Enigma Planes, Trains & Automobiles Weekend

Running (offroad)

  • Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • 26. August, 2017> 27. August, 2017
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  • 21 Km

  • 42 Km

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42 Km

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Simon Evans

Completed as a first timer in 2017


My first marathon! Enigma Planes July 29th 2017

Enigma Planes, Trains & Automobiles Weekend

I entered the Engima Planes marathon which was on 29th July 2017. After a DNF in Paris in April I was determined to complete a marathon and it just so happened this event was the first convenient one for me.

A stark contrast to Paris, there were 52 finishers on this one! This is a low key event put on by Enigma Running which sees you running 7 laps of Caldicotte lake 3.55 miles preceeded by an initial stretch of 1.67 miles.

The lake itself is pretty, open and scenic but you are sharing the path with the public who I have to say were very encouraging. I didnt feel at all that they were bothered by the small number of runners circling the lake.

No marshalls on this one as you would expect until the finish line which represented the start of each lap. No complaints, the laps were short but the encouragement was there when you entered the next lap.

Feed station was fully stocked with biscuits, sweets and drinks, fruit.

For anyone wanting a locally run event, low key either to notch up the numbers of marathons or to use it as a training run then i'd recommend it.

A nice medal at the finish too :)

Posted on 12.01.18