Stockholm Marathon

Running (road)

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 02. June, 2018
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  • 42 Km

42 Km Long
42 Km

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About the race

The Stockholm Marathon has been running since 1979. The inaugural race had 2,000 runners, but now has room for 18,000 participants.Stockholm Marathon Route

The race takes in much of the city of Stockholm, starting and finishing at the 1912 Olympic Stadium.

The race is basically a two lap course. It passes through central parts of Stockholm with views of the surrounding woods, the royal park 'Djurgarden' and the city centre streets.

The course is regarded as one of the world's most scenic marathon routes. Runners pass buildings such as the Royal Palace, the Royal Opera, the City Hall and the Houses of Parliament with much of the race running along pleasant waterfronts. When crossing the 'Vasterbron' bridge, the runners are presented with an amazing view of the city, with buildings ranging in age from the medieval times to the present day, reaching the finish line in the 1912 Olympic Stadium.



Stockholm Marathon Stockholm Marathon

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Matthew Benyohai

Completed as a first timer in 2018


Excellent first Marathon

In the run-up to the event, communication was good. Regular emails were sent and as the temperature ramped up, the organisers posted an update detailing how they were preparing.

The expo was well signposted and easy to get to. It wasn't as large as I expected, but I picked up my bib number without issue and also some protein bars for recovery.

On the day, the start was well organised and 20,000 runners started without issue. There were feed/aid stations every 2km including energy drinks, salted pickles, warm veg stock, milk, and Pepsi. Marshals were available throughout the course and there was good local support.

I would definitely recommend it to other runners

Posted on 05.06.18

Audrey Reddington

Completed as a first timer in 2016


Really good race

I ran this in 2016 as part of a final challenge and my first attempt at running 2 in a week.  Stockholm expo is not really anything there apart from ASIC's as they sponsor it.

The race itself is run on a Saturday and starts at 2 in the afternoon, the course follows almost 2 laps of the city centre, and although am not a fan of laps I really enjoyed this race, lots of fuel stations every 3 km, including amongst other pickled gherkins at mile 14.  As it is mostly around Stockholm it is pretty well supported and as i wasn't bothered about time so just enjoyed it ....although its a bit mre undulating than I would have thought, possibly why I should check the map route a bit closer when signing up for races.  Would definitely recommend this one

Posted on 11.10.17