The Maverick Silva Dark Series Sussex

Running (offroad)

  • West Sussex, United Kingdom
  • 11. November, 2017
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  • 15 Km

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Welcome to the Maverick Silva Dark Series. If you enjoy trail running in the daylight then you are in for a real treat running in the dark! It's an amazing experience; your senses are heightened, you immerse yourself deep in the surroundings, with your head torch on the trails streak past you at warp speed, you concentrate on making that perfect foot placement so as not to take a tumble.

We return to the home of the previous seasons' Sussex event at the stunning Cowdray Park. We found this route pretty spooky in the daylight so taking to the trails around here under the moon will bring a whole new element to this route. There is plenty to get the senses aroused as you head down the serpent trail, with tight conifers, the woodland is dense and dark. With only the hoot of an owl or the sound of a fox calling, you will really feel at one with nature.

This route takes in a varied terrain from woodland to open heath to sandy tracks and the occasional bog.

Suitable for all levels of trail runners and with 3 routes to choose from it’s an event you should put in your calendar. And remember - the darkness awaits...


The Maverick Silva Dark Series Sussex

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Darren Staley

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Great fun in the mud and the dark

The Maverick Silva Dark Series Sussex

This is the second of the Maverick races I have run in, the first I loved and so I thought why not do another, but this time in the dark!

The event was very easy to find and sign posted from the main road. We were directed my marshals and parked up on a grass area, very close to the start. I picked up my race with no problem and no waiting around 

I arrived 45 minutes before the start at 5pm which gave more than plenty time to register, pick my number up and get warmed up.

As it got closer to 5pm the start area really came alive and it was a brilliant atmosphere. The sun was setting and the light fading which made fairy light decorated start look amazing. There were 2 fires burning either side of the start line and the flashing and moving of runners head torches created a mini light show.

We were all called to the start and given a clear race briefing about signage and safety and then we were off starting right on time.

I ran the long course which was 15k and it was 98% trail. To say it was a muddy course doesn't even come close! There was mud, mud and more mud and lots of puddles, but it was all great fun. The signage on the course was great and there were also glow sticks hanging in the trees which confirmed that you were still on the correct track.

At the finish you were awarded with your medal and a bottle of Maverick beer. There was also iced coffee being handed out. 

I had a great time running on the trails in the dark, it's something very different to definitely give a go, I'll be back for more for sure.

Posted on 15.11.17

Matt Coyne

Completed as a first timer in 2017


Awesome event

Not having taken part in a night run, let alone a trail run at night, we weren't quite sure what to expect. Ever played stuck in the mud at school? Yea, this was like that, but literally getting stuck in the mud ;-)

Only being able to see the path directly in front of you by torch light was pretty unreal, when you were being confronted by trees, hedges, the occasional dog and quite a few stank bogs! It hightened every sense you had available to you to try to make sure you weren't slipping over, getting stuck and following the right path.

And what an experience it was. Everyone was pretty friendly & supportive around the route and it was hella fun. The Mavericks beer at the end was well deserved. Will definitely be back for more!

Posted on 13.11.17