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The Smuggler's Scuttler

Lands End Visitors Centre, Sennen, United Kingdom, Lands End Visitors Centre, United Kingdom
21.00KM Run


"A dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest". Fearless Francis The Undead Scalper of Whitesand Bay has wrecked my almighty ship, 'The Dragon's Strumpet' and has been washed ashore to Skull Island with all my loot! I will be recruiting my merry band of wreckers with my Quartermaster, 'Swinging Cutlass Sally Mcghee' by my side in the upcoming weeks. You will be responsible for individually bringing my items back to the end of the land where I shall reward you. Make no... mistake...NO LOOT AND YOU WILL TAKE A SHORT WALK OFF A VERY LONG PLANK AND THAT WILL BE THE ONLY REWARD FOR YOU! There is but another problem... Customs are protecting said loot against piracy and along the path you will be warned what happens to wreckers who step foot on the island. Will ye dare to rob the dead and have the rum bottle to peg leg it as fast as you can past all the other customs officers en route and not get hung, drawn and quartered in the process? It's an arduous task and only the strongest of pirate will survive! My first wrecker back to the end of all the land will succeed me and take the wooden helm of The Dragon's Strumpet(What will be left of it after being half plunged beneath The Brisons!) Ye be warned my merry band of thieves!! All ye details to follow in a little while, for now I must return to a Quartermaster with the worst bout of cabin fever since me last crew were wiped out with it aboard 'The Disgraceful Barnacle' in 1796. Signing off for now, Capt. Drago Littlebeard of St Ives Bay... LIMITED TO 75 ONLY! DISTANCE - 13.5 MILES. FROM 'THE FIRST AND LAST HOUSE' @ THE LAND'S END LANDMARK TO CAPE CORNWALL AND BACK. RACE RULES YOU MUST INDIVIDUALLY BRING BACK 3 ITEMS OF CONTRABAND FROM THE CHESTS PLACED AT SKULL ISLAND (THE CAPE). THESE SMUGGLED AND WASHED UP ITEMS ARE: .BRANDY .TEA .COINS NO CONTRABAND, NO MEMENTO. IF YOU DON'T PICK UP ITEMS OR HAVE LOST SOME THEN EACH MISSING ITEM WILL RESULT IN A TEN MINUTE TIME PENALTY TO BE ADDED ON TO YOUR OVERALL TIME RESULT. DRINKING THE BRANDY WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION FOR ANY TIME. THAT'S YOUR COMPLETION DRINK. FOR INSTANCE, IF YOU COME BACK WITHOUT ANY ITEM WHATSOEVER THEN YOU WILL HAVE THIRTY MINUTES ADDED TO YOUR FINISHING TIME AND NO MEMENTO TO SHOW FOR IT. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING ONE OF EACH ITEM AND PLACING IT IN A ZIPLOC BAG (PROVIDED) AND SAFELY GETTING IT BACK TO THE END OF ALL THE LAND BYPASSING CUSTOMS AS YOU'RE DOING SO. CUSTOMS OFFICERS OF COURSE WILL BE YOUR EVENT CREW. CUSTOMS AND FEARLESS FRANCIS THE UNDEAD AND HELLBENT SCALPER OF WHITESAND BAY WILL BE ENTHRALLED IN SWORDPLAY UPON SKULL ISLAND, THUS MAKING THE PERFECT DISTRACTION FOR DAYLIGHT THIEVERY! YOUR MISSION IS TO RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN PAST CUSTOMS BACK TO CAPTAIN DRAGO LITTLEBEARD TO TRADE IN YOUR COIN (TEA AND BRANDY ARE YOURS) FOR YOUR EPIC SWASHBUCKLING MEMENTO. PRIZES FOR 1ST, 2ND AND 3RD MALES AND FEMALES. THE OVERALL WINNER SHALL SUCCEED CAPTAIN DRAGO LITTLEBEARD OF ST IVES BAY BY RECIECIVING THE WOODEN HELM OF 'THE DRAGON'S STRUMPET'. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE CAPTAIN OF ANY ONE SHIP OF COURSE. THIS EVENT IS JUST ABOUT HAVING FUN ON A SUNNY SUMMER CORNISH COAST THEREFORE FANCY DRESS ISN'T COMPULSORY BUT IS ENCOURAGED. PRIZE FOR BEST FANCY DRESS. SPOT PRIZES AS USUAL TO LUCKY RUNNERS. 10% of all entries goes to NATIONAL COASTWATCH ST IVES 10% of all entries goes to THE NATIONAL TRUST All participants should be 18+

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36 Reviews

So last year I marshalled this event, this year I was race sweeper. It was an absolute honour to be part of this race supporting the runners. The f...


And make it Cornish 


fantastic location, weather, support, organisation, marshals. It may have been brutal that that’s part of the fun.... once you’ve rehyd...