased and truthful information
  • The power of feedback to create positive change
  • The power of sport in enhancing people’s lives

We designed Racecheck to be the ultimate online athlete hangout. Come in, read some articles, browse through our race directory, get a feel for other people’s experiences, and share your own. Race pages are created and maintained by the event organizers themselves, decorated with photos, videos and more importantly real athlete experiences.

We are changing the way athletes and event organizers interact, one race at a time. 

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